Six Flags Requires You To Check All Bags Before Each Rollercoaster For $1 Per Ride

Reader Aaron says that his trip to Six Flags was ruined by their new policy of making riders check even very small bags before each ride — at the cost of $1 a ride.

We got into the park (after the security guy searched our bag and made us throw away our dangerous bottle of water) and made a bee-line for the Dark Knight coaster.
The line was short, about 25 minutes, but there was a catch – a security person at the entrance was turning people away if they had any kind of bag, be it a small purse or a big backpack.
There were lockers right at the entrance for a $1 each. You had to stow your bag to ride the ride.

We saw this a while ago when Kingda Ka opened, though it was $2 then, but that was the only coaster with this requirement.
Not knowing what to expect from Dark Knight, we ponied up the buck and got in line.

The ride was a major disappointment. More like a carny ride at Coney Park than what we’ve come to expect from Great Adventure. Without exaggeration, this is the worst ride in the park. The tea-cups are more fun than the Dark Knight.

And the real kicker, the seats on the ride were big and open, and we could have easily and safely taken my GF’s purse with us. We were a little annoyed that they got us for another buck, but kind of just went with it.
We retrieved our bag and went on our way. (The lockers have a 2 hour time limit, btw, after which the contents will be “discarded.”)

We went to get on Batman: The Ride across the way, and were blocked because they had the same lockers.
That’s when we realized that all the major coasters in the park now require you to stow your bag, and charge you a buck a ride for the privilege.
We opted instead to walk back to the car and just ditch the bag in the trunk. Leaving behind the Dramamine, our hats, extra sunblock and her eyeglasses. Stuff we’d like to have with us, but weren’t critical.

We thought it was pretty lousy that rides we’ve been going on for years and taking the bag on, or stowing it in a cubby-hole on the platform, now suddenly charged a buck each. As if the park isn’t already nickel and diming you to death, this was the last straw.

We decided next year to go to Hershey Park instead.

What do you think of this policy?


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  1. TheAlphateam says:

    What BS. It should be like an airplane. If it is under a certain size let it on.

  2. SaveMeJeebus says:

    I bring my bags to a local hole in the wall place so I can support my local community.

  3. I thought this was standard. At Busch Gardens Europe, they have all day lockers at the front of the park ($9), and also temporary $1 lockers outside the coasters and other thrill rides.

    If you try to get in line with a bag or something, they direct you to a locker. I don’t like paying it, but I ended up losing a digital camera last month while riding, so I guess it beats the alternative.

  4. pmathews says:

    I never really trusted the cubby hole system (there are occasionally some thug types at the six flags we go to). I wouldn’t mind the $1 if you could get the money back after the ride. I’ve seen temporary lockers like this at gym’s before incase you forget your lock.

  5. the_thermos says:

    Six Flags is horrible.

    My girlfriend and I went there last year and waited in line for FOUR hours to ride El Toro. It got the point that the crowd chanted “Bull Sh*T”. Wonder how they’ll handle that given the locker’s 2-hour time limit.

    Of course we complained, nothing happened, and now we only go to Hershey Park and Dorney Park, and usually only go during early June when most kids are still in school to cut down on line-time.

  6. Tightlines says:

    We were always able to just put our stuff in the bins at the ride, then pick them up when the ride was over 60 seconds later.

    I wonder if people were having their stuff stolen. A simple, “We are not responsible for lost items” sign should suffice. Or extra security, but of course that requires spending money as opposed to taking out of your pockets.

    Pretty good scam if you ask me.

  7. Imaginary_Friend says:

    Is there no end to the greed? Geez, it’s like they WANT people to stay home.

  8. the_wealth says:

    I formerly worked at an amusement park much like six flags. There were a few incidents where riders brought items on to throw off the ride, which ended in an employee’s wrist being shattered into pieces. Also, bags can be a hassle to load in and out of the ride and cause delays in loading time, something I’m sure six flags wants to keep as minimal as possible. Having the bag on the ride can disrupt some of the safety restraints too, so it’s not always about the space in the seat. This has been a growing trend at a lot of amusement parks, and the lockers are a creative way to solve the issue of bags. It would probably be better if they provided a large locker area instead of lockers for every ride.

  9. surgesilk says:

    LOL Perfect!

  10. rockergal says:

    long live Knoebels Park! no entrance fee, no parking fee, no lockers and home of the Phoenix (one of the worlds top 10 wooden roler coasters)

  11. It’s funny, I was just at BGE last Saturday and I went to go rent a locker. There were several lockers that still had the keys in them, but when I opened them up, someone’s stuff was inside. A good way to save $1, maybe at the expensive of having your stuff stolen.

  12. Tgg says:

    I can see why they want you to check loose items. Bringing bags on the ride is probably a liability — You drop your keys, they hit the guy behind you, the guy behind you sues the park.

    However, $1 per ride does seem like gouging.

  13. Shadowfire says:

    We just went to Disney World for our honeymoon, and there was nothing like this. Guess we’re not going to six flags again any time soon.

  14. JanetCarol says:

    this is disgusting

  15. Propaniac says:

    I can think of no way that the park could try to justify this as a better solution for customers than having banks of lockers available for rental in the park’s common area, and a sign by each ride saying “If you want to leave your shit here during the ride instead of putting it in a locker, we’re not responsible for it.” Forcing them to rent a locker for each ride is obvious gratuitous money-grubbing. But I’m always more entertained by this kind of post when it does include a PR statement with a totally BS defense from the company, so I hope they release one.

  16. Gokuhouse says:

    @Dead Wrestlers Society: You sound a little like a sad puppy…Like the theme park has beaten you into submission. Poor lil guy…

  17. yetiwisdom says:

    Hersheypark rules. And they have lockers that are a buck for ALL day (and they still use the cubbyholes).

    So Six Flags Great Adventure is $40 (daypass), $1 locker for each coaster = $14 – that’s a nice 35% markup for them!

    Cargo shorts just got a lot more economical.

  18. @Gokuhouse: Nope, I’m a big boy, but thanks for your concern! Just trying to contribute something relevant to the post.

  19. rbb says:

    Which Six Flags? Do all of them have this policy now?

    I guess the workaround is cargo shorts with zipper or velcro pockets…

  20. jchabotte says:

    jeez.. back in the day, you just left your items on the platform next to the ride inside the gate and the line operator watched over your stuff and you just grabbed it afterwards?.. you know.. something about being trustworthy?

    What has happened to the USA?

  21. Motherfirefly says:

    I agree. I went to all of the Six Flags that were in Texas and the cubby hole rule was always the only one enforced. Besides, they let everyone on and off the ride at the same time. You’re going to see someone snatch your shit and then probably yell bloody murder, this is definitely a scam.

    Six flags tickets are actually at kids price (30 bucks) until the end of July I think.

  22. bdsakx says:

    That’s just terrible. I’m already sick of paying for their overpriced food and dealing with ride operators with a bubbly mentality. If the operators could just glance over at the cubbies once and while, the theft rate would probably go down some.

  23. theblackdog says:

    @rbb: Most coaster enthusiasts use shorts with zippered pockets to carry their stuff anyway.

    @rockergal: Knoebels Rocks! I’m hungry for a waffle ice cream sandwich now.

