Shaq Wants To Save Orlando From The Mortgage Meltdown

Shaq has a plan to save Orlando from the mortgage meltdown. Sort of. The Orlando Sentinel says that word leaked out that Shaq was working on a plan to buy the troubled mortgages of Orlando homeowners and refinance them so that families could stay in their homes — and hopefully turn a small profit by doing so. The trouble is, the demand is overwhelming and Shaq doesn’t have anything set up yet. That’s not stopping him, though.

From the Orlando Sentinel:

The problem is, O’Neal does not yet have a concrete plan. He wasn’t planning an announcement, and word leaked out when he made an impromptu visit to Orlando City Hall last week.

For the people reaching out for help, the need is immediate. And because the news circulated across the country, calls and e-mails are coming from far and wide.

Even so, O’Neal will pursue the as-yet undefined plan, Cooper said. The two met to discuss how to proceed on Saturday and again Monday.

“He said, ‘Let’s just go out and help as many people as we can,’ ” Cooper said. “He’s sincere about it.”

For more information, contact Cooper by e-mail at

Thousands in Orlando want Shaq to help with mortgages [Orlando Sentinel]
(Photo: City of Orlando)

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