This Dunkin' Donuts Game Piece Is Sufficiently Waterproof

Reader JoeTan says this is his 6th attempt at removing a Dunkin’ Donuts game piece from his iced coffee and the results, shown above, have all been identical. Mush.

Sigh. How are you supposed to “collect the codes found on Dunkin’ cold beverages and then enter them online for a chance to win great prizes instantly!?” The bastards.


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  1. snoop-blog says:

    Please try again.

  2. mgy says:

    You’re right, The Consumerist, an iced coffee is exactly what I want right now.

  3. chiieddy says:

    Same thing happened to me yesterday. You either have to remove it immediately or you have to wait until you’re done, dump the ice, and wait until the cup is dry. Once you do that, the code is on a separate plastic piece so if you can get that off, you can get to it. The paper is merely a coupon.

  4. Skiffer says:

    Don’t you realize that entering codes online just means you’re signing up for a mailing list?

  5. SkokieGuy says:

    You could just avoid buying their iced coffee all together and use DD’s

    Alternate Method of Entry: “….you may use the following Code 33FYVD3JHR99 to receive up to three (3) Instant-Win Game plays per day, during the Promotion Period.”

  6. SkokieGuy says:

    Alternate Method of Entry: “…..You may use the following Code 33FYVD3JHR99 to receive up to three (3) Instant-Win Game plays per day, during the Promotion Period. Limit: Participant may play up to three (3) times total per day by any method or combination of methods during the Promotion Period.

  7. WickedKoala says:

    I’ve had the same thing happen at other stores….their user testing must only occur in locations with no humidity.

  8. bleh says:

    No one ever wins those contests anyway.

  9. Obviously you are not a winner.

  10. OMG the horrors.

  11. macinjosh says:

    Is the headline sarcasm or just missing a word?

  12. bunt says:

    anyone also ever notice that the bottom of their styrofoam cups always slowly drips coffee as well?

  13. amodlin says:

    @macinjosh: Can’t you tell judging from the pictures?

  14. Ein2015 says:

    Stop falling for these stupid “contests!”

  15. RandomHookup says:

    Actually the code is on a plastic sheet, so the mush shouldn’t be an issue. Let it dry and the paper scraps right off.

    The issue is the coupons that are the paper part. Most of them are worthless ($1 off breakfast sandwich), but some are for free meals (I just won a pizza). That’s more aggravating.

    I just dig through the trash can. Those stickers have dried up enough to pull off. And you might get a partially eated donut as a bonus!

  16. Nytmare says:

    @amodlin: That was a multiple choice question, not a true-false question.

  17. Superawesomerad says:

    @macinjosh: You are missing your sarcasm detector. Please seek professional help.

  18. chrisjames says:

    Sigh. How are you supposed to “accept possibly inferior alternatives without the need to think because of the allure of promised gains!?”

  19. JoeTan says:

    I’m pissed cause I KNOW that I’ve won at least the $50,000 prize a minimum of 10 times and can never prove it with this going on!!!!

    It’s my money and I want it now!!!!!

  20. coan_net says:

    I’ve learned a long time ago – on any fast food place which have game pieces on the drink (like McDonalds Monopoly) – you take those off RIGHT AWAY – as soon as you get the cup.

    The one in the picture has at least been on there for 20+ minutes

  21. JoeTan says:

    I’m telling ya 5 min at best. I drove there, got the thing, drove back. That container is full minus one sip cause I realized I NEED TO GET THAT PIECE OFF BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE….and it was.

    Oh well.

  22. drjayphd says:

    Awww, I shoulda taken a picture of mine. Thankfully, enough of the paper stuck to the code piece that I could just copy the code, then use the whole thing as a coupon. I think. Maybe.

    Although I don’t think mine was there THAT long… maybe 15 minutes? Give it an hour and you’re pulling the ENTIRE THING off the cup, only the back piece is insisting on sticking to your fingers… oof.

  23. drewB says:

    This is news?

  24. coan_net says:

    Oh… and I forgot to say – if you forget to take it off right away, the next easiest thing to do is wait until the cup is empty & dry, and take it off then.

  25. Gopher bond says:

    Oh man, this post made me want to go to Dunkin Donuts and get an iced coffee. I was going to do some research on this promotion thing but I just realized I didn’t get one. Maybe you need to buy a meal?


  26. Morac says:

    Thanks for this story, I forgot to take my game ticket piece off my cup before I threw it away. I grabbed it out of the trash and pulled the coupon off without a problem.

  27. wallapuctus says:

    This happens to me every morning. I make a game of it, see how well I can pull off the soggy coupon for a free nasty flatbread sandwich.

  28. alfundo says:

    @bunt: i have never gotten a leaking cup from dunkin donuts

  29. RandomHookup says:

    @drewB: It’s not news, it’s Consumerist.

  30. baristabrawl says:

    @alfundo: It doesn’t leak, it “sweats.” Condensation makes the cup wet.

  31. zjmuse says:

    i was going to post this same thing. i have had the problem 3 out of 4 times i got a iced coffee. the peal off game piece doesn’t even last 5 minutes on the coffee before you can’t get it off.