Mass Effect DRM Causing Backlash Among PC Gamers

If you’d like to play the PC version of Bioware/EA’s hit XBOX 360 title “Mass Effect,” you’d better have an internet connection. Why? Because in order to remain “activated” the game will need to reauthorize itself via the internet every 10 days. Go 11 days without checking in and your game won’t work until you do. Some gamers are saying that this requirement makes them feel like criminals, and doesn’t make a lot of sense for a game that otherwise doesn’t require an internet connection.

From the Mass Effect forums:

It is good that Bioware and EA want to kill piracy — but really, though; at what expense?…If somehow a copy of MEPC game gets out w/out any protection around comes out, that copy won’t be hindered by any checks. Why should a legitimate buyer of MEPC have to pay money to be treated like he’s a pirate when he isn’t the pirate?

Say you, the legitimate MEPC owner, has lost their Internet connection — and it’s say not on your end, but your ISP’s. What now? Will you be locked out of your legit copy of your game for NO REASON?

Say you, legitimate MEPC owner, tried to get your copy verified online from its online check — but, for some reason, EA and Bioware’s servers are down. Or say, too many MEPC users are booting MEPC at once to get verified and you just can’t connect for a good while — whether it’s 2 minutes, 20 mins, or 1 hour or more. That’s an inconvenience. So, will the game boot b/c you can’t get your legit copy verified?

Let’s hope EA and Bioware are planning on operating these servers in perpetuity, because Mass Effect is very addicting, and if you don’t agree, my level 60 Adept Nemesis will Singularity your ass.

What do you think of this style of DRM? Are they punishing the ones who don’t steal? Or is this necessary to protect their investment?

Mass Effect for PC System Specs, SecuROM and FAQ [Bioware]

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