The Envelope System: The Spreadsheet-Free Way To Manage Your Cash

Want to get some kind of money plan in place but spreadsheets cause hives to burst all over your face? Then you might like The Envelope System, and No Credit Needed’s video explaining how it works. Basically, you cash your entire paycheck each pay period and then put every dollar in a series of envelopes in different categories, with set limits for each category. Once you’ve spent the envelope for that category, no more spending in that category. Change goes into a piggy bank. Excess left over at the end of the pay period goes into savings or to paying off more debt. As a very “analog” “lo-fi” “old-school” method of budgeting, the envelope system is hard to beat.

Envelope System Video Tutorial (Step By Step Guide To Using The Envelope System To Manage Your Cash) [No Credit Needed]

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