2nd Insider Says Comcast Indeed Decentralizing Network Operations Centers

Another Comcast insider says that the cable company is decentralizing its two main network operation centers. He says this is because of Comcast’s different regions groups complaining about losing customers due to outages they had no control over. In addition, he suggests that while it might result in a better network, it may also lead to higher prices.

The “reorganization and decentralization” is due to the local markets bitching at corporate about lack of network management which results in poor customer service etc. There are 4 or 5 (I honestly forget) “divisions” @ Comcast – North-East, Mid-West, South.. along those lines. Each of the divisions is responsible for their own customer service (which is why some outsource to NuComm/Convergys etc. and some keep things in house – it’s up to the division to decide). Since Comcast has been hammered in customer service over the last few years, the divisions got sick and tired of the network outages that they had no control over fixing – but cost them plenty in customer service, cancellations of service etc. Corporate has said to the divisions something along the lines of “fine, YOU handle the network for your area”. Hence the two main NOCs being scaled down and each division having more control of their local networks. Whoever sent you that info is probably right – it will very likely result in much better network management. It will also result in increased rates, something that Comcast is always doing anyway.

Net result: Possibly improved service, probably increased price.

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