Sprints' New Data Card Download Caps Producing Apoplexy In Customers

If Sprint’s goal was to appease their increasingly angry and increasingly departing customer base — adding 5GB per month data caps to their “unlimited” laptop data cards was not the best way to do it. People don’t like getting stuck with useless hardware. It makes them mad.

Here’s a highlight from our inbox. We think it captures the tone rather nicely:

These customer service people at Sprint are worthless, moronic, time suckers. I have never spend so much time trying to get bad customer service from a company. 6.5 hours last month, 6 hours this month. I hate Sprint. Should I tell you about how supervisor Donna [redacted]was supposed to call me back? One of Sprint’s little games to get customers with issues off the phone, tell them a supervisor wants to call them back. Hey DONNA it has been 48 hours, I am waiting for your call…

For those of you who’ll be canceling your data card contracts over this, and you appear to be legion, try the Sprint Consumerist Hotline: (703-433-4401).

(Photo: cmorran123 )

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