Chrysler Execs To Call New Owners To See How Things Are Going

Chrysler has extracted the DNA of our executive email carpet bomb and used it to create a weird new outreach program: starting next week, 300 Chryslers execs will each call a different recent purchaser of a Chrysler, Dodge, or Jeep vehicle and ask if there are any problems. According to’s blog Kicking Tires, they’ll keep doing this “until Chrysler chairman and chief executive officer Bob Nardelli is satisfied that if his customers have troubles, their problems will be fixed. Nardelli, by the way, is going to make the calls, too.” That last sentence—well, really the whole idea—becomes funnier when you know where Nardelli once worked.

“The aim is to get in touch with our customers because they are more than just numbers,” said Doug Betts, vice president and chief customer officer for Chrysler, which means he’s in charge of ensuring quality.

“When a person is happy with his or her car, they tend to tell five other people,” Betts said. “But when they’re unhappy, they tell 50 people — friends, relatives, neighbors and fellow workers. A positive experience obviously sells more cars. An unpleasant experience doesn’t. If a person we call has a problem, it’s up to us to make it right.”

Sure, it’s a stunt—but in a week they’re opening up a short-lived line of communication with 2,100 customers instead of hiding behind dealerships and call centers.

We’re curious to see how this turns out, so if anyone receives a call from a Chrysler executive in the coming days, please let us know how the call goes.

“Chrysler Execs Phone Your Home” [Kicking Tires]
(Photo: Getty Images)

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