Man Arrested For Trying To Pass A $360 Billion Check

Meet Charles Ray Fuller, 21, of Crowley, TX. He was arrested on April 22 after allegedly trying to pass a check for $360 billion at a Forth Worth Chase bank.

The resulting news story has what may be the greatest sentence ever written:

The personal check was not made out to Mr. Fuller and when the bank contacted the check owner, the woman said she did not write a check for $360 billion.

Really? She didn’t? You’ll be shocked to hear that Mr. Fuller was also charged with unlawful carrying of a weapon and possession of marijuana. When asked why he was tying to cash a check for such a large amount, Fuller told police that the check “was given to him by his girlfriend’s mother to start a record business.” No word on whether Mr. Fuller and his girlfriend are still dating.

Man accused of trying to cash check for $360,000,000,000 [Dallas Morning News]

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