Paramedic Steals Credit Cards From Patient, Goes On Shopping Spree At Target

A Cleveland paramedic was arrested last week after being caught on video using credit cards she had stolen from an 87-year-old patient, according to The Plain Dealer. Tiffany Forte, age 32, has been working for the Cleveland Emergency Medical Services for the last seven years. A police statement says she was seen on video surveillance at Target and Marshalls racking up $1000 worth of charges while wearing her EMS t-shirt. Details, inside…

The article says,

On order of Director of Public Safety Martin Flask, Forte was suspended without pay Friday while the case is resolved. She was arrested Friday afternoon following a three-week investigation by Euclid detectives with help from Cleveland police. Investigators searched her home Friday.

“It is unconscionable for a sworn civil servant to violate the trust of the community,” said EMS Commissioner Edward Eckart.”We will continue to take every measure necessary to ensure the integrity of the Division of EMS. However, today’s arrest does not reflect on the dedicated and loyal service that the men and women of the Division of EMS provide everyday to the citizens of the city of Cleveland.”

Whenever we’ve seen ambulances pull into parking lots with lights and sirens, we assumed it was because there was a medical emergency, and not because Target was closing in 5 minutes.

Cleveland paramedic caught using credit cards stolen from patient
[The Plain Dealer] (Thanks to Ryan!)
(Photo: rchris173)

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