Royal Flowers Hikes Price After You Order Flowers For Mother's Day

Ian in Pennsylvania says Royal Flowers tried to scam him on a recent bouquet purchase:

With it being Mothers Day, I was shopping around for flowers to send to my mother. I checked the normal big sites since she lives in another state, like 1-800 flowers. I decided to check the local company I use, since they are always cheap and service is great. So I found a great piece significantly cheaper than the other sites. I place the order and everything is going great.

Then I received the following email.

This is in regards to the order you placed going to XXXXXXXXXXXX.
We received a message from the filling florist. They need a total unit price of $54.00 to complete your order. Please respond to this email or call 717-273-4090, ext. 5035, between the hours of 8:00 – 5:00 with your wishes.
Thank you.
Customer Service


Ok…so their contracted florist now wants more money. You have to be kidding me? They are asking for $7 more to fulfill the order, putting them well over all the competitors (like 1-800 flowers). I’m appalled that they would even consider to ask for more money after a transaction has been completed.

We hope you canceled your order with them on principle and went with another florist, Ian. You may want to also contact your state’s attorney general’s office and file a formal complaint that the company refused to provide the service at the price you both originally agreed to.

(Photo: blmurch)

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