American Airlines, Cosi's Don't Want You To Watch South Park

Gil was stuck in an American Airlines Admiral’s Club for 5 hours waiting for his flight back to L.A., so he tried to access the South Park website to help pass the time. What he got instead was the screen here, saying that the site had been blocked because it’s considered “tasteless.” We’ve seen the same message at a Cosi restaurant in NYC. Thanks, companies, for protecting our delicate sensibilities! We’re going to go get the vapors now.

Here’s Gil’s account:

I’m stuck in the Admiral’s Club in Narita Airport for another 5 hours in Japan because AA cancelled my flight to LA. To kill time I figured I catch up on my South Park episodes and watch the last few shows. I type in http://www.southparkstudios and settle in for some quality comedy and satire, but then I get the attached message from AA’s network nannies.
Tasteless? Who decided that? What makes this almost sublimely ironic is the picture of the naughty Japanese lady cop they use as an image for the blocking page. They apparently consider that tasteful.
I went through to see what else they block but couldn’t find anything else. Apparently serial killing (Dexter), selling dope (Weeds), trashy evening soaps (Desperate Housewives), and crappy South Park wannabees (Family Guy) are considered acceptable.

Just for the hell of it, we went to the Fortinet website ( and requested a review of their classification on Their drop-down list of possible categories for web content is amusing all by itself—it’s a compendium of Things That People Take Offense At, from abortion to homosexuality to marijuana to tobacco.

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