    If you absolutely must carry a backpack’s worth of stuff to the park while riding coasters all day you’ll save some cash if the Six Flags has a Hurricane Harbor connected to it that doesn’t charge separate admission. The lockers at Hurricane Harbor are the kind where you get a key from the cashier and can be opened over and over again until you turn in the key.

  24. steveliv says:

    when we went to universal studios/islands of adventure last year they had small lockers, but they were free. You simply scanned your finger, placed your items in the marked locker, and then come back after your done with the ride. They were conveniently located next to all major rides and made for a better park experience.

  25. theblackdog says:

    @Motherfirefly: Everyone does not get on and off the ride at the same time when the ride runs 2-3 coaster cars. You’ll leave your stuff and then there will be at least one group ahead of you that gets off before you get back.

  26. Is it really typical to allow people to take bags and personal belongings on a roller coaster? I don’t see the problem with prohibiting (potentially) flying objects. You can stow them in the locker for a buck, or have someone wait and hold them.

    Is the rental fee the problem, or the policy itself?

  27. jerros says:

    It doesn’t strike me as a brilliant idea to bring a bag full of stuff on to a roller coaster with you. Roller coasters get up to fairly decent speeds and people tend to toss their hands up in the air when this occurs, so where exactly is that bag of yours?

    Seated on the seat next to you not being held? or in your hand as you raise it up in the air and potentially hit someone behind you with the bag & what is with in.

    This just looks like a recipe for trouble to me, someone loses their grip on the bag when it stores something important like their car keys and suddenly they are begging park employees to allow them to search the grounds. Keys fall out of a moving object at 50mph and hit someone waiting in line below and suddenly people are getting sued.

    Providing lockers & making people use them to me looks like a responsible thing for Amusement parks to do. However I would say that on entrance to the park you should be given tokens to use these lockers for free instead of charging you to use them they should be included with the price of admission. Between the entrance fees & the $16 burgers & hotdogs the amusement parks shouldn’t be nickle & diming people for storage.

  28. animatedantmo says:

    I went to Universal Studios this past January and they had something similar. It wasnt that bad because all the lockers were free for some period of time. I wonder if they still are O_o

  29. TheAlphateam says:

    A local park has a big community cubby whole thing that has 2 sides. A green and a blue. When the blue car comes the door flips and covers the green side, when the green car comes the door flips and covers the blue side. If someone tries to steal your crap you are right there.

  30. darkrose says:

    Universal Orlando does this too, but their lockers are free.

  31. PinkBox says:


    I went to a large theme park this weekend, and had no problems taking my purse on any of the rides. It fits under my arm, and is waterproof.

    The same park DOES have cubbies, but you can rent them for $10 for the entire day, which is great because it is also a water park.

  32. Sounds like par for the course for Six Flags. Do they make sure the asphalt walkways have been freshly blackened…er…sealed so people get thirsty faster?

  33. Rajio says:

    Simple solution: Go somewhere else.

  34. ironchef says:

    What next? a 9/11 security fee?

  35. Anks329 says:

    just one thing on the time limit… I was there on Saturday and I left all my stuff in a single locker the entire day from like 10:30am to 6:00pm… So, I’m not too sure about the time limit.

  36. ptkdude says:

    The Six Flags near Atlanta just lowered their adult prices by $10 this year. I’m now curious to know if they’re getting their $10 back by forcing you to use a locker at $1 a pop.

  37. vliam says:

    @Imaginary_Friend: Is there no end to the greed? Geez, it’s like they WANT people to stay home.

    The end of greed.

  38. MadameX says:

    Went to Knott’s Berry Farm in California a couple of weeks ago and they don’t allow any loose objects on the rollercoasters anymore, either (including purses, hats, sunglasses and cameras). But–they have the cubbies before you get on the ride for free.

    And yeah, it might not be a good idea to take your purse on a rollercoaster but I’ve always done it. I just wrap the strap around my legs a bit and hold it between my feet. I’ve never dropped one yet.

    Knowing this, next time I will leave mine in the car. I’d rather not take the chance of it being stolen by someone exiting the car in front of me.

  39. speedwell (propagandist and secular snarkist) says:

    So, everyone goes back and puts their purses in the trunk? Wow, one hoodlum with a crowbar can start at the end of each parking row and clean up while nobody’s looking. Because, naturally, Six Flags disclaims responsibility for your parked vehicle, right?

  40. theblackdog says:

    To those bitching about the price of admission, if you watch the websites for a park during the off season, they will (almost) always run a special to get a season pass for the price of a 1 day admission. With some chains your pass will be good at other parks as well.

    I buy a season pass and parking to Six Flags for $100 during the off season, and I get access to any one in the country. I have already paid for my pass by visiting 3 different Six Flags parks and I didn’t have to pay for admission or parking at any of them :-D

  41. He says:

    @Dead Wrestlers Society: Busch Gardens also has little wooden cubby holes for your stuff next to the rides so you can just dump it there while you ride and pick it up without paying for a locker. It’s a good idea if you have sunblock or bottles of water in your bag that you’re going to need throughout the day.

    @jerros: They’re not talking about riding with their crap. That’s obviously stupid. They’re talking about not being allowed to toss it on the ground next to the coaster’s launch point while you ride.

    @rbb: Good question. I’m also curious.

  42. Ruthven says:

    This reminded me of the stupidity I faced the last time I went to Great Adventure. They weren’t after money, just stupid policy … they wouldn’t let me wear my glasses on the roller coaster (forget which ride exactly it was).

    I suppose they were afraid I’d lose them, but come on … what’s the point of riding a coaster with a blurry view?

  43. marsneedsrabbits says:

    What do you think of this policy?

    A day at the amusement park is expensive enough, and they charge too much for too little already. I’d like to say that we won’t go to Six Flags anymore, but we stopped a few years ago, so this doesn’t change much.

    We don’t go to Elitch Gardens anymore for a number of reasons; the park was always dirty, the employees were rude, and as of last year, they are not welcoming to families with small kids (there was a news report of one of their security guards harassing a woman nursing a baby last year in direct violation of state law) []

    We started going to WaterWorld a couple of years ago, and like it a lot better. They are happy if you bring coolers, as long as there is no glass, even though they sell food; their food is fairly priced if you get it there. They’re friendly and helpful. They rent lockers for a few dollars and if you return the key, you get part of it back. The park is clean and well-run.

    Lakeside Park in Denver is awesome, too. The prices are lots lower and again, they are nicer, cleaner, and friendlier. []

  44. That’s terrible, I’ve never seen that at a Six flags before. At kings Island in Ohio, there are lockers in the front of the park and a shelf at each ride where you can just leave your stuff. When I was younger, I used to go there all the time and never had anything stolen.

  45. EyeHeartPie says:

    I just wear cargo pants/shorts, and bring ziploc bags for my phone and wallet for water rides.

  46. xamarshahx says:

    thats so dumb, before they let you leave bags on the side at your own risk and it should be the same way. six flags has been nickel and diming more and more every year. they even charge obnoxious amounts of money for water bottles. last time i was there i went on the safari and their animals looked like they were all on their last death beds, at least disney world keeps the park looking good for the amount of money they charge.

