Wal-Mart has launched a personal finance website at walmart.com/savemore. It offers tips and saving advice, while also pushing Wal-Mart’s own money services and weekly specials. [Wal-Mart]


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  1. BlackFlag55 says:

    Wal-Mart banks. Bwa-hahaha. Everywhere I go in the nearest town, there are taped messages on the counters next to cash regsiters that say WE NO LONGER ACCEPT WAL-MART’S ACADEMY BANK CHECKS. I asked why? Was told so many checks drawn on Academy Bank were bouncing it was no longer financially, and time-management possible to hunt down their customers and make them make good on their checks. There were just too many dead beats banking with WalMart. So it was easier just to ban checks from WalMart’s Academy Bank. And they want to offer financial advice? Stop, you’re killing me.

  2. Tip 1. Go somewhere else?
    Tip 2. The fees associated with our cards will bankrupt you faster than an addiction to Faberge eggs. See Tip 1.

  3. Wal Mart is the worst thing ever. No room for debate. Worst thing ever.

  4. sir_pantsalot says:

    The financial advice must tell you not to buy the crap they push in their weekly specials. If not then they are contradicting themselves.

  5. Mr_D says:

    @sir_pantsalot: They don’t say it’s good advice.

  6. SacraBos says:

    Given their cheap products that have to be replaced every year or so, perhaps their financial advice will be to go bankrupt every few years?

  7. womynist says:

    The last thing we need in this country is for Wal-Mart to start conducting banking business. I think the apocalypse is near…

  8. ConsumerAdvocacy1010 says:

    GE Money bank does their credit cards….bunch of weasels.

    Begin Rant/

    I opened a card with a retailer to get no payments/interest for a year. I noticed the statement in the mail was from GE Money Bank. I sent them an electronic payment for the FULL amount two months before it was due (and before all those damned finance charges could be tacked on).

    I called a few weeks later to confirm payment. They told me they don’t accept electronic transfers. My money was not in the bank, and according to the bank the amount was taken by GE Money Bank.

    I call GE Money Bank back. I relay this information. “Oh, we have the money but have not applied to your account. That is our policy. You must send is a physical check.”

    Oh really? I asked them to send the money back and I’ll send a check in the mail. They said ‘policy’ was to wait six months before sending money back.

    I talked to my bank’s manager and the original transfer was reversed.

    SCREW GE MONEY BANK. Figures that Wal-Mart would work with them.

    Rant is over/

  9. ViperBorg says:

    God help us all.

  10. Empire says:

    Tip #1: Work somewhere that gives you decent hours, a living wage, and decent benefits. I.e., not Walmart.