Well, Gas Is Still Cheaper Than The Champagne Of Beers…

With gas prices topping $4.00 a gallon in Chicago, Chicagoist started wondering how much gallons of other liquids cost. Turns out gas is still cheaper than the Champagne of Beers…

Milk $3 (on average)

IBC Root Beer $5.33 ($3 for a six-pack of 12 oz bottles)

Miller High Life $5.33 ($15 for a 30-pack of 12 oz cans)

Ketchup $8 ($2 for 32 oz)

Hydrogen Peroxide: $10.32 ($1.29 for 16oz)

It’s a good think we don’t run cars on Chanel nail polish at $5760 per gallon, huh?

Does anyone have a Geo Metro that runs on milk?

How Much is a Gallon? [Chicagoist]

(Photo: Joy of the Mundane )

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