  47. The Porkchop Express says:

    a few things on taking your bag on a roller coaster:
    1. does it go upside down
    2. will your bag fit under the harness without causing a problem
    a. did you or have you ever built a roller coaster
    b. do you know for a fact the bag won’t make the ride unsafe in the least
    3. what the hell do you need to lug around a park all day.

    now what should the park do? give the lockers to you for free for a certain amount of time and then charge. they do this at universal or at least they did last time i was there.

  48. @TheAlphateam: @Imaginary_Friend: @Tgg: @Ruthven: I think this makes perfect sense. It disuades people from bringing things on. This stops them from having to put an employee at risk or shut down the ride b/c some idiot lost the only set of keys to their house or car. You don’t HAVE to bring all of your crap to the park. I try to limit what I bring just to speed up the security checkpoint.

  49. kborer22 says:

    yea it sucks, but it by far the best theme park on the east coast/mid atlantic, and not to mention they cut the price of a ticket, last year it was like $65, now only $40 online?! well sounds like if your bad at planning what you need to bring with you, then the $15 is not a huge deal. Not to mention they are pretty lax on bringing food and water in backbacks into the park. Your have to be prepared to spend some money when your at these types of places, if an extra $15 is a deal breaker, maybe you should not go…

  50. xamarshahx says:

    to add on to my earlier rant, i can understand them taking food out of bags for business reasons, but essentials like sunscreen, cameras, etc come with you and it sucks to have to stow stuff in the car.

  51. AaronZ says:

    Hi! I’m the OP, I’ll answer a few things:

    Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey.

    This didn’t “ruin my day”, but it was really annoying.

    My GF has carried a small purse with her on rides at a dozen parks for the last 8 years, no problem. And no safety risk. We’re talking something that’s maybe the size of a 1 qt zip-lock.
    The fee-per-ride thing is brand new to us.
    They used to have cubby holes at all the rides, and it was at your own risk. So I’d stow the camera in my pocket and risk the eye glasses and sunblock being stolen.
    This was just nickle-and-dime annoying.

  52. @Lo-Pan: Agreed. I would love to see the bruise/damage to your insides after the G’s slam your body into the padded immobile harness which is blocked by your pointy keys in your purse.

  53. The Porkchop Express says:

    @Tightlines: those signs never work, people would still bitch and moan that the poor bastard that works the ride didn’t watch thier stuff.

    it would be nice if it did work, but it wouldn’t.

  54. Mom2Talavera says:

    No matter what the park Disney world,Six Flags, Busch Gardens..ect There will ALWAYS be local people that buy season passes to these parks just to troll the parks pray on and steal from tourists.

    At Disney world My Olympus SLR camera was on me at all times. Even when I went on water rides I wrapped it up in two hefty trash bags! lol

    Even though there is a “stroller parking” attendant….they don’t really watch your stuff.

  55. DeeJayQueue says:

    for one thing, most parks have a central area where you can rent a locker all day. It might cost a few bucks, but it’s all day. You go up to the cashier and they give you a key. It’s yours till you give it back. The more centrally located you can get, the easier it will be to access that extra stuff in case you need it. King’s Dominion has those in the main park as well as the water park for changing clothes, etc.

    For all we know, Six Flags might have had a big problem with employees or other ridegoers pilfering cameras, flip-flops, Oakleys, and giant stuffed animals from the bins, so they had to get rid of them. Not to mention that the ride takes longer to fill up and get out of the station because everyone’s got to deal with all their cargo AFTER waiting with it in line for 30 minutes.

    I don’t think they should charge for the stationside lockers, but I’ve seen them even at Dorney Park for the log flume and river rapids rides because they won’t let you anywhere near it with bags or other detritus that you don’t want to lose.

  56. AaronZ says:

    @Lo-Pan: “b. do you know for a fact the bag won’t make the ride unsafe in the least
    3. what the hell do you need to lug around a park all day.”

    1 – On the Dark Knight, yes I know for a FACT that you could carry an open dufflebag full of hammers on the ride and it not be unsafe. There was ONE small dip on the whole ride. It was a joke.

    3 – As stated in the original article (reading is fundamental!) eyeglasses, dramamine, sunblock and our hats (to stow them while riding.) Nothing we *needed* but stuff that was intended to make our day more enjoyable – which was the point.

  57. atrixe says:

    I wonder if this policy applies to fanny packs.

  58. girly says:

    what’s to stop you from stowing at one ride, going around, and then coming back after you are done with all of the rides?

  59. The Porkchop Express says:

    @Shadowfire: WDW and WDL have rides that are a bit more tame than this

    @jchabotte: that guy
    (and this is from friends who have worked these gigs) isn’t watching your shit. he doesn’t care about it. and god forbid some hottie gets on the ride, then he really won’t watch your shit.

    one of my friends did in fact watch some guys stuff once, it was the guys prosthetic leg though. that is a bit different than a bag. the guy can’t really put it in a locker, he needs it, and i don’t think it would be a good idea to take it on a coaster.

  60. Binaryslyder says:

    Add this to the many reasons why I don’t go to Six Flags anymore. The staff there are rude and pushy, the food is uber expensive (and petty lousy to boot) and the lines are always long because half the rides (at least at the water park) are closed for no apparent reason.

    As an aside, I recall the batman ride a few years ago the last time I went to the park. They had cubby’s where you could keep your stuff. Atop it was a giant sign that said, “six flags not responsible for lost/stolen items,” I’d rather take my chances than be FORCED to pay $1 for walking around with my bag.

  61. AaronZ says:

    “I wonder if this policy applies to fanny packs.”

    Yes. Anything external to your clothing was the enforcement I saw.

    “what’s to stop you from stowing at one ride, going around, and then coming back after you are done with all of the rides?”

    After 2 hours, your stuff will be tossed (or so the sign says.) Considering some rides have 30 – 60 minute waits, you’re taking your chances on even 2 rides under 1 locker.

  62. Thunderpants says:

    @atrixe: I think the fanny pack industry might be behind this!

    @rockergal: Right on with Knoebel’s! My favorite!

  63. SkiAliG says:

    Great Adventure is overrated anyway and has been nickle and diming people for years.

    Hershey Park is a better place to go, hands down.

  64. LostAngeles says:

    @jerros: At your feet, of course. Wrap a strap around your ankle, hold it between your ankles, or put your feet on it, either way, it tends to be ok there. If your bag is well-closed, then you don’t have to worry about anything flying out.

    Now, true, this doesn’t work on coasters where you hang free (but then those would need a cubbyhole/locker), but it does work on most coasters.

  65. The Porkchop Express says:

    @AaronZ: yeah I read it. need was the word there. how often do you take the dramamime? sunblock works for several hours, and the hats and glasses. well you got me there, sorry on that.

    side note: i think the fact that the bag or other things could get stuck in the wheels or other important parts if it fell may come into play too. ever seen those people get stuck upside down for hours?

  66. Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg says:

    @Dead Wrestlers Society: There were several lockers that still had the keys in them, but when I opened them up, someone’s stuff was inside. A good way to save $1, maybe at the expensive of having your stuff stolen.

    Sounds like a money making opportunity to me – put in a dollar, take the key. When the owners come to pick up their stuff, offer to sell them the key for 5 dollars.

