Angry Young Sisters Protest High Gas Prices After Losing Their Cable

The AP reports that Pyper and Sadie Vance, ages 7 and 9, are taking their cute little rage to the streets. The sisters’ parents were forced to cancel their cable because they could no longer afford it due to high gasoline prices. The two fashioned some protest signs and hit the streets in downtown Salt Lake City. Details, inside…

The article says,

Cable TV was one of the family’s budget-cutting casualties, leaving Sadie, 9, and her 7-year-old sister without their favorite cartoons and shows.

“Gas prices are too high,” Sadie said. “I just decided to come and protest so they’d go down.”

The girls marched through downtown Monday chanting and carrying signs made from old campaign signs.

“All of my mom’s monny goes to the gas tank!” Pyper’s sign read. Sadie carried a sign asking drivers to honk to lower gas prices – adding that her mom had to cut “cabel.”

The girls got some waves and a few thumbs-up to show support.

“I think it’s great,” said Hamid Tayeb, who was walking past on his lunch break. “It’s unfortunate that kids are doing it before we do.”

Fight the power!

Angry kids protest gas prices after losing cable TV
[AP] (Thanks to Miryam!)


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  1. ShadeWalker says:

    i’m glad they have their priorities straight.

  2. battra92 says:

    In the immortal words of the Offspring:

    Say no way, say no way, no way
    Why don’t you get a job!*

    *That’s directed at the parents who had time to instruct their kids how to march with signs rather than fixing problems in the real world.

  3. MeOhMy says:

    No cable? Sounds like a blessing in disguise. Maybe they can use their new found free time to finish their overdue spelling homework :-)

  4. jamesdenver says:

    maybe they’ll realize being outside is pretty fun. or build a tree house or something.

  5. battra92 says:

    @ShadeWalker: Actually that’s a good point. The parents at least cut out a non-necessity for a necessity.

    Damn this no edit button. I always think of something else to say just after hitting submit.

  6. jpx72x says:

    Dear girls’ mother: You should have thought about the potential price fluctuation of essential goods and services before you popped out kids. If your budget is so thin that you have to cut the cable, you probably should have kept your legs shut.

  7. guilliam says:

    Looks like they should spend more time with their spelling lessons than cable tv anyway ;)

  8. Jaysyn was banned for: says:

    Cute, but ultimately pointless. Go read a book kids, or if you really want to screw over big oil, invent tabletop cold fusion

  9. laserjobs says:

    THROW THEM IN PRISON!!! or at least put them on the FBI and CIA watch list.

  10. djanes1 says:

    Gas prices were so much better when there was much less global competition for it.

  11. So I guess they’ll be voting for Exxon over Comcast in the WCIA Final Four?

  12. nfs says:

    No cable, and I’m guessing no iPhone either (or iPod).

  13. bobpence says:

    Not an expert on kid’s clothing, but they do seem to be fashionably attired. Perhaps if Pyper agreed to take some hand-me-downs from Sadie, the family could swing basic cable.

  14. BuddyGuyMontag says:

    Sounds like Mommy and Daddy aren’t educated enough to call their cable company to see what current promotions they have running.

    9 year old kids know how to spell “Money” and “Cable”. I smell parental-fueled publicity stunt.

  15. @battra92: Yeah, ‘cuz peaceful protests never changed a damn thing.

  16. Silversmok3 says:

    Disgusting.Some families out there have to cancel lunch and supper to pay for fuel to get to work.

  17. catskyfire says:

    @jpx72x: That is way too harsh. Most people 5 years ago didn’t expect gas to go so high. And the parents are hardly unaware of the ‘fluctuating costs of goods and services’. They are merely choosing which goods and services are most deserving of their money. (Transportation, which may include children’s events, over cable.)

  18. Dear sisters,
    Read a book.

  19. vastrightwing says:

    Great! A new generation of protesters. Perhaps congress will notice these girls and Comcast will come up with a plan to have the government subsidize cable. As we all know, cable is an American right.

  20. Concerned_Citizen says:

    I assume they have no internet either, otherwise they could have bitched about it online before the AP did.

  21. IrisMR says:

    …Kids, go play instead of bitching that you have no cable.

    They didn’t get that weird idea by themselves. They’re too young for that. My god they will be productive when the brats grow up. No doubt some college protesters that go on school strike.

  22. plural_of_moose says:

    @The Count of Monte Fisto: Just what I was going to say. Libraries are free, no?

    Yes, they might have to drive there, but have them check out a bunch of books, improve their reading skills, and there’s only reruns when you want there to be

  23. The Porkchop Express says:

    @BuddyGuyMontag: I think that around 6 they should be able to spell money. or at least be able to ask mommy.

    I think mommy may have put them up to this for some odd reason.

  24. shorty63136 says:

    When I was 7 and 9, my mom was yelling from the bathroom window for me to “get outta that damn tree!”


  25. Pro-Pain says:

    @jpx72x: Right on jackoff!

  26. IrisMR says:

    And seriously… watch some kids channels and tell me that it’s a bad thing they don’t have cable anymore. I bet these two are hooked on Totally Spies. EWWWWW.

  27. TorrentFreak says:

    These girls learned a few valuable lessons then.

    1. Things cost money and having gas to get to work to pay for food and to have a roof over your head is more important then TV.

