Broke Consumers Turn To Deep Discount Stores Like Aldi

You may be broke, but Aldi isn’t! As consumers cut back, more of them are shopping at deep discount stores like Aldi. The German-owned grocer usually doesn’t advertise, but the economic slowdown is helping business, and Aldi is investing in a few commercials.

From the WSJ:

Among the beneficiaries of those shifting dollars is Aldi Group, a no-frills, deep-discount grocer that operates more than 900 stores in 29 U.S. states. The chain, based in Germany, used to shun television advertising, but it recently ran a series of national commercials stressing its low prices on private-label products. The campaign’s slogan: “Shop Aldi Smart.”

Last month, a survey by Retail Forward showed that consumers were doing 25% more of their spending at deep discounters like Aldi than they were a year earlier.

Have you started to shop at more stores like Aldi?

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(Photo: Morton Fox )

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