Last Chance To Vote For Companies In Tier 2 Bracket

You have 24 hours from when this post goes up to get your last votes in for the companies battling in the Tier 2 bracket of our Worst Company In America 2008 contest. There are some close fights in here so if you missed a round, your vote could be the one that makes the difference!

United Health Care vs Hallmark/Westland Meat Packing Company 2166 vs 1170
Countrywide vs Clear Channel 2439 vs 1773
Blue Cross Blue Shield vs Sprint 2937 vs 2139
Bank of America vs Monster Cable 3908 vs 3222
US Air vs Microsoft 2787 vs 3087
Time Warner Cable vs American Airlines 2513 vs 2480
Home Depot vs Wellpoint 1607 vs 2358
Wal-Mart vs Citibank 4849 vs 2516
Capital One vs ATT 3590 vs 3109
Sallie Mae vs eBay/Paypal 3623 vs 4288
TransUnion vs Diebold 1858 vs 4323
Best Buy vs CompUSA 7137 vs 3507
DeBeers vs Verizon 4741 vs 2451
Exxon vs United Airlines 6232 vs 1659
Sony vs Ticketmaster 1466 vs 7310
Comcast vs The American Arbitration Association 4133 vs 3455


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  1. warf0x0r says:

    Comcast vs The American Arbitration Association 4133 vs 3455?!?

    I still think these two shouldn’t have been paired together… until the end!

  2. nrich239 says:

    Wow……All of the wireless companies are losing their respective matches……I’m speechless

  3. johnva says:

    I have to say, US Air vs. Microsoft is the only outcome that truly surprised me in this round.

  4. Juggernaut says:

    How do Best Buy and Ticketmaster garner the most total votes? They might be sleazy but we’ve got 3 insurance companies, 3 banks, Diebold and Wal-mart on the list!! C’mon people!!

  5. BlackFlag55 says:

    Holy Babbling Brain Scramble … such a target rich environment! I’m all seized up over here trying to decide.

  6. johnva says:

    @Juggernaut: That is a weird disparity. My guess is that those matchups must have stayed on the front page here longer or something.

  7. Still shocked that Monsanto wasn’t on the list. No one else comes close to that one.
    Pure unfiltered, genetically modified evil.

  8. krom says:

    @warf0x0r: Hopefully people realize that the two companies getting to the finals aren’t necessarily (or likely) to be #1 and #2, but #1 and something else.

    This isn’t a way to find out who is the #2 worst company, unfortunately.

  9. Trai_Dep says:

    I have to admit being a bit disappointed in the number of people who voted based solely on their personal experience. The “Well, AT&T is illegally spying on tens of millions of Americans for profit but Capitol One charged me a late fee once in 2003″ votes.
    Sigh. It’s like some people are unable to learn from others’ experiences or from the press.
    The trouble with being an idealist is that reality occasionally takes gleeful satisfaction in smacking you on the side of a head with a brick.

  10. Zaos says:

    @Trai_Dep: Actually everyone i know is happy with AT&T, im the only person who hates them in my group of family/friends, while banks on the other hand are evil and getting america to where its at now just as fast as the oil companies.

    and they don’t care, they all send emails saying how their customers shouldn’t be crying to other people about the mess they are in while they pimp out their benz :(

  11. rpm773 says:

    Diebold. Phhht. One wonders if this would appear on the list had the results of certain recent high-profile elections turned out differently.

    Methinks yes.

  12. legwork says:

    @suburbancowboy: They were nominated, they just never made the list.

    Perhaps it’s something about pissing off the largest group of amoral chemists on the planet?

  13. ninjatoddler says:

    Now that I’m back and able to comment again, it’s disheartening to see Clear Channel and AT&T not winning.

  14. Trai_Dep says:

    @Zaos: Well, AT&T isn’t even in my area. Nonetheless, conducting warrantless searches in violation of Federal law, bypassing FISA, only because they can charge up the wazoo for it puts them in a league of themselves.
    And, doesn’t your comment reinforce my point about people ignoring events unless they occur 5″ in front of them? :)

  15. @Trai_Dep: I have to admit being a bit disappointed in the number of people who voted based solely on their personal experience.

    I’m torn about that issue. I can understand your point, but there’s a case to be made that this should be based on personal experience, given the prevalence of an echo chamber effect here.

    For example, I’ve never had a problem with UPS. Since the dawn of time, I’ve preferred them to FedEx and DHL. So should I vote for them because someone says “UPS is the worst. Why is anyone using them anymore?” I don’t think so.

  16. BlackFlag55 says:

    Okay, I’m decided … you’re right Cowboy … Monsanto for being the (blank) bunch of (blanking) (blankers) on the planet. Kim Jong Il seems positively sane next to them. They’re probably the bunch of (blank) who sent the virus back from the future in a wormhole on the remake of Andromeda Strain. DIAF.

  17. ninjatoddler says:

    @Michael Belisle: Comparing UPS with AT&T is like apples and oranges.

    When you have TWO large entities working together with complete disregard to our rights as citizens whereby one being a private telecom firm and the other, a government with a very questionable sense of morality, there is no room for hesitation.

    As a concerned citizen, it is your duty to ensure that you are able to fully exercise your rights and responsibly bring back credibility of the nation that we have inherited.