    2. Civic duty to protest and civil disobedience.

    3. Corporations and big money don’t care about you. They won’t listen and no matter how much you protest and rattle the cage nothing will change because you dont have the power.

  28. Narockstar says:

    Hey kids, look behind you! That’s called a bus. People use it when they can’t even afford a car. Maybe you should ask mommy to sell her car and get you all shiny bus passes. Then, you’ll be helping the environment and you can get your cartoon network back.

  29. Gokuhouse says:

    @jpx72x: I wish there were more people in this world like you…being able to see the future must be great.

  30. Gopher bond says:

    Seems kind of clueless when people are starving to death on a daily basis.

    If these were my kids and they did come up with the idea, I’d make them a deal and allow it if they put in equal time volunteer work with people that really have it hard.

    Maybe then they’ll actually learn something.

  31. msnotbeth says:

    Oh my god….sense of entitlement much? I guess it’s rather cute, and better than them whining to their parents. But seriously? I don’t have cable becasue I can’t afford it, and my two kids are just fine. They color pictures or play outside. On their bikes purchased at garage sales.

    But: Cable is a fundamental American right. If you go to prision, my taxes pay for your cable. So keep on protesting!

  32. There's room to move as a fry cook says:

    A single Mom? No mention of Dad in any of the news articles.

    How did those 2 little girls get downtown? Mom drove them or she doesn’t realize that they are missing?

  33. etc says:

    Ummm go outside little kids.

  34. Roycester says:

    Let’s put the blame squarely where it belongs…

  35. Anonymous says:

    if they masses aren’t constantly entertained this is what will happen.

  36. TorrentFreak says:

    @ etc:

    Yeah go outside to play where all the pimps and drug dealers roam. Maybe take some candy from a stranger and get into his cool van without any windows.

    It isn’t safe to play outside anymore this isn’t the 50’s anymore grandpa.

  37. d2kd3k says:

    I have to agree that no cable is a blessing.

    If the kids particularly want cable, I’d rather see the adults around them encouraging them away from cathartic but futile protests (protest can be an effective change strategy; this protest however is not going to change gas prices), and instead help the kids pitch in and earn the money to pay for the non-essential items that they want by walking dogs or getting a paper route.

    There’s a more valuable lesson in learning budgeting and money management and how to solve problems effectively than in being rewarded for complaining about problems and empty gestures.

  38. @etc: Erm… they ARE outside.

  39. There's room to move as a fry cook says:

    Ah, here’s Dad…


    Two Utah sisters took to the streets to protest gas prices after their mother canceled the family’s cable TV to pay for her daily commute to work.

    Sadie Vance, 9, and her sister Pyper, 7, paraded around downtown Salt Lake City carrying homemade signs and chanting “Lower the gas prices” accompanied by their father, Randy Doyle

  40. dry-roasted-peanuts says:

    4. Standing outside protesting anything is about as useful as complaining about not getting any dates by going home and jerking off.

  41. Gev says:

    Oh God, not the cable. What will these poor children do without cable television?

    Dare I ask, won’t someone please think of the children?

  42. theblackdog says:

    Dear sisters,

    Go to the library and read a book.

    Your Brain.

  43. MisterE says:


    I couldn’t agree with you more. On one hand, I give credit to the parents for prioritizing their budget to maintain some standard of living. On the other hand, I condemn them for having their kids give a “cutesy” display of protesting something they have no control over.

  44. Scoobatz says:

    What happened to the good ol’ days when we set fire to Starbucks to protest gas prices?

  45. BicSharpie says:

    Maybe they should protest God for giving them such poor parents.

  46. marsneedsrabbits says:

    Um…. how did they get downtown to protest high gas prices?

  47. azntg says:

    Cable TV is not a necessity. They live in Salt Lake City too, so they should have plenty of OTA Digital TV signals too.

    Gas prices are high though, and it’s affecting everyone. Hold the protesting though until people can’t afford to pay for anything anymore and end up living in the streets.

  48. Geekmom says:


    Cable is not a need it’s a want. If things get tight, wants get cut. Those of us who don’t rack up tons of credit card debt trying to live outside our means know that. I by no means had kids based on if I could aford cable or not. I don’t watch tv anyway.

  49. Coder4Life says:

    @jpx72x: You obviously live in your own little world. I think people that are in the middle class that drive a lot for their jobs and stuff, are probably feeling the pain by $100 – 200 extra month at times. This means that it’s either saving money or they are on tight budgets so they cut cable and things.

  50. Bakkster_Man says:

    @TorrentFreak: This is Salt Lake City. They have more frightening things to worry about, like Mormons.

  51. Franklin Comes Alive! says:

    @BicSharpie: No kidding. Pyper? That’s one I haven’t seen before.

  52. superchou says:

    good lord. pick up a book and learn how to spell

  53. nequam says:

    I’d rather read a story about bratty kids protesting the loss of cable than to hear the complaints of a family that keeps the cable but complains about not having money for food.

  54. LeJerk says:

    Go play outside. With your friends. In the real world.

  55. esd2020 says:

    Who is the target of this protest? I think I’m going to make signs and walk down the street to protest growing older.

  56. alumicor says:

    3 words…..FREE TO AIR……

  57. crabbyman6 says:

    @Lo-Pan: go-go no child left behind!

