Blue Bell ice cream never shrank either. [Blue Bell]


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  1. mikelotus says:

    The best mass produced ice cream in America, by far. So good and less fat than those that taste worse.

  2. beavis88 says:

    Blue Bell owns. Too bad they won’t get with the program and deliver to the east coast…

  3. theblackdog says:

    Another posting about a product can’t be found where many readers live.

  4. timmus says:

    I remember the days when all you could get was vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, rocky road, and pistachio. I haven’t seen rocky road in decades. Well, at least not in anyone’s freezer. Does anyone still buy that or pistachio ice cream?

  5. Sudonum says:

    Blue Bell Rocky Road FTW!

  6. monkey33 says:

    Rocky Road was my brother’s favorite ice cream for years. I bought some a few months ago, and it wasn’t as satisfying as I remembered it being.

  7. Smackdown says:

    Oh boo-hoo, you guys in the NE can’t get Blue Bell. Cry into your Fudgie the Whales.

  8. roche says:

    Their cookies and cream is the only ice cream I ever eat. Blue Bell is the ****.

  9. theblackdog says:
  10. Underpants Gnome says:

    @Smackdown: And wash down those tears with a Yeungling.

  11. SpecialK says:

    Of course you can get it delivered to the East Coast. It’s going to cost you an arm and a leg, but still. You can also find it at Hill Country Barbecue in Manhattan, but sadly it’s just the little teeny wooden-spoon tubs of blah vanilla and chocolate … and they hit you for five bucks for it.

  12. ncboxer says:

    @Underpants Gnome: I don’t know about you, but I have Yuengling and Blue Bell available locally. Though they aren’t very good together ;)

  13. mlhradio says:

    >>Another posting about a product can’t be found where many readers live.<<

    Third largest ice cream producer in the United States and available in 17 states. I’m currently working through a half-gallon of pecan pralines and cream right now. Mmmm.

    (Of course that was no consolation when I lived in California. But every part of the country has its plusses and minuses, eh?)

    And yeah, I was chagrined to scan through the freezer doors at the local HEB and see all the other smaller-sized cartons from all the other manufacturers, and then all the Blue Bell buckets emblazoned with “Still a 1/2 Gal!” on the front.

  14. theblackdog says:

    @Underpants Gnome: Mmmmmmmm, Yuengling.

  15. TWSS says:

    Yeah, too bad the portion of it that hasn’t been shrink-rayed is high-fructose corn syrup.

  16. mikelotus says:

    As I have stated previously, go to Outback as their ice cream is Blue Bell. We arranged to get 20 gallons from them for a picnic. Also if you are in the DC area, the Crystal City Sports Pub, [] serves vanilla Blue Bell only.

  17. mikelotus says:

    @TWSS: portion of what? your brain?

  18. rbdfoxes says:

    When they used to list the “Last Meals” of people on death row in Texas, almost all of the had Blue Bell Ice Cream. Yes kids, it’s just that good.

  19. Blue Bell is still 1/2 gallon…

    I respect that!

  20. threlkelded says:

    [Insert Texas-size cliche here.]

  21. synergy says:

    “Blue Bell’s the best ice cream in the country!”

    Man! I SO missed it when I was Up Nawth! I’m really glad to be back in Texas. ;)

  22. synergy says:

    @rbdfoxes: Well said! lol

  23. femmme.fatal says:

    nothing surpasses Brighams

  24. stacye says:

    @timmus: We most frequently buy pistachio and rocky road. They are both my husbands absolute favorite.

  25. Kenneth says:

    @theblackdog: it comes-it goes. I wish Austin had an In-N-Out burger but we don’t alway get what we want…

  26. RokMartian says:

    @beavis88: I can get it here in Georgia

    I was at the store a couple of days ago and noticed how expensive it was now.

  27. mikelotus says:

    @synergy: you have my condolences.

  28. mikelotus says:

    @femmme.fatal: Brighams is not even in the same ballpark. don’t delude yourself on that one. I lived in Texas 5 years, Boston 13. Boston beats Texas in everything but Blue Bell, BBQ, steaks, Tex-Mex and Texas A&M.

  29. nrwfos says:

    @beavis88: You can have it delivered to your home if you order the minimum number of 1/2 gallons. Last I checked it worked out to $80. I’ll bet it’s more now, though. I surely do miss it here in VA. When I go back to TX it’s the one thing (after Tex-Mex) that I’m sure to get!

  30. mikelotus says:

    @nrwfos: stop missing, start reading, Outback, Outback