Amazon To Sell Fiat Chrysler Vehicles — But Only In Italy

Image courtesy of БРАТСТВО

You really can buy anything on Amazon. Fiat Chrysler says it has inked a deal with the e-commerce giant to sell its vehicles for a discount online, but only if the buyers live in Italy.

Reuters reports that customers won’t actually have their cars delivered the same way other products purchased on Amazon are. Instead the online retailer will serve as a conduit of sorts between buyers and dealers.

For now, potential buyers in Italy will be able to view and purchase select vehicles — the 500, the Panda, and 500L — through Amazon at a third of the price offered elsewhere.

After making their decision, Amazon will contact customers to provide a list of dealers where they can go to finalize their purchase and pick up the vehicle.

“The time has arrived to give consumers a new, more efficient and transparent way to choose a new vehicle,” Gianluca Italia, an executive responsible for Fiat Chrysler in Italy, said during a conference call as reported by Reuters.

According to Italia, research by the company found that nearly half of Italian car buyers were willing to purchase online.

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