  58. ohnoes says:

    This isn’t really civil disobedience, unless Salt Lake City is run by Comcast or whoever the provider is. However, when I have kids, I hope they direct their anger at external forces rather than at me when I take away their video games and whatnot.

    And to those saying the parents should have spell-checked, notice the spelling of the younger one’s name. I don’t think they would have been much help, unless it’s pronounced “Pipper.”

  59. IrisMR says:

    @TorrentFreak: Aaah, paranoia.

  60. Jesse says:

    The gas price epidemic has reached a new level for families. First it was a medicine or gas decision, then food or gas. Now it’s cable or gas.

    This has gone far enough. Let’s lobby congress to pass a “Cable Bill Relief Act” which will implement a 100% marginal income tax on the oil companies to be redistributed back to the public in the form of a cable bill credit. We can’t risk taking our kids back to the 1960’s to the archaic practices of reading books and playing outside. That’s just plain un-American!

  61. mhale0 says:

    too fucking bad

  62. IrisMR says:

    @IfThenElvis: …I knew a parent was behind this.

  63. packetsniffer says:

    This story is just pathetic. I’m sorry.

    Picketing = lower prices
    Yeah. Sounds logical.

    Hamid Tayeb says it’s too bad the kids beat them to the pointless picketing.
    Yeah. He sounds smart too.

    Why does this 9 year old not know how to spell simple words properly? Oh wait. I think the article explains that.

  64. rjgnyc says:

    First world problem

  65. urabl says:

    When I was 9, we didn’t have cable (and I’m only 22). Even if we did have cable, I have a feeling I would’ve been in a lot of trouble with my parents if I ever tried this.

    First of all, if I complained at all, they would say, “Shut up and go play outside!” just like everyone on here. On top of that, they probably would be embarrassed to have the whole town (and all the Internets) know what kind of money problems they are having.

  66. akede2001 says:

    Yeah, and I’m sure mommy is frugal. Show me their budget and I’ll show you how they could easily afford the cable AND gas. My guess is that their budget has quite a few unnecessary and excessive spending points.

    And seriously, spelling like that when you’re 7 and 9? They should be in school. Catch up on a lot of that missed work. Sure, you can pass with a C.. but come on.

  67. mac-phisto says:

    goddamn hippies.

  68. @vastrightwing: LOLZ!

    Just like health care and corn right?

  69. mexifelio says:

    I guess I am a bit of a wet blanket, but if those were my girls I would have marched their asses right over to the library and made them checkout some books!

  70. why do they care? they should thank their parents that they got rid of BYUtv

  71. WarOtter - I went to Japan and all I got was this tumor. says:

    @TorrentFreak: Ummm dude, they are in Utah. Everybody there is so white the ethnicity is now listed as ‘Non-Opaque’

  72. bobpence says:

    I wonder if they have a digital tuning TV? Otherwise cable ain’t the only TV they’re missing coming February. Mwa ha ha ha ha!

  73. TerpBE says:

    I’m sure there are starving children in Africa shedding a tear because Pyper and Sadie are going to miss the next episode of “My Super Sweet 16”.

    So what are the chances that their parents are driving a Prius instead of a big SUV?

  74. @WarOtter: spot on, spot on.

  75. Notsewfast says:

    It’s Salt lake City, the worst that could happen is that you’d be converted to a more fundamentalist sect of Mormanism.

  76. buyer5 says:

    I wonder if they ate at Olive Garden (TM) after their little protest. Cry me a river, bitches.

  77. Mayor McRib says:

    I just found a picture of their dad with them…


  78. battra92 says:

    @ceejeemcbeegee: Let me put it to you like this:

    Girls: Im sooooo pssed that mom got red of cabel so we kant watch TV no more! We iz gonna protest!

    Saudis/Exxon/President/Congress/Speculators/Federal Reserve/China/India/Russia/Norway/Shell/Texaco/Nigeria/Iran/Venezuela/Comcast etc: Those little girls have inspired us to drill more and stop fighting and bring cheap fuel and cable for all!

    “Peaceful” protests and signs and candlelight vigils may save a historic tree or something but the real people who make this country work are the people who get up every morning and go to work and vote with their wallets.

  79. RandomHookup says:

    When I saw “Angry Young Sisters”, I thought I had browsed to a NSFW site. Now, I just feel dirty.

  80. Trai_Dep says:

    It’s pretty cool that their parents have taught them that if they don’t like something, do something about it. Picketing over SpongeBob is just a gateway (protest) drug. Next stop: sending Bush to the Hague!
    Said as a child of parents that did the same. Who regretted it when we kids picketed the house for three hours (signs, paper-cone megaphones, fliers, placards, the works!) during one of their dinner parties, announcing we were on strike for more allowance.
    Sigh. Memories. I still remember the sweet tang of tear gas when the ‘rents counter-offered. And boy can German Shepherds run fast!
    Good times. Good times!

  81. ianmac47 says:

    Maybe mum and dad shouldn’t have bought that gas guzzling SUV to tote those two around between soccer practices.

  82. mdoublej says:

    Most of you are WAY harsh. They are outside, they’re walking (getting exercise) and getting a little lesson in getting off your ass rather than complaining about things on the internet. They’re 7 and 9 for crying out loud!

  83. SonicMan says:

    @jpx72x: Look at the age of the girls. Could she really expect the price to TRIPLE in 7 years?