  67. bravo369 says:

    I don’t see what the big deal is. Why do you need that much stuff anyway? I only see it as a big deal if they make you do this on ALL rides including the ferris wheel, bumper cars etc. What could you possibly be carrying around or want to carry around all day that doesn’t fit in your pockets? It makes sense too from a theft perspective but also from just a waiting perspective. The lines for some new coasters can be over an hour. under the old way, there were always people who walk through the coaster to put stuff by the exit before attempting to get themselves situated in the seat. it probably adds a good amount of wait time to the line.

  68. @TinyBug: LOL. Or I could open up my own eBay hot merchandise store.

  69. LostAngeles says:

    @Lo-Pan: Rock’n’Roller Coaster at WDW has loops and my small bag was not a problem. It could be that the ride has a place inside the car to stow your goods (but I may be thinking of Indiana Jones/Dinosaur). Still, considering the speeds it’s going at, the forces should be sufficient to keep the bag where it is, much like the forces are keeping you where you are. Also, if the bag is at your feet like I mentioned in my last post, you’re keeping the bag where it is.

    …having said that, I won’t go on a coaster with loops without a shoulder harness. Not for any rational reason, but because I’m a pussy.

  70. Scuba Steve says:

    Sounds like a huge scam.

  71. katarn says:

    Sea World Orlando does the same thing, but the lockers are $0.50. I carry a bag when I go to the parks to carry whatever I need like aspirin, my refillable cup (saves alot of money if you go to parks a few times a year), sunscreen, digital camera, etc.

    The only time the lockers have ever annoyed me was when they took my money and I couldn’t get the key loose.

  72. The Porkchop Express says:

    @LostAngeles: forgot about rockin’.

    actually haven’t had the chance yet (sad because i live pretty close). Is it good?

  73. pgh9fan says:

    Kennywood Park in Pittsburgh, PA charges $.50 for an all-day locker.

  74. valthun says:

    Universal Hollywood has the lockers on only one attraction, The Mummy, however they are free for 1 hour, and they are bio-locked with your fingerprint. No money or card is required until you go past that magical hour mark. That is a much better system in my opinion.

  75. chrylis says:

    @Propaniac: Those common-area lockers would only be a better deal if you could ride more than 9 rides a day. With the lines last time I was there, $1 per ride is pretty close.

  76. coan_net says:

    I think the park would be better to have more all day rentals (around the park) that people could use all day, then to have temporary rentals at each coaster.

    But I do understand the need to make sure people stop bringing extra things on with them on coasters – I once got hit in the head with a flying hat from someone else on the coaster – luckily it was just a hat and it did not hurt me – but something like sunglasses hitting your eye just right, or something like a bottle or camera could do some real damage going 50+ MPH on the rides….. and like someone else said, it would most likely be the park being sued and not the person who lost the item.

    …. and I would much rather have the attendants watching the ride then watching over what is in those little cubbey holes where you can quickly stash your stuff… and hope that someone does not grab it as you are on the ride (which would be simple enough).

    Anyway, my opinion – offer more all-day lockers. Charge $20 to get a locker – then at the end of the day when you return the key, you get $10-$15 back.

  77. Caveat says:

    I would much rather have the stuffed checked in than be whacked on the head by someone’s junk flying loose while the roller coaster is spinning. Most 6 Flags have regular lockers for personal stuff. Use those while going on the heavy duty rides and drink your bottle when you buy it. You should be used to putting up with no water thanks to TSA by now.

  78. any such name says:

    anyone know what’s happening at cedar point?
    when i went last year to ride the maverick there were signs saying i had to remove my earrings. whaaa….?

  79. motojen says:

    A buck a ride is ridiculous. Just use the rental lockers at the entrance to the park. Of course that means you’ll actually have to walk back to the lockers when you want to access the ten pounds of stuff you brought with you in an attempt to avoid buying overpriced crap inside the park. The minute you paid the entrance fee so you could stand in line and sweat for an hour plus per ride you got screwed so you might as well go with it.

  80. Brownmonkey says:

    Universal Studios Hollywood does something like this too for it’s Mummy rollercoaster ride. Except their lockers uses a fingerprint system with a time limit of an hour, but it’s free!

  81. morganlh85 says:

    This happened to us on whatever ride they had opened up last year. Except we had already waited in line for about half an hour before we reached the actual “entrance” of the ride. The attendant let us know we had to put our bags away. I asked if we could get back into our place in line after stowing our bags and he said no! I had waited in line for half an hour for NOTHING. I was beyond pissed.

  82. Imaginary_Friend says:

    @vliam: Touché.

    @Git Em SteveDave’s G3 hearts a certain MBP: I don’t have a problem with the “no bags on the rides” part; I do, however, think it’s tacky and ridiculous to charge your customers $1.00 per ride to stow their bags. Even Disneyland — the king of crass commercialism — has little mesh pouches on the rides for storing stuff.

  83. bravo369 says:

    Unless it changed this year, six flags in NJ had lockers right at the entrance where you could put stuff and i’m pretty sure it lasted all day. If those still exist then i think this is a nonissue. just use those if you don’t want to pay for the ones at the ride.

  84. morganlh85 says:

    @pgh9fan: woot for Kennywood! It will always be my favorite.

  85. rysar says:

    I’ll speak up for Knoebels as well… great park, and..

    Golden Ticket Awards:
    Voted best park food like 8 years in a row now.
    2nd favorite park
    3rd friendliest park staff
    2nd best dark ride
    4th best Halloween event

    The last time I went, I spent more in food than tickets to ride… mmmm I love that white broccoli pizza from Ceasari’s.

  86. mzhartz says:

    To all the “what do you need to carry with you” questions:

    The first thing that comes to mind for me is an epi-pen. Something that has to be in reach, that can’t be stored in a locker or trunk all day. It’s a bit too big to carry in a pocket. What if someone who’s severely allergic gets stung by a bee? Or someone who has food allergies can have an anaphylactic reaction triggered by adrenalin and not even know they were susceptible to it.

    Sure, for some people carrying a bag is a convenience, but for other people, it’s a necessity.

  87. SpdRacer says:

    @marsneedsrabbits: Shouldn’t be bring goats to the park anyways.

  88. speedwell (propagandist and secular snarkist) says:

    @morganlh85: Kennywood! Wow, takes me back… 35 years, padawans :)

  89. Garfunkle says:


    Q: What could you possibly be carrying around or want to carry around all day that doesn’t fit in your pockets?

    A: EpiPen (and no, they DON’T fit in my pockets). Do I win anything?

  90. mikelotus says:

    there is a new owner in town and he is there expecting to turn things around and make money. he will most likely succeed.

  91. Triterion says:

    They did this to us at Magic Mountain, but only on the Tatsu for some reason! All the other rides let you put your bag in a “free” cubby right before you get on the ride… it’s not like we had bars of solid gold in there! just fruit and granola bars. It’s just a greedy policy to get an extra dollar from people.

  92. krunk4ever says:

    @pmathews: yah. that’s what i recall the last time I went to a six flags. the charge was so some prankster doesn’t just go and lock up all the lockers. when we return the key to the locker, the money would come back out for us.

  93. MadameX says:

    @mzhartz: No kidding. People are awfully judgmental about other peoples’ needs without knowing anything about them.

    I don’t and would not carry a large bag of crap to an amusement park, but very few things fit into the pockets of typical women’s clothing.

    I won’t bother to go into some of the things that women need to carry (ahem!) that don’t fit into your pockets and wouldn’t work out very well if they got wet on a ride, anyway.

