Lies: Verizon Tells Your Husband That You Weren't Home When You Said You Were

It’s a good thing Lynette has a healthy relationship with her husband, because Verizon is telling lies about techs showing up at her home. In addition, Lynette is getting really sick of answering calls for some other family whose phone number now randomly rings her house.

Our house phone and my husband’s business line have been non-functional FOR OVER A FREAKING WEEK. How is that acceptable? The best part is, last week, after waiting over four days to get a service repair appointment, I was required to stay in the house from 8am to 8pm and wait for them to show up. Honey, if I had a meeting with a customer and told them I’d show up sometime in a 12 hour window, the client would say ‘kiss off’ and get someone else to do the job. Plus, the technician didn’t even show up! When my husband called them on this, they claimed they were by and tested the line at 4:20pm and it checked out fine. Really? I was in my driveway at that time making chalk drawings with my daughter. I have the digital photos with time/date stamps to prove it. I would have noticed if a truck pulled up and someone walked across my lawn.

You say the phone is working? Then why isn’t it? In fact, last night at 11:30pm our phone started ringing – for someone else’s phone number. My husband got to listen in on a conversation between some guy calling his wife from a business trip. No, he didn’t stalk them, in fact it turned into a ménage à trois of phone company bashing. Not nearly as sexy a situation as I’d always hoped it would be.

Lynette would really like Verizon to actually send the technician this time. She has lots of time to think about how angry she is at Verizon for inferring “to my husband I wasn’t home when I said I was,” (awwkwaarrrdd….) as she waits around her house for another 12 hours today. Good luck, Lynette!

Call me… or not.[Lynette Radio]
(Photo: Maulliegh )

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