  84. you guys missed last week when their friends Summer and Sierra protested the genocide in darfur. “Kidz r dying evreyware u guyz” was posted on Summer’s sign

  85. @SonicMan: it’s because they HAVE to, no dora the explorer to watch

  86. mac-phisto says:

    @battra92: actually, the real people that make this country work get up in the morning, call their assistant & have them wire [insert ridiculous sum of cash] to [insert favorite politician].

    on second thought, maybe you’re more accurate. your people make america work despite my people.

  87. EBone says:

    I’m sure the little one-armed kids in Rawanda will take up a collection and send them money for their cable bill after they see this story on the one and only government-controlled television station while they huddle around the only TV in their village in their mud hut classroom.

  88. mattindustries says:


  89. MercuryPDX says:

    OMG! Won’t someone PLEASE think of the children! How horrible they don’t have cable! That’s like SO unfair! Next thing you know they may have to participate in like Habitat for Humanity and stuff helping poor people which is like… EW! and SO UNCOOL!*

    *The above was sarcasm.

  90. scootinger says:

    Whenever I see a story like this I assume that it comes from The Onion…but am saddened when I notice that it’s from a real news site. :(

  91. DeadWriter says:

    When I was that age, the world revolved around me.
    Kudos them for at least properly expressing themselves.
    I am sure that lots of people have notified them that there are more important problems, other things to do, and that their parent(s) did the right thing by canceling an entertainment service.

    At least this is heartfelt. Once in a while you see some story about young kids protesting something important, and when they speak it sounds like they are regurgitating their parents thoughts.

  92. glitterati says:

    OK, maybe its a publicity stunt, and losing cable is not such a big deal, and there are other ways these girls could spend their time – but I think the point of this is to display the way gas prices have entered the general consciousness in a manner that they haven’t before. When I was 9 years old, I was not aware of price fluctuations in specific goods.

    Im surprised that so few people have highlighted the real issue at hand – the fact that corporate greed & US military aggression have destabilized the price of a major commodity, and almost all Americans are feeling the crunch.

  93. Applekid ┬──┬ ノ( ゜-゜ノ) says:

    @TorrentFreak: The outdoors isn’t safe. No sir.

    I highly recommend this essay by Paul Graham.

  94. krom says:

    So what brand of 15-passenger van does Mommy drive?

  95. stinerman says:



  96. Kevino says:

    Poor kids. CPS should check out the home and see if anyone watches the kids except for cable tv. Since it is turned off, who is watching the kids?

    50 bucks says the parents drive SUV’s or trucks that are not efficient on fuel.

  97. DarrenO says:

    I’m going to go hold up a sign and protest because I can’t afford that new Ferrari that I want…

    I mean seriously, WTF is wrong with the world?? Tell these two idiot kids to go out and get jobs babysitting, helping neighbors clean out their garage, cutting grass, selling lemonade, etc. etc. etc. so that they could learn about the real world and actually EARN some money to pay for the things they want.

  98. seamer says:

    Kids are getting exercise. Where’s the problem?

    Hopefully the parents will be laughed at for allowing such badly spelt signs out too, so its kind of a win/win without even a drop in fuel prices.

  99. BuddhaLite says:

    Their mom dropped them off in her Excursion and their dad picked them up in his H2.

  100. Kurtz says:

    @Franklin Comes Alive!: Me neither. Why a mother would name her daughter after the plane JFK Jr. crashed, I don’t know.

  101. rpm773 says:

    Hopefully this will start happening more – people dropping cable service and cellphone service to pay for more pressing items. It will shock the providers of those industries back into reality

  102. firesign says:

    mmmm entitlement.

  103. catskyfire says:

    @Roycester: Wow. So speculators had nothing to do with it?

  104. Starfury says:

    Here’s some things they can do:

    1. Read a book
    2. Bike Ride
    3. Boardgames (2nd hand stores have them cheap)
    4. Card games
    5. Art/Crafts

    We limit the amount of TV the kids watch, the shows they like are mostly crap.

  105. boss_lady says:

    Not only do I fail to find this cute, I’m overall pretty disgusted by so many things by it:

    1. Mom and Dad seem to have forgotten to show kids the essentials of childhood: playing (inside and out), reading, imagination, and riding bikes.

    2. Mom and Dad seem to have forgotten to ever take kids to the library to take out books… or even rent movies- all you need is a VCR (and in my house, that was for rainy days only) or DVD player.

    3. Mom and Dad seem to have forgotten to teach kids that getting driven around in a vehicle is the only way to go places. My mom used to take us on the bus from time to time and treat it as an ‘adventure;’ sounds lame, but prepared me for taking the bus all the way into my late 20s.

    4. Mom and Dad seem to have forgotten to teach kids that there are people far worse off than they are and that they ought to be thankful they can still use a vehicle to get places.

    I hate sounding so damn old-fashioned, but seriously, shit like this is neither cute nor helping/changing anything.

  106. skatastrophe says:

    at least make the signs legible, damn. stupid ass mormon kids with stupid misspelled names.

  107. y2julio says:

    If the father has time to drive these kids around, maybe he should get a job.

  108. sean77 says:

    mommy had to cut cable because it was eating into her gin and cigarette budget.

