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Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory Refuses Bathroom Access to 5-Year-Old, Who Then Has Diarrhea In Front Of Them
“I begged them to have a heart and that she was 5 but by that time she had lost it all over herself and me.”

Powerpoint By Pissed Comcast Employee Reveals They Know Exactly How Much
They Suck

“A good way to describe Comcast customer service: “Don’t care. Just sell.””

Sears Is Now Officially Too Incompetent To Even Take Your Money
“He’s spent quite a lot of time lately trying to give them $1500 for a lawn tractor, but they just couldn’t figure out how to complete the transaction. Yes, Sears has finally gotten to the point that they can’t take your money even if you want to give it to them.”

Top 10 Best and Worst Reputations In Corporate America
“Google is tops and Halliburton is not.”

Circuit City Calls The Cops On Customer Who Tried To Redeem $40 DTV Coupon
“Circuit City wouldn’t let Larry redeem his $40 digital transition converter box coupon unless he signed a credit slip agreeing to pay $40. Larry refused, and asked to cancel the transaction. Circuit City’s manager responded by calling the police before following Larry into the parking lot to write down his license plate number.”

(Photo: fantasysage)

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