Last Chance To Vote For Companies In Tier 2 Bracket

You have 24 hours from when this post goes up to get your last votes in for the companies battling in the Tier 2 bracket of our Worst Company In America 2008 contest. There are some close fights in here so if you missed a round, your vote could be the one that makes the difference!

United Health Care vs Hallmark/Westland Meat Packing Company 2166 vs 1170
Countrywide vs Clear Channel 2439 vs 1773
Blue Cross Blue Shield vs Sprint 2937 vs 2139
Bank of America vs Monster Cable 3908 vs 3222
US Air vs Microsoft 2787 vs 3087
Time Warner Cable vs American Airlines 2513 vs 2480
Home Depot vs Wellpoint 1607 vs 2358
Wal-Mart vs Citibank 4849 vs 2516
Capital One vs ATT 3590 vs 3109
Sallie Mae vs eBay/Paypal 3623 vs 4288
TransUnion vs Diebold 1858 vs 4323
Best Buy vs CompUSA 7137 vs 3507
DeBeers vs Verizon 4741 vs 2451
Exxon vs United Airlines 6232 vs 1659
Sony vs Ticketmaster 1466 vs 7310
Comcast vs The American Arbitration Association 4133 vs 3455