  109. boss_lady says:

    @glitterati: Fuel prices aren’t just high in the States. I could be wrong, but crude oil is a non-renewable resource and due to its eventual scarcity, wouldn’t prices be driven higher due to demand for a minimal supply? I realize, though, that ‘big business’ has to do with the price at the pumps these days, but I certainly am not kidding myself into thinking a protest or act of civil disobedience by anyone is going to get the price of fuel to decline.

  110. @sean77: I lol’ed.. but not too loud because I’m at work, earning money to pay for gas.

  111. brianala says:

    Stupid kids, stupid parents. What, exactly, does letting them protest teach them? That we should all protest things that we don’t like or that are inconvenient? That everyone should have the right to cheap gas and cable?

    Their time could have been better used learning about ways to save energy, or coming up with other ways to entertain themselves to save money (like ::gasp!:: playing outside, or going to the library!).

  112. There's room to move as a fry cook says:

    It’s easy to blame gas prices when this is the real problem…

  113. consumersaur says:

    @battra92: Someone find those 4th graders a factory to work in pronto!

  114. danseuse322 says:

    This makes me sad. These young girls care more about cable? Wow. What type of values are in this family? This society? Who NEEDS cable? I don’t blame them; they’re kids. Let’s look at the family, the society. Call me old fashioned (I am), but I agree with those calling it a blessing in disguise. Heaven help us.

  115. sam1am says:

    I stopped watching TV. For the first two weeks I guess I kinda missed it. After that it annoyed me too watch TV. I haven’t gone back for 7 years now and I’ve never missed it. Admittedly, I do regularly download the daily show.

  116. SinisterMatt says:


    Oh No! The Mormons are coming, The Mormons are coming! Everyone panic! We’re all going to die! Aaaahhhhhh!!!!!

    /end complete sarcasm.

    Seriously though, there are perfectly good cartoons on the regular over-the-air channels. Use rabbit ears with a digital receiver of course, and they’ll be fine. If they don’t like those, then go to the library, rent movies/TV from Blockbuster and/or the public library, etc.

    I would agree that this seems like a parent’s publicity stunt. Since when do 6 and 9 year olds have the gumption to stage a protest?


  117. SinisterMatt says:


    Sorry, that should be 7 and 9 years old, instead of 6 and 9. It would help if I could read right.

  118. katylostherart says:

    my mom would have three words for me, “get a job.”

  119. speedwell (propagandist and secular snarkist) says:

    @Kurtz: I know three little girls named Piper. The mother of one of them told me she named her after the Pink Floyd album Piper at the Gates of Dawn. (The mom in question is about 30, by the way. I am about as old as the album myself, and I’m a lot older than her.) Another one appears to have been named after the chapter in The Wind in the Willows by the same name as the album. The third one was named after a friend of the family, so who knows really.

  120. stanner says:

    Geez, why is everyone so harsh on these kids and parents?

    It looks like they are doing this on a lark, and having a bit of fun. Is there no sense of humor anymore?

    The parents cut out cable and the kids do something mildly proactive, fun and public. So both get blasted for being cheap, wasteful, manipulative, etc.

    Maybe it’s nothing more sinister than two parents trying to save money, and kids trying to participate in society.

  121. hamsangwich says:

    read a book and learn to spell. At 7 or 9 i could certainly spell “money” and “cable”, of which my family had neither at the time. Go read about Ramona Quimby, girls.

  122. Make some friends and watch their cable if you’re so pathetic. I agree that their parents put them up to this, 9 year olds should be able to spell. Why though? Did their parents really think their children protesting in SLC is really going to make people go “oh, never mind, free gas for all!”

    Why is this a news story. If I just go stand out side and protest bananas is that newsworthy suddenly?

  123. theblackdog says:

    @stanner: I question that, simply because the tone of their protest is “High gas prices mean I can’t watch TV, wahhhhhhhhhh!”

  124. cmdrsass says:

    I don’t know whether it’s cute or sad that they think they’re “doing something” about high gas prices.

  125. speedwell (propagandist and secular snarkist) says:

    @stanner: They appear to consider it a trivial thing to protest about.

    But people should protest injustice no matter how it presents itself. It may be comparatively trivial, yes, but the difference is only in degree. I suppose the people who think this is all trivial think that this family must actually be sick and starving and homeless before they have the right to protest something.

  126. GenXCub says:

    In before Get a Brain Morans!

  127. rjgnyc says:

    @GenXCub: You wish!

    @speedwell: It is insulting to protest the price of oil so you can have cable tv. Acting like Spongebob is a right not a privilege is insulting to anyone who is actually financially struggling.

    Protesting the price of gas because your parents can’t afford cable TV is like protesting the price of gas because your parents can’t buy you an Wii and PS3 for Christmas. It marginalizes the people who really have tight budgets now by giving the public the impression that all financial “burdens” are as vapid and inconsequential as this one.

  128. kcrusher says:


    Well put. Someone who didn’t see rising fuel prices coming hasn’t been paying attention. We’ve had it good for a very long time – gas prices in europe have been well over $5/gal for years now (they were $7/ga in 2005 and that’s when we had a stronger dollar..).

    Prediction – cost of water is going to go up, and probably very soon. Your utility bills will get higher – we’re using non-renewable resources for most of our heating/cooling and the less there is of something, the more it will cost.

