Round 43: Time Warner Cable vs American Airlines

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This is Round 43 in our Worst Company in America contest, Time Warner Cable vs American Airlines! Which Company Is Worse?
( surveys)Here's what readers said in previous rounds about why they hate these two companies...

This is Round 43 in our Worst Company in America contest, Time Warner Cable vs American Airlines!Here’s what readers said in previous rounds about why they hate these two companies…

Time Warner Cable:

“My hate for TimeWarner burns with the energy of a trillion gas giant suns.”

“I have almost no choice but Time Warner, and they fuck me over at every opportunity. Their CS is a huge pain in the ass, too. You can call them up about a busted cable box, wait on hold for 45 minutes, and get a call center person who instructs you through 5 different ways of resetting your box.”

“I have to go with Time Warner–they wouldn’t let my mother take my father’s name off of our cable bill They inexpicably cut off service whenever they feel like it. If we need help over the phone we’re redirected to people that don’t even live in the city that we have service in. I’m happy that we have DirecTV instead of Time Warner now–DirecTV is truly a lesser evil than Time Warner. That and stores like Bath and Body Works ask for your address for no reason like Radio Shack but they didn’t make the Worst Company in America cut.”

“Um, I had like 5 different (cracked out) Time Warner “employees” come door to door in during dinner hours and ask me if I wanted to “upgrade” from FiOS to Roadrunner.”

“TWC is the most obnoxious company I have ever dealt with in my life.

Even better, they know it’s either not have cable, or deal with their shit. So they win. “

“Time warner installed my cable and internet a couple months back. Afterwards, the internet wouldn’t work. For over a week they kept asking me to try all sorts of stupid things trying to figure out why it wasn’t working. I had just moved and had Time Warner at old place and internet worked fine, but somehow they still insisted the problem was somehow my fault. Well finally after much hassle I basically got a “oops, we forgot to turn it on.” Thanks Time Warner, for the week of no service and blaming your stupidity on me.”

“Time Warner won’t answer the damn phone!!!”

American Airlines:

“Kinda disgusted that they were able to fly putting lives at risk.”

“AA constantly tries to route me through Dallas, despite my origination point or intended destination

“You might as well as “which business model is more doomed — renting movies from a store, or the hub & spoke airline system?””

“AA is a microcosm of the entire Airline Industry. Maybe if we let foreign airlines operate domestic flights, the healthy competition would alleviate these problems.”

“Last time I flew on an AA flight they forgot to put a single bag on the plane. I know the blame probably lies between AA and the airport (who hires all baggage handlers). But seriously, how do you leave without having a single checked bag on board? Then they had a very sketchy dude deliver the bag at 1am to my girlfriend’s parent’s house after knocking on every door to the block because the douche couldn’t read the address numbers on the mailbox. Fail.”

“AA is worse because they can trap you on an aircraft for hours on end, or in an airport in a strange city where you know no one and are hungry, tired and filthy. They can ruin your honeymoon or your family’s long-awaited, long-saved-for trip to (God forbid) Disneyland or that booze cruise.”

“Flying American Airlines is hell. My mother hates flying with them because of them constantly overbooking flights(yes, all airlines do it, but my mom was pissed bc my uncle had to drive 3 hours each way to/from the airport for 2 days even though she was early to check-in. My uncle lives abroad and it’s very expensive for gas there and for him to take off work to drive my mom to the airport). And this was before flyers’ rights to hotel, etc were being promoted so much.”

“The problem with American Airlines is NOT with the recall of the planes… that is a condition of a much larger issue. Lets take a look at how many of the employees who took a pay cut for the COMPANY after 9/11 have gotten their pay and benefits back. The mechanics are now in negotiations with the union and the head company and since AA has taken a first quarter loss, due in fact to the planes being taken out of service AA now once again has the upper hand in the negotiations. Is it a coincidence? NO! Look at how much money the management gets for bonuses. It is an insane way to run a company- screw the guys who are actually making it all work and greedy corp america gets paid. And by the way- mechanics do not get to make decisions on what they begin to repair. They could not have changed those wore bundles without first getting direction from the Corp office. They go by a manual. Feeling better about flying with America’s Largeest Airline? Greedy Corp America spells bad conditions for you and me.”

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