8 Things You Shouldn't Say In A Job Interview

Most of us know that looking for a job can be a job in itself, but there are few things in life more dreaded than the job interview. Even if you remember to spit out your gum and offer a firm and confident handshake, there is a myriad of conversational land-mines which must be avoided. CNN in partnership with CareerBuilder has assembled 8 things that you shouldn’t say during a job interview. The list, inside…

8. “And another thing I hate…”
Rants are appropriate for your best friend or your blog, but not interviews. You don’t want to come across as a whiner.

7. “As Lady Macbeth so eloquently put it…”
Such statements could make your answers seem scripted, and if your pretentious reference flies over the head of your interviewer, you’ve just scored -1.

6. “Are you an active member in your church?”
If you are trying to make small-talk, you should avoid topics that may be controversial.

5. “How long until I get a promotion?”
Even though you may be goal oriented, such a question may come off as if you feel entitled or special. Try a more tactful way to get this information.

4. “I’m going to need to take these days off.”

If you say this too early in the interview process it may appear as though you are assuming you got the job.

3. “No, I don’t have any questions for you.”
This could indicate that you lack interest. Even if you have all the information you need, you should try to ask a few serious questions.

2. “I don’t know anything about the company.”

This might make your interviewer think you are too lazy to use Google.

1. “I hated my last boss.”
There is a fine line between honest person and trash-talker. Be careful how strongly you criticize your last employer.

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