  94. Ruthven says:

    @Git Em SteveDave’s G3 hearts a certain MBP: I wasn’t trying to bring anything on the ride. I’m talking about my glasses. On my face. So I can see. And they confiscated them.

    What puts them more at risk? The odds of my glasses falling off my face and somehow “damaging” the ride, or me tripping trying to get off the ride because I can’t see?

  95. celloperson says:

    ugh, i had to deal with this last monday at great adventure. i ended up stashing my purse in the lockers for the full 2 hours in one area… doign all the stuff in that area, then moving on to the next one (it was a slow day there). it’s absolutely RETARDED that you cant bring your crap on some of those rides. FYI, dark knight WAS the most retarded thing i’ve ever been on :(

  96. TangDrinker says:

    For those of you wondering why you need these cubbies – if you wear glasses or a hat – you need to take them off before riding coasters. I can’t fit a hat in my pocket, and I’m not going to pay to store it. Many people take off their flip flops, too, especially if it’s a coaster with lots of inversions.

    I’ve been to most of the Paramount parks (King’s Island, King’s Dominion, Carowinds) multiple times and have never had anything stolen from the cubby. I really hope they haven’t started this trend this year.

  97. molin says:

    I wonder if this applies to my refillable cup, can I leave that at the load/unload area or am I supposed to get a locker for it?

  98. Tankueray says:

    I went to Six Flags over Texas a few weeks ago and there was only one ride that had the lockers in front of it. All the others you put your stuff in the bin and hope it doesn’t get stolen. Once I was at Astroworld and they wouldn’t let me ride the roller coaster because I had earrings in the top of my ear. I couldn’t take them out without pliers. I threw a fit, said, “I don’t care if I walk off this ride looking like Evander Holyfield, just let me ride the damn ride!” (This was right after the ear biting incident) Security escorted me out. Had I not pulled my hair up, they never would have noticed. And there were all kinds of people wearing belly, eyebrow, and nose rings on the ride. And I used to work at Disney and Sea World, there are not “attendants” watching your shit at the stroller parking. We had at least one guest a day claiming that they lost an expensive video camera because they “thought people were honest”. If that happens to you, they take your name and put it on a list, if you ever “lose” something again they’ll say “tough shit”. You can get banned from the park for “gift seeking” too much.

  99. Coaster enthusiast here.

    I wholly support Six Flags in this policy, and they are not the only ones to implement something like this. Cedar Fair, the world’s third largest amusement company also has a policy like this. Plain and simple, it’s for the safety of everyone on the rides. I’ve been hit twice by objects that people have snuck on the rides. One, a disposable camera, and two a small fanny pack. Those little things hurt at 30+ miles per hour.

    Now, in terms of evilness, Six Flags is much worse than Cedar Fair. CF provides bins on the exit side of the stations on most of it’s coasters where you may set your belongings somewhat securely while you are on the ride. They’re open and closed by the ride operators. Only on the rides which have a loading system that prevents this do they enforce a locker policy. And, what can I say? They’re a business, they need to make money.

    Oh, and the bottle of water? No outside food or drink, read the policies before you go to the park.

  100. Tankueray says:

    Oh, and when we went to Six Flags, we got the “flash pass”. Totally worth the extra $60 to get on rides in less than 5 minutes. Even with it we spent 8 hours there, but rode everything but Mr. Freeze. Mom wouldn’t let me after I nearly passed out on Titan and Batman. Okay, I’m way older than that sounds, and yes, my mother still rides roller coasters. We had to wait in line for more than an hour twice to get refills on our souvenir cups, forget food. We just went to the Trail Dust Steakhouse afterwards.

  101. The lockers make sense, because it only takes one person getting injured due to a bag/purse or someone’s stuff getting stolen to prompt a lawsuit/PR disaster. However, the $1 per use is bullshit. Make them free for 15-20 mins, then charge for overtime. These parks make scads of money on parking, admission, food. These fee lockers are just greed.

  102. MercuryPDX says:

    It’s a safety issue. Your small bag at the top of the loop can become someone’s severe concussion at the bottom of the loop.

    The park should provide “all day” lockers at the entrance.

  103. joleta says:

    I think I’ll just pull my t-shirt over my fanny pack (in front, of course, and will only work for a woman).

  104. VikingP77 says:

    When I went to Busch Gardens Tampa a few years back they had those lockers in front of the rides. However they were like a quarter to use. They did not ban bags but the lockers were helpful to have for things like my purse. The difference between this and Busch is Busch seemed to be helpful in this way. Six Flags just sounds like they are trying to rip you off!

  105. Scam? Scam?

    Yes, it is a greedy, money grubbing attempt to extract the consumer from their hard earn bucks, but in now shape or form is this a scam. The purpose of the lockers is for the security and safety of the patrons on the ammusement park rides. It is a legal charge that is OPTIONAL as you could always opt to have your mommy hold your bags and purse while you are on the rides (or leave the bags in your car or any other option that you may decide upon).

    Now, if I was a decent ammusement park operator I would provide NO COST lockers to my patrons. Alas, I am not an ammusement park operator, must less a decent ammusement park operator. Maybe I should buy an ammusement park and run it properly.

    Bottom line, this charge is not a scam. Let’s leave that word for the really scummy crap that we face each and every day.

  106. @AaronZ: I won’t go on El Toro ever again. I’m afraid of coasters as it is, but I went on to try it. About 15 feet from the top of the start of the ride, we stopped. At a 45 degree angle. After a few minutes, a kid started up the stairs to tell us what was happening. I was just there blubbering and repeating “I WANT TO GET OFF”. It turns out some idiot pressed on the bar in the station, and it shut the ride down. He stayed up there with us till we started again. Of course he failed to mention that the ride falls 1-2 feet before it starts moving again. It ruined the whole ride for me, and it was horrible. I did go to Guest Relations afterwards and made a point not to complain, but to commend the guy for hiking up to us. They offered us free passes and stuff, but since I had a Season Pass, I said forget it, give the kid something nice instead.

  107. ludwigk says:

    @steveliv: when I was in korea, a shopping center had a similar scheme. They had lockers for about the equivalent of 55 cents that would lock for 2 hours. When you put your coin in, the key released and the timer started. When you replaced the key, you got your coin and stuff back. The coin was more of a key deposit.

  108. Sunshine69 says:

    the fact that they prevent you from bringing in bottles of water pisses me off even more than the locker thing.

  109. snakeskin33 says:

    I agree that the solution is more common-area lockers, and I also agree that the charge seems excessive. But the fact that they won’t let you carry things on with the “hey, I’ve taken my purse on lots of rides with the strap around my leg before, and it’s never knocked anyone’s teeth out yet” theory.

    Because if they allow that, the next post will be called “Great Adventure Doesn’t Care That Your Front Teeth Were Knocked Out,” and it will explain how they let the guy in front of you carry his sunscreen on the ride, and your front tooth was cracked, and they wouldn’t launch a full-scale investigation to find out who had the sunscreen, nor would they reimburse you for your cracked tooth.

    Unfortunately, a lot of people who think THEY are qualified to decide what they can wrap around their legs would expect Great Adventure to be responsible if someone ELSE made the wrong decision about what to wrap around his legs. (“Mine was a large purse; they let this other guy on with a BACKPACK!”) Because the odds are, you’re not proving in court whose sunscreen it was that hit you, and you’re not going to want to pay the bill yourself, so you (and here, I do not mean YOU, I mean “many riders”) are going to sue the park.