  18. @Trai_Dep: With specific regards to the warrantless wiretapping, there are at least two problems with using it as the basis for “Worst Company in America”:

    1) There’s everything but an instance of “On x date, a conversation between citizen y and citizen z was unlawfully monitored”. It’s hard to claim damages if you can only imagine what’s going on. For all we know, the infrastructure is in place but has never been used.

    2) The people who told them to do the wiretapping presumably told them it was totally legal. If the government tells you something is legal and it turns out it isn’t, are you the worst company in America for taking them at their word?

  19. MediaMD says:

    Frankly I’m shocked SHOCKED I tell you that Embarq wasn’t in the running for the worst company on the planet. How can they escape the wrath of the consumerist when they gleefully and maliciously toy with our lives and our (sometimes) fragile emotions. Case in point: Called to set up DSL and phone service 2 weeks before moving as no cable available. Got the cutsey brochure with the gushing promises of “caring” and “values” and “we appreciate you as a customer”…NOT! After promising to come and connect us they stood us up 3 separate times! No phone call, no apologies. Just endless phone mail jail with CSR from 8 time zones away telling me 1) I had never made an appointment 2) the tech would be there today for sure! 3) there is no record of your address in our system in a snide and accusatory voice as though I had created a fictitious address just for my own amusement. So, not until I promised to write on every consumer board I could find that they were the worst company on the planet, threatened to go to the city council and petition to have them removed as the sole provider of phone service in the area and call Clark Howard about them did I finally get my service set up– a MONTH after first promising it. Since then, the service has gone out twice….It’s an ongoing nightmare. The only thing I will say in their defense is the tech people who actually do the work are very nice and competent. They are getting screwed by their own ‘customer-no-service” dept .and they resent it because they are the ones who have to face the livid customer.
    I also loathe with a seething passion Time Warner Cable..but that’s for another day and time. I wholeheartedly agree they are crackheads one and all.

  20. Truvill says:

    We could also be the same people that voted for L-Block in the gamefaqs popularity poll…

    Seriously though, as far as THIS is concerned, it’s an unpopularity contest. So with regards to my vote, it’ll be based on the ones I’ve had horrible experience with. However, that doesn’t (and shouldn’t) stop me from considering the other companies that managed to get nominated here and (re)consider ever dealing with them in my life.

  21. johnva says:

    @Michael Belisle: They knew the wiretapping was illegal. They were most likely aiding and abetting the illegal actions being taken by the government in order to gain political favor that they could later use to get some sort of favors. If the government had actually told them it was legal then they would simply need to provide proof of that to the courts and the lawsuits against them would likely be dismissed.

  22. @ninjatoddler: UPS was a bad example. My main point there is that my life revolves around me. If AT&T stopped the wiretapping tomorrow (if they’re still doing it and if they were ever doing it), would I notice?

    I don’t see it as a consumer issue, which is why we don’t get regular updates on the proceedings here like we do on Ars Technica or 27B Stroke 6. It’s a security issue; it’s a constitutional privacy issue; it’s a terrible thing to do. But it’s not a consumerism issue.

    The Consumerist focuses on personal stories and helping people with specific problems. The unseen hand that listens to our phone calls is by definition very impersonal.

  23. johnva says:

    @Michael Belisle: Sure it’s a consumer issue. They willfully handed over information to the authorities without a proper warrant. They deserve to be punished by consumers for that. It would be one thing if it were forced on them by the government. But it wasn’t; they could have refused to cooperate with the NSA without a warrant being provided. They SHOULD HAVE refused to cooperate. And now it’s an issue for their customers to blame them for (and possibly sue them over).

  24. @johnva: If the government had actually told them it was legal then they would simply need to provide proof of that to the courts and the lawsuits against them would likely be dismissed.

    The administration position is that it’s legal. Discerning observers would beg to differ. The last court decision left the question tragically unresolved based on a Catch-22: How can you decide an action was illegal if proof that the action occurred or did not occur is classified?

    Maybe we’ll get something in the next administration, but I’m not optimistic. It’s easy to condemn abuse of power until it’s your turn.

  25. ninjatoddler says:

    @Michael Belisle: Actually you would notice to some extent. AT&T pushed in NSA as a middle-agent from the ISP to the internet. This decreases speed marginally but overtime, you get used to it.


  26. @ninjatoddler: Oh, I buy the economy plan: 1 MBit down, 256 KBit up (and curse our telecoms for charging me $29.99/month for such paltry bandwidth).

    And, as we all know, the internet is a magic cloud once it leaves your local router. Who knows what’s slowing things down between here and there? Personally, I blame the packet imps. They’re nefarious little hooligans, they are.

  27. ConsumptionJunkie says:

    I think Diageo (sp.) is the worst company because they use a subliminal totenkopf in their Johnny Walker ads.

  28. consumerd says:

    If I was just going by the statistics above at&t was going to lose out eventually. I suspected they would make round 1 but my bet was they wouldn’t make it to round 3. If they did for some reason I think they would have been bottomed out by one of the following (based on round 2 numbers):

    Best buy:7137

    All of that vs. AT&T’s paultry 3109 votes total. Yea, they might tick people off, but apparently they are not in the lead by far. My prediction is going to be either a face off of Exxon, Ticketmaster, or best buy.

  29. flyairdave says:

    I am shocked Dell is not #1 on the worst companies in the world list. Shocked, I tell you!