This Rejected Chiropractor Is "Sorry You Don't Take Your Health Seriously"

The excellent blog, Passive Aggressive Notes has a submission from a reader who rejected his chiropractor. Clay decided not to go back after the doctor refused to show him his x-rays unless Clay attended a seminar about payment plans and treatment options. A few days later he got a note that said:

Dear Clay,

Thank you for taking the time to chat with my office staff the other day regarding your care here at [redacted] Chiropractic.

I am sorry that you do not take your health seriously. When you decide to make your health a priority, please know we are available to help you.

I urge you to take good care of your health and contact us immediately if you run into any problems. It’s been a pleasure to be of service to you.

Oh, no! He’s not taking it seriously!

Spinal Manipulation [Passive Aggressive Notes]

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