1 Year Later: Feet Scarred From "Chemical Flip Flops," Walmart Still Not Talking

It’s been about a year since Kelly Stiles’ feet were (somehow) injured by a $3 pair of Walmart flip flops. In that time, Kelly says her feet haven’t fully healed and she still can’t wear sandals or flip flops. She says she still has pain where she was injured.

Walmart is saying nothing at all, although Stiles says that of the 200-350 people who contacted her after she posted photos of her “burns” on the internet, a few have “settled with Walmart for undisclosed amounts.” The retailer has pulled the flip flops in question from store shelves, but they do still sell shoes from “chemical flip flop” manufacturer.

Kelly told WCSC, “So far I have been contacted by no less than 200 hundred and I think no more than 350 people who have said you know I had the same thing happen.”

“We’re scared. We don’t know what we have been exposed to.”

If you’re new to this story and you have a strong stomach, you can check out this gallery of Kelly’s injured feet , or read about others who’ve shared her fate. Above is the most recent picture of Kelly’s feet that she has up on her site. It was taken 2-27-08. She bought the flip flops last April. Ouch! Get better, Kelly.

LaMana Photography
Burned By Flip Flops From Walmart [WCSC](Thanks, Alex!)

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