UPDATE: Arby's Responds To Roast Beef Confetti Query

A few days ago, we told you about Mark’s Arby’s Roast Beef sandwich which was made with beef-confetti rather than the slices of beef which are normally served. Mark fired off a letter to Arby’s and actually received a reply. In case you were losing sleep thinking about how such an enigmatic sandwich came to be, Arby’s supplies an explanation. Original not-safe-for-lunch photo and Arby’s response, inside…

Mark writes,

I sent in a complaint through the Arby’s website and, shockingly, I got a really great, and fast, response. This may actually get me to eat at Arby’s more than once every other month…

Well… Maybe not.

Response below:



I want to apologize for the product you received at the Arby’s on San Mateo location. I just spoke to the manager and supervisor in charge of this location and informed me they had a mechanical issue with the slicer. They should have explained to you they were having an issue with this piece of equipment. We now have another slicer that is working. I know this is not an excuse for providing this type of product, however I am be putting a couple of free meals in the mail as I am writing this email.

Again, I do apologize and we have taken care of this equipment issue. I hope you will return.


Gary Chaves

Vice President – Operations

Never having operated a commercial meat slicer it’s difficult to gauge the validity of this explanation which really leaves more questions than answers. How does a slicer go from “slice” to “puree?” Then again, maybe we don’t want to know the awful truth behind the beef-confetti.

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