Two Months Later, Circuit City Still Hasn't Refunded Customer His $338

Bobby’s brother canceled an order the day after placing it, and everyone he’s spoken with at Circuit City seems to agree that they owe him a prompt refund on his cash. But that all happened on March 7th and 8th, so why is Circuit City still saying the check is in the mail? Are they waiting to get their stimulus check first?

My brother and father have been having many difficulties with getting a refund from our local Spring Hill Circuit City.
On March 7th, 2008 my brother went up to your store to purchase a Sony Camcorder. A sales associate helped him locate a model that he liked. The sales associate went into the back after writing down the model number and whatnot. He came back and said that they were out of stock but could order it today and have it overnighted to my parents house the next day. My brother agreed and placed the order.
Later that night, my brother got curious and went on the Circuit City website to investigate the specs on the camcorder he just ordered. To his surprise, what he ordered was not a camcorder but a regular digital camera. He woke up early and canceled the order. The person on the phone said that it would take a week for the refund to come in the mail and refunded $25.00 to his debit card.
A week went by and no check. My brother proceeded to call Circuit city and few times and it was the same store. About 2 weeks after the original order, my brother went up the the local Spring Hill store. He talked to a sales associate and was assured the problems would be fixed. About a week after this, which brings us into April. My brother ran into the original sale associate that had placed the mistaken order. She tried to fix what was going on what was unable to so she called over the store manager, Casey Warner.
She was very nice and would look into it. She even offered to take it out of a draw and give the refund right there but needed to talk to corporate first. About a week later, she called my father and said the check would be in the mail soon. That was three weeks ago. My father and brother have talked to Casey a few times since and steadily she have gotten an attitude and has become hostile to us.
Circuit City owes my brother $338.00

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