How To Cancel An Order You've Placed On

As we noted in this earlier post, it’s technically not possible to cancel an order after you’ve placed it on Wal-Mart’s website. A helpful reader says there are a couple of ways around this, although neither option will immediately free up any hold on your funds.

Last year, I worked for as an inbound frontline agent, and was promoted to a resolutions agent several months later…so I know my stuff. This is my advice to the person with the issues with

I used to work for one of the call centers a few months ago and have heard stories like this way too many times, especially with the Nintendo Wii bundles. That is part of the reason that they have removed the number from their website and require customers to send in emails now, that a good bit of the agents that are in the US instead of the Philippines barely read…which explains the reply you received. That experience is why I don’t even shop at walmart now.

In world, the charge “supposedly” does not clear until the order ships. Until then, it is placed as a hold on your account. If the item has not shipped by the date promised, it can be marked as “lost in transit”, even though it really isn’t lost, it can be placed in this category according to policies told to us agents. Some company documents specify a time period of a week after the estimated arrival date to be considered lost in transit. Because of the price, a supervisor will have to mark the customers account so that they can be refunded. After this happens, the funds will take around a week to be credited (even though a supervisor will tell you 2-3 business days).

Another way to get refunded is to have your credit card/bank card issuer to contact and verify that the order is technically “lost in transit”. This will verify to the bank that this item is not going to be shipped. By doing this, the bank can then lift the hold. agents can also contact your bank to have the hold removed.

These are the only two ways that I know of that will be able to refund the money. Mind you, I did work there until late last year, so some policies may have changed. I hope that you will be able to resolve this soon. I know how hard it is dealing with

A former Call Center Resolutions Agent


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  1. Another tip is to never tie up important funds using a debit card–use a credit card instead. At least you have a 30-60 period before you’re actually out the money. With debit, it’s all (nearly) real-time.

    Even if you’re a credit card hater, this is a good time to use one.

  2. Pro-Pain says:

    @Ash78: Agreed. Using your debit card as little as possible is a great idea.

  3. purplesun says:

    Of course, if you don’t have a credit card, that might pose a problem.

  4. @purplesun: Nothing wrong with not having a credit card, but I’d be wary of floating duplicate $300+ transactions simultaneously without a bunch of extra cash sitting around (which was not the OP’s case yesterday).

  5. logicalnoise says:

    I rember back in january ordering a gaming 5.1 system designed specifically to work with the xbox 360. It was a highly rated and overall cheap pioneer model which had been selling out everywhere. had the best deal but was sold out, luckily(I thought) had it for only 10 dollars more. after I ordered it switched to out of stock. After week I called up customer service and told them to just cancel they order. They did and I never had to give it a second thought. The item may have actually been comepletly unvavailable for order though so walmart may have already known there was no way I was going to get my product shipped.

  6. Hectorvex says:

    I used to work for the Big W as well. Nothing they do in the terms of terrible customer service will ever surprise me at all.

  7. Gopher bond says:

    The Wal-mart website has NEVER worked well for me. I don’t think I’ve ever seen it display right in any browser.

  8. Ein2015 says:

    @Ash78: Best tip of all, never shop Wal-mart… even better coming from a Wal-mart employee. :D