Burger King Investigating Email Shenanigans In Tomato Price War

Last week a Florida journalist busted Burger King VP Stephen Grover for using his tween-aged daughter’s email account to slam a farm workers group—but that wasn’t the only weird email event related to this story. Now Burger King is taking steps to officially distance itself from Grover’s actions and the other internal emails by announcing it’s launched an “internal investigation” into all three.

The internal emails are particularly weird. Back in January, two messages were sent from a single Hotmail account through Burger King’s servers, one to a journalist and one to a pro-farm workers group. The emails criticized Burger King and offered to provide assistance and information about the restaurant company’s plans. Were the Hotmail messages legit? Is there a traitor within Burger King HQ? Or was somebody trying to set up the farm workers group for future accusations of dirty tricks?

As expected, BK gives the standard corporate spin about the investigation without actually saying anything of substance:

“Senior management of the company had no knowledge of Grover’s postings. These comments were not sanctioned by the company and they do not reflect the opinion of the company,” Burger King spokeswoman Denise Wilson said in a statement. “We are conducting an internal investigation, and appropriate disciplinary action will be taken.”

We’d like to think that means Grover will have to wear the Duke costume at the next corporate retreat, but more likely it just means he’ll get a few sympathetic back slaps by his C-level buddies. Oh well—we’ll always know you’re a jackass, Grover.
“Burger King investigates e-mails slamming farmworker group” [Florida Times-Union]
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  1. apotheosis says:

    All this time, I thought it was the damn deer eating my tomato plants.

    Now…I’m not so sure.

  2. S-the-K says:

    Well, at least they aren’t just “taking it seriously.” :-)

  3. loueloui says:

    Burger King has always been kinda shady about their tomatoes. I am saying this as a BKC stockholder to boot. Maybe they are more conscious of it because the Whopper, their flagship sandwich, has tomatoes and the Big Mac doesn’t.

    I remember after the hurricanes in Florida a few years back they used this as an excuse to not include tomatoes in sandwiches for months, even after they were commonly available elsewhere. they had some line about how ‘they could not find tomatoes of sufficient quality for their sandwiches’ or some crap like that. This really cheesed me off.

  4. ludwigk says:

    the term is “pre-teen”. It was good enough for me when I was that age, back when the Internet was mainly text, and consisted of various animals, such as spiders and gophers.

  5. nichomiz says:

    I forgive you already BK. That Whopper is one tasty sandwich.