This McDonald's Charges 25¢ To Use A Credit Or Debit Card, Violates Merchant Agreement

Reader Brandon sent us this picture of a McDonald’s violating its merchant agreement by charging a fee for using a credit or debit card. The text reads, “FEE ASSOCIATED WITH CREDIT/DEBIT CARD OF 25¢ WILL BE APPLIED TO CARD TOTAL.”

As we’ve previously suggested, Brandon reported the violation to Mastercard and Visa, as well as to McDonald’s headquarters. To reiterate: most credit card companies’ merchant agreements forbid merchants from requiring a minimum charge to pay with a credit card, asking for ID when you pay with a credit card, or adding a surcharge for paying with a credit card (merchants are usually allowed to give a discount for paying cash, however, if it’s clearly labeled as such), and we encourage readers to report violations directly to the credit card company using the info here.

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