Woman Used Dead Grandma's Credit Card To Charge Up $11,000

Melanie Schleiger is proof that credit card fraud sometimes starts at home, after she and her boyfriend were arrested last week for making 69 purchases totaling $11,715 on a credit card belonging to her grandmother, who died in 2003. The charges were discovered when the deceased woman’s daughter-in-law received the bill and called the police. It’s going to be an awkward Fourth of July this year!

“At the time that the woman passed away the family tried to cancel all of her credit cards, but it’s believed that this one was inadvertently left out and a renewal card was sent in the mail. We think the granddaughter got a hold of that and took advantage of the situation,” said Officer Katie Flood.

Our favorite detail: the couple used the card to pay for the boyfriend’s $500 DWI court costs. Grandma would be proud.

“Police: Couple Used Dead Grandma’s Credit Card” [KOLN KGIN]
(Photo: Getty)

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