    It’s less hassle for them to just not allow any loose items on the ride that could go flying.

  110. mr.dandy says:

    Disneyland is surprisingly good about this kind of stuff. All of the major rides have stowage nets built into the seat in front of you, or under the seat. The net has an elastic band at the top so that it stays closed and things don’t fall out. Also I never have a problem bringing in a water bottle, they never say anything, I don’t even have to sneak them in.

  111. juniper says:

    What Six Flags is this, and can anyone verify if this is a company-wide policy?

  112. halo969 says:

    @Ruthven: LOL! I close my eyes on those coaster anyway so it makes no difference to me. Six Flags is a rip-off anyway.

    @valthun: Oh yes, I used those lockers at the Mummy ride. Wish I hadn’t ever ridden it at all, though! I should have known when I couldn’t bring a bag with me that it was going to be intense.

  113. The_AntiVirus says:


    Agreed, I don’t think you should have to pay a dollar for every ride. I like the idea of keeping you stuff safe but I really don’t see why anyone would be willing to spend that extra dollar on every ride. Just have an all day locker at the front of the park and everyone, or mostly everyone, will be happy.

    Besides, I don’t want to be hit in the head by someone else’s camcorder or worse, Final Destination 3.

  114. whereismyrobot says:

    Who brings their purse to Six Flags? It is pretty standard that you can’t bring loose objects on roller coasters.

  115. skahead says:

    The Fanny pack is going to come back in fashion! .. I’ve been building fanny pack hybrid “Coaster packs” for this very purpose.

  116. SayAhh says:

    That’s it! I’m swearing off theme parks from now on! This is getting ridiculous! I say, if you’re going to make lockers mandatory, then you must provide them free of charge.

  117. idril says:

    The Six Flags in Mass. has this on at least one of the coaster we went on. Mind Eraser. I don’t know about the Superman or Batman. People in their right mind wouldn’t bring stuff on the coasters so that is not the issue. The sign had said something about no bags, purses, cell phones or cameras. The bottled water is $3.50. Just buy one and refill it the rest of the day. The soda is 3.00, Gatorade is =/- 4.00. A sandwich with some gross fries is 9.00.
    For two adults and two kids to eat was $55/ for one meal.
    You wait in line for the bathroom, wait in line for tickets, wait in line for the security gate, if it’s a real busy day wait in line for the flash pass so you don’t have to wait 45 min for a coaster ride. So to charge $1 for lockers at the coasters, oh and you have to wait in line for a locker too.

  118. cerealfan says:

    How about this for a great system:

    There is one set of cubbys for each “train” on a roller coaster, and they’re behind giant doors. An attendant opens up the one for the train that’s boarding/departing, and then closes it when the train leaves, opening up the door for the cubbys of the next train.

    It’s at Hershey Park. And it’s free.

  119. Well, that kills any urge to go back to Great Adventure.

  120. Jesse in Japan says:

    The last thing they want is somebody’s bag flying off the ride and hitting somebody on the ground (lawsuit). However, the lockers should be free of charge.

  121. Lambasted says:

    @Imaginary_Friend: Well said.

    Please!! This is about money not safety. Wherever people put their bags all the years prior to implementing this system worked just fine. I have never heard of a purse or bag flying through the air hitting someone. But I have heard of people getting killed on their malfunctioning rides. Incidents at Six Flags Parks

    Six Flags needs to focus on keeping rides repaired so they can stop killing people instead of snaking pocket change from patrons who already broke the bank paying for overpriced parking, admission, and concessions.

    Six Flags can kiss my money goodbye. I am tired of having to bend over and take it every time a company wants to kick me in it.

  122. MadMatter77 says:

    I just went to Universal Studios & Islands of Adventure in Orlando, FL. Some lockers are now only free for 30min to 60 min. then you pay up from there, others are $2.00 for the first hour & up (like Jurassic Park).

  123. LostAngeles says:

    @Lo-Pan: I haven’t been in years, but it’s pretty fun. It’s all neon and loud and fast, but shorter than it should be.

  124. vobilli says:

    I was going to vent my frustration here with my Six Flags locker story, but I’ll just sum it up and save you 10 minutes.

    My husband and I wasted money on two travel cups which ended up in the trash due to the new storage options, two flash passes, and two season passes. Until Six Flags replaces the free cubby holes on the appropriate rides (I can understand them wanting to remove the Mr. Freeze baskets, they *may* have been unsafe), we will not be returning.

  125. fjordtjie says:

    the answer to the problem?


    it’s horrible, i know, but i doubt they’d demand it be put in a locker.

  126. @cerealfan:

    Cedar Point employs this system on the roller coasters and major thrill rides that can take advantage of it. Roller coasters like Top Thrill Dragster and Millennium Force cannot because you do not exit the roller coaster where you enter.

    They do offer all-day lockers at the front of the park, which you may enter an unlimited amount of times throughout the day. Naturally, they also offer dollar lockers at the entrances of those two rides, you know, just in case you forget.

  127. any such name says:

    @cedarpointfan: not true, cedar fair does not exactly have a policy like this. they started doing the bin crap for some of the newer rides recently, but in its first year you could still wear glasses on the top thrill dragster as long as you had one of those dorky straps. i can turn cartwheels in my glasses and they don’t fall off, i don’t see how g forces holding them down is going to make them magically fly off.

  128. ldavis480 says:

    We went to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in Vallejo, CA this weekend and all I can say is “Oh my God, what a crappy place”. After waiting in two lines for rollercoasters each one broke down just before our turns came. Also, I’m sick to death of these “flash pass” people paying more and cutting into the line before you. I’m not saying they don’t have the right to do this, just that I will be voting with my dollars and staying away from Six Flags parks here on.

    Oh, and I almost forgot, food and merchandise there is ridiculously expensive, even more than what I’ve paid at Disneyland. Also, they start to close down rides and exhibits more than an hour before park closing. What a rip off. No wonder they’re having discounted tickets lately, the place even worth the $29.99 kids fare though.

  129. coold8 says:

    This is old news, six flags has become even more capitalist than they were last year, with crap theming for a new ride, and “on-line” entertainment involving advertisements (plasma screens with six flags commercials, six flags roller coasters etc. on them). You know it is bad when someone can buy $250 in souvenirs from a ride like dark knight, if someone of course wanted to. This is the last year for my season pass…. and I mean it this time, after 18 years at six flags great adventure.

  130. thesabre says:

    Wow. I’m shocked to see people discussing Knoebels on the Consumerist. Having grown up about 5 minutes away, I must say that as a kid, I was spoiled. I remember my first trip to a big park and I was shocked to learn that I had to pay for parking, and for admission, and $8.00 for a cheeseburger.

    Why doesn’t Six Flags just have all-day lockers? 2-hour time limits and per-ride storage are ridiculous.

  131. quail says:

    @AaronZ: Anything external to your clothing, huh? I wonder what the policy would be towards a camera/safari vest?

    As an eyeglass and baseball hat wearer that would get annoying fast, having to put things in and out of a locker all of the time. Guess I’ll need to wheel grandma out of the nursing home for our trip. She can sit on the benches and hold our family’s crap for us.

