Wu Yi Tea, The New Diet Scam

Doris wanted to start 2008 off on the right foot, so she made the resolution to lose weight. She ordered a free trail of Wu Yi Tea, “Hollywood’s Hottest Diet”, and decided well before her two weeks were up to cancel her order and stick to old fashioned eating right and exercise. That was in January. Four months later, Wu-Yi’s parent company Living Lean in Las Vegas is giving Doris the run around about canceling her order. Oddly, Wu Yi has this to say about fad diets on their website, “all the diet formulas have been, at best, disappointing, at worst, outright frauds.” Pot, this is kettle. You’re black. Hear more from Doris, inside.

Hi Editors,

As part of my new year’s resolution I made a pledge to lose weight like 90% of Americans do. On January 18, I ordered the Wu –Yi teas to help with my weight loss program. I was not relying on it being my salvation or miracle diet but I just wanted to try the tea. They offered a free trial on the website and was only suppose to be charged for the shipping and handling fee of $6.95. I DID read the fine print. I had 2 weeks to cancel and if not then I would be charged for subsequent monthly shipments. Well definitely within 2 weeks I canceled! Since I am not someone who balances my checkbook at the end of every month. I just noticed additional charges from Living Lean in Las Vegas for 19.95. Originally, I thought it was fraud and it is! I called the company and they are a cover for WuYI Teas. The customer service person answers the phone and refuses to give the name of the company she works for, she just keeps asking for how she can help and what service that I was calling about. When I asked for a refund (after being on the phone with her for 15 minutes) she pretends that we have a bad connection and that she can’t hear me. Disconnected. It took 4 more phone calls to get to a supervisor who needed to research my account, kept me on the phone for 20 minutes to say that she will refund me within 3-5 business days.

There are many reported cases of scam under Living Lean in Las Vegas and Wu Yi Tea or their other name Easyweightlosstea.com. I really want to bring light the consumerist readers beware of this scam! I have been fighting these charges since February..and it is now end of May. There is nothing free in life. These people cost me time and aggravation.

Doris, it’s chargeback time. You’ve tried working with Wu Yi, it’s time to let your credit card company work for you.

Diet programs, beauty regimens, and herbal supplements aren’t regulated industries, so researching the company before handing over your credit card information is essential. Searching for “Wu Yi” and “scam” yields enough scary results to make you think twice about the product.

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