Disgruntled Radiohead Fans Offered Free Lawn Tickets In New Jersey

The Washingtonian is reporting that a few disgruntled Radiohead fans who were forced to circle the parking lot rather than actually watch the Radiohead show they paid to see (and to park at… parking was included in the ticket price), were offered replacement tickets. In New Jersey. Now, we failed geography and can barely read so we don’t actually know where this so-called “New Jersey” is, but it sounds like it’s not in Washington D.C. Let’s take a look at the map. Nope. Google maps says that the closest NJ Radiohead show (Susquehanna Bank Center Camden, NJ) is a 3 hour drive from the Nissan Pavilion where the first disastrous show took place.

From the Washingtonian:

We heard from a few readers today that, in attempt to placate people who were turned away from Nissan due to the flooding, that Nissan’s offering fans free lawn tickets to an August Radiohead concert—in New Jersey. (Calls to Nissan to confirm this were not returned.) Needless to say, those folks weren’t thrilled with the offer.

Did they offer this to you? Are you happy?

Radiohead Fans Offered Make-Up Tickets—in New Jersey [Washingtonian]

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