    Yes, gas prices are artificially high, but it’s all relative. Speculators ARE increasing the cost, but even if we remedy that, the cost will still continue to rise.

    If you think this is a crisis now, give it another 5 or 10 years when India and China add another couple hundred million cars to their roads…

  129. battra92 says:

    @consumersaur: Read the footnote.

  130. Angryrider says:

    Cry me a river little girls. So what if you can’t watch Hannah Montana or Baby Einstein. Why don’t you go read a book instead of watching tv all day?

  131. stanner says:

    I’m confused about what people think these kids should do instead.

    So are they supposed to go sit in the library and read a book, or go outside?

    Note that they aren’t asking for anything. No favors, no handouts, no entitlements. They are just lodging their complaints. And getting slammed for either doing it at all, doing with without a spell checker, or not doing it about something mature and important enough. (Okay, they are asking for people to honk.)

    Again, the lack of humor and enjoyment at kids doing something interesting is pretty thick here.

  132. jjason82 says:

    Yeah, this will stop rising gas prices! Way to make a difference!


  133. Trai_Dep says:

    @rjgnyc: How many 7 & 9-year-olds do you know? Of course they’re going to only be focused on the world that’s 5″ in front of their faces. They’re seven. And nine. Jeezus.
    Would you be happier if they were protesting the IMF for pressuring developing countries into rashly privatizing core infrastructure assets to meet previous loans’ capital balance requirements? Small steps. Long journeys.
    It’s cool that the ‘rents are channeling that precocious rage into doing something about it, rather than being a slave. When they’re a decade older, they can protest more significant things and be proper activists.
    Although, I’d really be amused if the ‘rents got tired of being reamed by Comcast, cancelled it then hatched a plan to blame it on Big Oil.
    “We love the Jonas Brothers too, kids. It’s Exxon that took them from you!”

  134. JohnMc says:

    a1qw2sa think before posting you should have read the signs. Before the kids moan about the ‘monny’ and cost of ‘cabel’ they ought to spend more time in school reading and learning how to spell. For a different reason, ‘Mom’ made the right choice.

    A good Nancy Drew mystery might do them both some good. The public library should have several copies available.

  135. Whoops! I thought this was a picture of Barack Obama’s energy policy team. Now that I’ve read the article, I see that it’s just some children whining about gas prices. I suppose there is a difference.

  136. ogremustcrush says:

    I hope that the parents actually did something to combat fuel consumption causing these high prices by forgoing using the massive SUV-A-TRON 2000(TM) to drop them off for their “protest” and instead have the girls ride their bikes or, heaven forbid, ride the bus.

    … like that would really happen.

  137. forgottenpassword says:

    Join the club girls!

    The sad thing is the amout of people out there who claim being broke/poor yet still have luxuries like cable & multiple cellphones etc. etc..

    I have no cable, no internet (that I pay for besides a $4 a month dialup connection I use at work).. (unsecured wifi is a wonderfull thing!), no home phone & a prepaid cellphone plan that costs me a whopping $4 a month (basically used for emergencies only) & I can well afford gas for my vehicle.

    My only real luxury is frequent fast food meals.

  138. cuiusquemodi says:

    What an adorable little viral marketing campaign! The big mean oil companies really do need to start acting more Comcastically! (Comcasticly? I don’t believe there is an adverbial form of Comcastic yet.)

  139. forgottenpassword says:

    Oh & btw…. I havnt had cable in 5 years & miuss it terribly! :( I have to resort to downloading shows, but I miss the occassional film gem that I ran across on the film channels.


    I beg to differ! Today’s “over the air” cartoons are horrible crap compared to the cartoons of yesteryear. I cant find a damn one that even matched the quality of the smurfs! :( Saturday mornign is a JOKE compared to what it used to be. More boring educational programming than there ever was. One channel cut out cartoons alltogether & is just news.

    I weep for today’s children & lack of decent quality cartoons.

    Note: beakman’s world is just about the only decent saturday morning show anymore(the episodes where they dont have the fat girl as one of the sidekicks). Too bad they cancelled that show & its only in reruns.

    No wonder kids are running towards cable’s cartoons as the broadcast fare is absolute rubbish!

  140. AgentTuttle says:

    At least they’re outside now. Maybe they’d get more news if they burned down a gas station. Or maybe they had Comcast and now they are FREE!

  141. hahnchen says:

    Supply and demand. That’s why gas prices are high.

    At least its finally stopped the proliferation of ridiculously large SUVs and people carriers in the UK. Now everyone thinks you’re a tit if you drive one through a city.

  142. DrGirlfriend says:

    They really want to protest? Send them to Venezuela or Saudi Arabia to protest there.

    I can see Hugo Chavez now, shedding real tears at the sight of two American little girls, upset that they lost cable TV. “This is a travesty! It’s one thing to watch the poor struggle with gas prices, but little girls not being able to watch Hannah Montana? That is the last straw! Increase production and lower prices immediately!”, he will say.

  143. speedwell (propagandist and secular snarkist) says:

    @rjgnyc: Oh, two little girls who are upset because their parents can’t afford a fun thing for them anymore are offending the poor of America.

    Pardon me while I grab my hanky and weep that someone somewhere was offended. I’m devastated to know that these little girls were insensitive. Boo hoo hoo.

