Rite-Aid Made My Mom Think I Got Married Behind Her Back

Rebecca got one of those calls from her mother that everybody dreads. “Is there anything you think you should tell me?” her mother wanted to know. Rebecca’s mom got a piece of junk mail with Rebecca’s first name and her boyfriend’s last name and was under the impression Rebecca had snuck off for a Vegas wedding. She hadn’t. After Rebecca calmed her mother down, she tried to figure out how Rite-Aid, where both had worked for a time, had merged her name and her boyfriend’s. When Rite-Aid gave her the run around, we advised Rebecca to try an EECB to get some answers. Read her email, inside.

To The Board of Directors:

Good Morning. I am sure you can help me with a little problem that I am having with your company.

Last Friday, my mother received a piece of mail from your company’s current promotion regarding the “gas giveaway” if I switched my prescriptions to you. Annoying as any other piece of junk mail is, this one was particularly disturbing. It was addressed as:

Rebecca J*****
[redacted] CT

My mother called me where I live, in Vermont, and told me of the mail that I had gotten. It turns out, my last name isn’t J*******, it’s F*******. My boyfriend’s last name is J*****, though. When she called me, she was extremely agitated and excited (and not in a good way), over the fact that I had gotten married behind their backs. My mother had just gotten out of the hospital with congestive heart failure and a massive infection, and the last thing that she needed was to be excited.

I spoke with one of your customer service representatives on Monday, and she assured me that I would get a call with someone from “corporate” yesterday. I waited all day without a call. She told me that the marketing comes from the pharmacy division. My boyfriend hasn’t had a prescription filled at a Rite-Aid in two and a half years, the time we’ve been together.

We both worked together at Rite-Aid, but never once marked myself as being “connected” to him, except by address.

I cannot figure out how my first name got linked with my boyfriend’s last name. Simply what I am asking for help with is to find out where this came from.

If you could help me, it would be greatly appreciated. I simply want to know where this name came from, so I can get it removed, and make sure it doesn’t happen again.

And about the piece of mail? If your pharmacy can’t even get my name right, and is linking me to other people I’m not even related to (yet), how can I trust them to get my prescriptions right? More than likely, I will never do anything personally identifiable with Rite-Aid again. I was once a loyal shopper, but if this problem cannot be solved, I may never shop there again.

Thank you for your time, and for reading my email.

Looking forward to your response,


It’s one thing if a customer loyalty program gets confused about your name. Irritating, but unlikely to actually hurt you. It’s another thing completely if the pharmacy decides you’d be better off married and starts sending junk mail to your mother’s house in another state. If the pharmacy makes such an appalling, counter-intuitive mistake about what name to use on annoying junk mail, how badly are they going to screw up your prescription? If you’re having trouble with Rite-Aid, the link with tips for sleuthing corporate contact information is here.

(photo: Clean Wal-Mart)

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