Beer T-shirts For Teenage Girls Bad For America?

The Center for Science in the Public Interest has its knickers in a twist over Forever 21 selling “beer shirts,” because the clothing retailer is “popular with teenage girls.”

“Adolescent and teenage girls hardly need further inducements to drink,” wrote George A. Hacker, director of the alcohol policies project at CSPI. “Heavy drinking imposes special risks for girls, due to their lower body weights and different metabolisms and the contributing role of alcohol in sexual assaults, date rape, and unwanted and unplanned pregnancies.”

The devilish ts in question featured the logos of various beers such as Miller, Guinness and Foster’s, as well as catchy slogans like “beer is my anti-drug,” and “save water, drink beer.” Forever 21 has responded by quietly yanking the shirts from its website.

We don’t think the CPSI should be so hard on Forever 21. After all “21” is in the name and they do have this handy outdated food pyramid shirt. I mean, what more could they ask?

Brewers Urged to Stop Marketing Beer Shirts to Young Girls [CSPI]

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