  144. speedwell (propagandist and secular snarkist) says:

    @forgottenpassword: You miss cable? How can you possibly miss cable? I can see if you’re a little kid and you need something to do while you’re waiting on the big slow adults to get out of bed of a Saturday morning, maybe. But I gave up TV the year Married With Children first aired (it must have been 20 years ago) and have not even owned one since. My partner has one, but he only uses it for watching videos, and half of those are work-related (he’s a professional animator).

    In short, as many commenters here have twitted, read a book. Do something new. Participate in something. Quit being so goddamn passive.

  145. bubbledumpster says:

    This is repulsive. I think it’s time to kill myself.

  146. Grrrrrrr, now with two buns made of bacon. says:

    OMG, next thing you know, they’ll have to give up their cell phones, MP3 players, video games, dance lessons and designer clothes!!!!

    They should be thankful that mommy and daddy still have a place to live and that there’s food on the table.

  147. Meathamper says:

    Don’t let the Man get you down. In this case, Exxon.

  148. stands2reason says:

    1. I bet money their parents were driving an over sized truck and/or SUV.

    [sympathy meter: low]

    2. Why don’t they petition for economics to be taught in public schools? Not only will they not waste their time while everyone drives by in an SUV “honking to reduce gas prices,” in 20 or 30 years, the majority of the US will actually understand what’s behind the price of something

    [hint: supply vs. demand, with extra emphasis on the shape of the demand curve caused by the Truck/SUV craze]

    3. Cable television is an even bigger rip off than gasoline. Want a TV show: go to the The Pirate Bay.

    Oh look at that, now we no longer have any reason to protest…

  149. Ixnayer says:

    Maybe this is just a Verizon FIOS publicity stunt.

  150. krom says:

    One wonders if they couldn’t have cut something else, like, say, driving.

  151. krom says:

    Oh, and what sorts of things have Sadie and Pyper seen mommy and daddy protesting?

  152. LibidinousSlut says:

    @jpx72x: uhm isn’t canceling unnecessary expenditures as food and gas costs rise a good thing? Like people have fixed incomes, when one cost goes up another expenditure should go down or else you’re reducing the amount your saving, or even worse dipping into savings/credit spending. I don’t understand you people. If someone has financial troubles you yell at them for wasting their money. These people are adjusting their costs to live within their budgets and you yell at them for doing that. which is dumb.

  153. hrm…they are fighting for cable? seems a lil odd…
    hello bunny-ears

  154. mgrDavid says:

    Ug… Kids: Do you pay taxes? Bills? Do you have a job? No? Then Shut Up! Go play in the yard until you pay taxes and vote–then you can complain.

    God, I love kids!!

  155. ShariC says:

    This would be more impressive if the kids were saying they were starving because all of mommy’s money was going in the gas tank.

    America has had cheaper prices than the rest of the world for a long time and it has bred a nation of people who shop as a leisure activity and waste food and resources because consumption has been so cheap. This is a wake up call to get with the program the rest of the world has been on for awhile. Consume as you need, not for the sake of amusing yourself temporarily or acting on wants.

  156. crazydavythe1st says:

    Someone teach these girls how to use Bittorrent stat. No internet? That’s what the neighbor’s wifi is for.

  157. LUV2CattleCall says:

    And we wonder why the rest of the world thinks we’re spolied….seriously, our impoverished have it better than 90% of the people out there.

  158. rjgnyc says:

    @Trai_Dep: “Of course they’re going to only be focused on the world that’s 5″ in front of their faces. They’re seven. And nine. Jeezus.”

    The problem is that people are treating this as an actual news story, and not kids being kids.

    If it was kids being kids, it wouldn’t be on this website, and it wouldn’t labeled as “Civil Disobedience”

    We rag on news programs like Fox for showing cute stories of no merit or substance instead of actual informative journalism, and this is 100% Fox-like material right here. Consumerist might as well also put up an article of a cat dressed like Che next, instead of something that actually tells the public about anything.

    This is a non-story. This is a fluff piece of no informative value, and thus devalues everything involving actual, valid complaints over the price of gas.

  159. Cyclokitty says:

    Yeah… that protest will convince the gas companies to lower prices so kids can watch tv. Good plan. Although, maybe the parents could have waited until their spelling homework was complete…

    Go play outside kids. Take your spellers.

  160. boss_lady says:

    @kcrusher: Oh, and let’s not forget the rising cost of groceries, as well (as seen here on consumerist)!

    Dammit, I’m only twenty-five, going back to school (again), and feel like I’m never going to get to afford anything!

  161. S-the-K says:

    Another example of poor parenting!

    Blaming “Big __noun__” for your poor judgment and poor money management. The kids are learning that there is no such thing as personal responsibility and that all problems or challenges they have in life are someone else’s fault and not a result of their own choices.

    There’s no mention of what kind of vehicle the parents drive. Do they own a tiny hybrid car? Do they own a sensible fuel efficient sedan? Or do they own a big gas guzzling SUV? If the latter, I have no sympathy for them. They should either shut up, suck it up, and suffer the consequences, or sell it and buy something sensible and more fuel efficient.

    And considering their spelling and grammar skills, spending less time watching TV and more time doing homework would do them a world of good. Unfortunately, they’re out demonstrating their ignorance instead of learning spelling and grammar to overcome their ignorance.

    I’m sure they’re looking forward to a life of poverty and victimhood and welfare checks.