  132. freejazz38 says:

    SIX FLAGS, MORE FLAGS, MORE RIPOFFS!!!!!!! I can see that little slant now!

  133. KitBrookline says:

    i was at a six flags theme park last month (May ’08). when my girlfriend was stowing away her bag in the 1$ lockers we both see a park employee stuffing a large garbage bag with other peoples personal belongings that they’ve left on top of the lockers. then he carries them off. i seriously thought he was going to dump them in a garbage bin.

  134. synergy says:

    F***! I’m tired of everyone and their mother now using “security” as an excuse for every damn thing! Yet one more piece of s*** move to squeeze money out of people. There’s a reason I don’t go to “amusement” parks!

  135. AlvinWadger says:

    I forgot which park it was (though I think it was either Dorney Park
    or Hershey Park) but the ride had two cars and two sets of cubbies.
    One row was blue, the other was yellow.
    When people in the first car were getting out, only their row of
    cubbies would be opened.
    When the second car was getting out, the first section of cubbies were
    locked so no one could steal the peoples’ stuff while they were on the

    I think Nitro had something like this but it wasn’t locked. I know
    Dorney Park in Pennsylvania had this but instead of cubbies it had
    large bins for the entire car, but they did lock.
    Maybe it’s hershey park I’m thinking of?

    Anyhow, I think the problem is that people just don’t want to be
    charged any more money. I think it is a valid argument that the ride
    attendants should NOT be responsible for the riders’ gear. I’m sure
    you could ask one to hold your backpack, but he’s not paid to babysit
    your stuff, so don’t get all pissy when he says no.
    However, charging $1 per ride (Even if it’s only a dollar, which I’m
    sure the bigwigs at Six Flags will tell you is no big deal) is
    outrageous and unnecessary.

  136. NadaCoppard says:

    It isn’t surprising how many howls of unfair, rip-off, scam, etc. are found here given the site is “” and we are all here for the same reason. But these days its clear that companies are in business to make money. Now they have a new way. The ride operators aren’t paid enough to care. I don’t expect them to. I’ll bet there has already been some sort of problem of this sort and this is the result after the final straw broke the camel’s back. Hmmm…. Anyhow, bringing suff on rides is a bad idea regardless.
    Did someone mention the parking lot? The parking lot at Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, NJ hasn’t been paved in decades from the looks of it … well now they have that premium parking area that I think that is repaved … but the rest of it is pot-hole city. We’ve given up waiting for them to fix it. Its a shame that the season pass-holder back-entrance was taken out to build Kinda-Ka (yuk) there. FWIW, we just got our 2008 passes last month – we’re suckers. Didn’t spend long in the park so this is news to us. But it isn’t a surprise. The lockers in front are too far away to keep going to them … its been nearly a decade since we used them. The Disney FastPass is free at WDW but I’d never pay for the Six Flags FlashPass (formerly SpeedPass w/ Speedy Gonzales I think). That feels too much like being pick-pocketed. And that brings me to my solution:
    Check out for: Women’s Mid-Rise Cuffed Bermudas (11″)
    And at Misses Columbia Sportswear Trail Point Sleeveless Top
    Our season passes could go in a Fossil change purse or in the buttoned shirt pocket. The change purse can also hold some cash and ATM/debit card or credit card, plus it has a keychain where a spare key resides so carrying the full set of keys is not needed. The Old Navy shorts pockets have buttons on both the front and the back. No need to cary a purse or any sort of bag – let alone the dreaded fanny pack. Our sun block is that small tube that has a hook attached to it so it clips on the belt loops. The best part is that neither Six Flags nor anyone else has an easy time picking the pockets, both figuratively and literally. Have some similar clothing items used in past years. Maybe zippers will be in fashion next year, who knows, but the buttons work well. Don’t trust velcro. So this new money grab attempt by Six Flags isn’t likely to affect us, luckily.

  137. RvLeshrac says:

    Welp, you can leave your stuff at the ride entrance under the big “Not responsible…” sign, but then someone inevitably blames some employee for the theft of their stuff, causing a huge so that’s out.

    You can take your stuff on the ride, but some jackass inevitably throws something off the ride and kills or severely injures someone, which gets the park sued by the deceased’s family as well as the person who threw the item, so that’s out.

    The Six Flags solution? Lower ticket prices by $1*(Average Number of Rides) [You figure 30 minutes a ride for line/embarkment/time on the ride/disembarkment, that’s around 5 hours, an hour for lunch, and the other non-ride amusements, that accounts for most of a day], then charge $1 at each ride for locker rental, and turn away individuals who are carrying items with them.

    Lowers the legal liability, and likely isn’t costing you more. As a side-effect, the lines for rides are shorter, and you’re not going to have your crap stolen.

  138. farker says:


    Dumb. Why can’t Six Flags have the locked bins method instead of the nickel-and-dime method?

    Say Six Flags Fiesta Texas (in San Antonio) admission is $32 if you pay online.

    I think one could easily spend $100 per person on snacks and drinks if they didn’t bring some food along. I would much rather have them charge a realistic price for admission and then have reasonable prices for food (and bring back the free lockers), instead of making people pay for overpriced crap. But of course, following this model, they would never trick people into showing up.

    Hope there is enough outcry to force Six Flags to change their mind in implementing this customer-unfriendly practice.

  139. Hadouken says:

    I second the Hershey Park idea. Great place, been about 3-4 times now myself.

    I like Cedar Pointe’s system. They have a cubby hole thing goin’ on, but it’s on a per train basis. So your stuff is safe because no one can get to it till your train comes back to the station. Great idea, IMO.

  140. delphi_ote says:

    Nickel and dime you once you’re in the gate. Classic amusement park bullshit.

  141. Swervo says:

    @the_wealth: Haven’t read the whole thread, but you’re right, lockers do get rid of a lot of issues that can come from people bringing things on the ride.

    On the other hand, when I went to Holiday World in Indiana, the lockers were free at each ride…

  142. Swervo says:

    @Git Em SteveDave’s G3 hearts a certain MBP: You have a season pass yet you’re afraid of coasters and don’t understand how the anti-rollbacks and the lift chain works? As is, I’ve never seen anti-rollbacks that are more than about 6 inches apart, much less two feet. You do realize that you being stopped on the lift hill means that the safety system is working absolutely the way it should and you’re in no danger? The safety systems are designed to stop at the slightest hint of a problem, which is precisely what the system did.

    Why do you have a season pass?

  143. Kali Mama says:

    Well I won’t mock my husband and his 600-pocket-pants anymore.

  144. whoareyou says:

    two words: large pockets

    My wife once lost her bag on Magnum at Cedar Point. Fortunately, staff found the bag and returned it. It was not a fun experience. I realize no one wants to pay $1 extra per ride. The park should just forewarn everyone about the policy rather than trying to cash in.

  145. thomas_callahan says:

    I understand the safety aspect of the situation, but why is there a fee for the lockers? If they’re going to require you to stow your bags, just have the lockers there without a fee! What, can they actually find a way to say that it costs them $1 each time somebody uses one? It’s not like you’re going to make off with their key or anything, your stuff is inside! A bank of lockers probably costs them a couple of thousand but they make that back in one busy day, then it’s pure profit.