  162. S-the-K says:

    Hey Consumerist! Could you do a follow-up on this and find out what kinds of vehicles their parents own?

    One more example of their poor parenting… Based on that lady who protested high gas prices by firebombing a Starbucks, why are those kids not at least protesting in front of a Starbucks? Don’t they know that Starbucks is the ringleader of the “Big Oil” conspiracy? :-)

  163. Bwess their widdle hearts. I want to see their faces when mom has to explain to them that the rising cost of gas has made the cost of manufacturing plastics increase as well. Translation: No Bratz dolls for their birthdays either!

  164. Metropolis says:

    I love how all you people are telling these girls to go outside or read a book while you are plastered to your computer screen.

    They are 7 and 9 years old. How would you ahve acted at that aged if your parents took away something like the cable.

  165. MrEvil says:

    In the words of D’mite:

    Read a book, read a book, read a motherf$&%in’ book!

    Seriously, my kids won’t get cable TV, they’ll have to grow up like I did, no cable, no video game consoles, and no internets until they’re in High School. Though dad will secretly have his pay TV and Internets in the man-cave.

  166. onesong says:

    @jpx72x: uh, the mother?? it must be interesting to live in a world where asexual reproduction is alive and well in humans.
    @S-the-K: THEY ARE SEVEN AND NINE. As in THIRD and FIFTH grade. Were you spelling perfectly at that age? I doubt it!

  167. JessicaJessica says:

    I think it’s great!! Now the kids can read books and play outside – constructive things – intead of sitting on the couch all day staring at the stupid-box. They look like they haven’t been out of the house in months!!

  168. JessicaJessica says:

    I am plastered to my screen because I am at work. The second I leave the office I am off doing something, somewhere. I don’t even own a television. Why? Because my parents never let me sit in front of the TV and develop lazy habits that continue into adulthood. We played board games, read stories, talked, etc. I was not raised by a television!!@Metropolis:

  169. P_Smith says:

    If the kids were losing gymnastics classes, piano lessons, a musical instrument, swimming lessons, soccer leagues, or anything of that sort, I’d feel empathy.

    The only thing I would do for them is give them a library card application form.

  170. aleck says:

    “Cute rage”??? I find it rather infuriating instead of cute. Instead of teaching kids about the reality of life, the parents propagate the sense of entitlement.

    Because of oil price spike, the cost of food and fertilizer goes up and hundreds of thousands of kids in Africa will die of starvation. But hey, it is obviously more important news when two brats in Utah lose their cable.

  171. synergy says:

    On one hand, good that they’re able, willing, and capable of protesting. On the other hand, I think they’re protesting the wrong thing. But that’s just my opinion.

  172. synergy says:

    @stanner: Um. YES.

    Or maybe they could do things around the house to help mom and dad. My summer vacations were spent running around the house, reading books, and doing household chores now and then to help out. It taught my brother and I that you need to occupy yourself with SOMETHING instead of just sitting there like a lump on a log. If nothing else, it kept us active. I didn’t become overweight until I moved out after high school and didn’t have mom constantly poking and prodding me to get off my lazy butt.

  173. MageSeer says:

    “Wha??? You mean to tell me that my precious little snowflakes should do more than watch TV and stay out of my hair? I mean, without my cable what am I going to do with my children?”

    I hear this line (moreless) on a hour to hour basis when someone calls in 3 months behind and yells at me because their cable is out. And its funny, they ask me,”What am I going to do with my kids now?” as if its my problem and as if I should honestly answer that. And I’ve come close so many times to saying,”Well, how about taking them to the park, or reading a book to them, or doing BASIC parenting.”

    Whatever happened to little girls selling lemonade to make extra cash?

  174. Umisaurus says:

    @IfThenElvis: YES.

    I’m canceling my cable as well. My six-year-old daughter doesn’t mind, though. She loves to jump rope, play at the park, go to the library, and on those days where a movie’s on TV that she really wants to watch, we’ll ride the bus or walk over to my parents’ house to do so.

    I don’t buy the whole “it’s too dangerous to let your kids outside at all these days” argument. I always supervise my kid, and seriously — it was just as dangerous back then as it is now, sometimes even more so (NYC in the 80s, according to my husband). I also don’t believe that money should be the sole factor in deciding that you’re ready to have a kid. A factor, yes, but not the only one.

  175. benmicro says:

    Not having cable will change your life (for the better).

  176. rjgnyc says:

    @speedwell: It’s a stupid thing to protest, let alone complain about, regardless of age. Not only that, but it’s a nonsensical complaint.

    Now excuse me, I’m going to protest that the cost of oil is preventing me from buying an iPhone, which is the true problem with gas prices. I can’t buy excessive tech!

  177. ohayou_kun says:

    Eh go outside and play and catch up on your school work. It may be summer but with that kind of spelling they need the review and badly. Oh vey the priorities of children these day…

  178. LVP says:

    Get a paper route, cut a lawn, rake some leaves. Do some chores for older people in the neighborhood. Get a job kids.

    Cable is ridiculously expensive. In my area after taxes and two cable boxes “Family Cable” is $75.00 a month. We dumped it for satellite but that option turned out to cost the same with even less service!

    Time to break out the bunny ears.

  179. rikkus256 says:

    I think they should also protest the high price of cable.