    It’s one thing when there are pay lockers somewhere like a bus station where it’s a convenience and you’re not required to use them, but this is as bad as airlines charging for the first checked bag.

    What’s next, having to rent shoes inside the park? Pay for water fountains (or have they removed those already)? Extra fees if it’s a nice day?

    And don’t even get me started on the no outside food and drink policy. You should profit because you have something people want, not because you have them trapped.

    It’s policies like these that turn what should be a fun day out with the family into a couple-of-hundred dollar major expense that’s nothing but stressful for us as parents. It’s hard to enjoy a roller coaster when you’re worrying about how much you’re going to pay for lunch because you’re not allowed to brown-bag it (or how you’re going to find something that your peanut-allergic kid can have).

    I just hope the smaller places can stick around and maintain reasonable prices — I’m tired of paying so much to go to a place that does nothing but charge for everything once you’re in and is so big that we can’t see half of it anyway, what’s the point?

  146. kalmakazee says:

    This is the most ridiculous policy that I ever heard!!

    I only go to the Amusement Parks when there appears to be rainy weather. I know that know one else will show up and I will be able to go on all the rides and be outta there in an hour or 2. Usually the weather clears up by the time I get to the park. I have a better chance of the weather clearing up and nobody showing up then i have a chance going on a sunny day and hoping that no one else will show up to the Amusement Park and wait 2 hours to get onto a stupid ride.

  147. Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg says:


  148. adamcz says:

    The solution is to provide the lockers, and make them free. Raise the admission price by a couple dollars. Microtransactions make things not fun. This will cost them in future admissions more than it earns them today.

  149. pileofmonkeycrap says:

    I’d pay $1 to leave a bag of newly minted excrement in one of the lockers for two hours.

  150. Speak says:

    @MadameX: Second that. Even if I bring what I consider a minimum amount of stuff–wallet, keys, sunglasses, inhaler–most women’s pants don’t have usable pockets (not deep enough).

  151. darkryd says:

    You always have to stow bags. Who rides a roller coaster with a purse in their hands? Never happens.

    The One dollage fee is new, though.

  152. Jbball says:

    Stupid. Just nickle and diming us.

  153. MercuryPDX says:

    (Ponders if entering a comment is the secret to seeing page 2)

  154. jhuang says:

    I went to Six Flags on Friday, actually (Six Flags America in Maryland) and did indeed see those lockers that were about $1 each and wondered why in the hell anyone would ever use them. Though I think you aren’t supposed to bring your bags with you, I guess the attendants were nice.. everyone just threw their bags, etc. on the side where you get out, as always.

    And the security guys were surprisingly nice! I got to keep my water and they barely checked my bag for anything.

  155. MercuryPDX says:

    @pileofmonkeycrap: I don’t know what I find more disturbing….. the fact that you would do that, or the fact that you’d come back and pick it up after two hours… o_O

  156. The Great Aussie Evil says:

    @yetiwisdom: Soon they’ll have you check your pants.

  157. rushevents says:

    I actually see both sides of this issue.

    My first knee jerk reaction is that Six flags is simply looking for a way to gouge more $$ from your pockets – like the $50/ person admission and $4/ cokes ain’t enough already. (The rest of this thought would normally be a profannity laced venting)

    The other side is where my common sense begins to kick in. Why are you carrying a bag in the 95 degree day at six flags anyway? What is so damned important that you can’t live without it for 4-8 hours? – Cargo shorts and plastic baggies – that’s the ticket!

  158. alfundo says:

    KNOEBELS….Americas largest free admission park. They don’t nickel and dime you…free parking too. ninety minutes from Dorney. perfectly OK if you want to bring outside food in, however you wouldn’t want to miss out on the great food there.

  159. TheNerd says:

    I’ve had it with B-musement parks for a while now. Even during low-crowd season, it’s still a rip-off. National, State, and City parks are much more enjoyable, for a much more reasonable fee.

  160. The Porkchop Express says:

    @mzhartz: @Garfunkle: And if you lost it because the bag flew off the ride? hmmm. what then? it could fall off the ride and be broken by the following car or it could fall into some sort of water feature. So, locker sounds better still.

    @Ruthven: Glasses aside. other stuff hitting people would be much worse. and the glasses could probably do some damage. let’s not forget that some of these rides go over the walkway for everybody else (think kids, granny, or a baby).

    I would think you could do something else with glasses though.

  161. Nicholeigh says:

    They do this as Sea World San Antonio. My bf and I noticed that all the rides had lockers in front of them. I did not happen to notice if they had the signs about throwing out your stuff after a certain time limit though. I wonder what they will come up with next to gouge the customer. Pay per use potties?

  162. trujunglist says:

    That’s why someone out there invented pockets.

  163. LUV2CattleCall says:

    “We just went to Disney World for our honeymoon, and there was nothing like this. Guess we’re not going to six flags again any time soon”


    To be fair..the rides at Disney aren’t quite the same as the Six Flags ones..

  164. Bowildhax says:

    We were at Six Flags Great Adventure in NJ two weeks ago and saw this new policy. There were LARGE signs that indicated that no bags were allowed before you even got in line for the ride. Since I wasn’t riding, it wasn’t an issue and kept my friend’s purse. Yesterday I was at Hershey Park (The best park, by far) and at Great Bear and Fahrenheit a similar sign said to please leave your belongings with someone but there were places to leave your bags on the side in cubbies (great for those wearing flipflops that could come off when you are upside down) Hershey Park has amazing high tech lockers near the Boardwalk area that are $14 for a large and you have access all day. Great Adventure not nearly as well kept, clean or as nice as Hershey Park. However, I live 15 miles from GE, so we go there for a quick jaunt and then come home. I don’t recommend bringing anything to the park that you can’t carry in your pants pockets.

  165. jake.valentine says:

    Guess where our family won’t be visiting anytime soon?

    The news seems to report a lot about more and more people staying home for vacation or even just weekend entertainment. This is often blamed on a sliding economy or higher gas prices which is absolutely correct to an extent, but I believe people are just getting tired of being nickle and dimed in every aspect of life.

  166. Vanguarde says:

    Is it 1 buck to store your key, then another buck to store your key for your locker in another secure locker?

    ( Too dangerous to bring the key on the ride! you might throw it, or worse, lose it! oh my!)

  167. I was at Six Flags–err— Great Adventure and went on the Dark Knight (which btw SUCKS) and experienced this situation too. What ticks me off is that the poster says “bags” nd you’re thinking purses or something bulky. Nothing may be brought on line. No beverages (so you sweat in line w-o a way to quench your thirst), no food, no stuffed animals, and even if someone is coming with you but isn’t riding and they’ll hold your stuff for you, that’s out of the question too.

    NOTHING. may be brought in. If you can’t stick it in your pocket or a belly bag, forget it.

    I think its asinine.

    Now it does cut down on theft. It does make things go fster because loadxing and unloading of the cars is quicker because folks aren’t dropping off/picking up their stuff, but seriously… the prices to get in and the prices for food are ridiculous enough w-o charging me another $1 every time you go on a ride.

    So basically just bring a fanny pack and don’t play any games so you don’t have any prizes to carry around.

  168. VanceEleazar says:

    I think this is a great policy. I’m tired of having to wait in line longer
    because people are gathering their belongings everytime they get off. Hurry
    up dickheads! We don’t got all day! I’ve got coasters to ride!