2nd Insider Says Comcast Indeed Decentralizing Network Operations Centers

Another Comcast insider says that the cable company is decentralizing its two main network operation centers. He says this is because of Comcast’s different regions groups complaining about losing customers due to outages they had no control over. In addition, he suggests that while it might result in a better network, it may also lead to higher prices.

The “reorganization and decentralization” is due to the local markets bitching at corporate about lack of network management which results in poor customer service etc. There are 4 or 5 (I honestly forget) “divisions” @ Comcast – North-East, Mid-West, South.. along those lines. Each of the divisions is responsible for their own customer service (which is why some outsource to NuComm/Convergys etc. and some keep things in house – it’s up to the division to decide). Since Comcast has been hammered in customer service over the last few years, the divisions got sick and tired of the network outages that they had no control over fixing – but cost them plenty in customer service, cancellations of service etc. Corporate has said to the divisions something along the lines of “fine, YOU handle the network for your area”. Hence the two main NOCs being scaled down and each division having more control of their local networks. Whoever sent you that info is probably right – it will very likely result in much better network management. It will also result in increased rates, something that Comcast is always doing anyway.

Net result: Possibly improved service, probably increased price.

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  1. headhot says:

    Well, this is how it used to be before the AT&T purchase. Things used to run much better.

    The problem is, the Division and Region engineering staff got so pissed off at being marginalized by corperate, many of the good people left.

    Add to that the recent rounds of engineering layoffs, I’m not sure the Divisions are in a position to handle it.. Then again, neither is HQ, and they have way to many people.

  2. highmodulus says:

    Short term there may be hitches, but long term returning more control to those closer to the customers and accountable for the customer’s happiness is a good thing for Comcast’s customers in my opinion.

    It’s the increasing distance between the actual customers and decision makers that have lead to many of the anti-customer policies at the Telco’s, Wireless, Dish and Cable companies- this is a hopeful step in the right direction.

    Also, kudos to Ben and the Consumerist for this information.

  3. Net result: Possibly improved service, probably increased price.


    “Possibly, though unlikely improved service. Guaranteed increased price”. This is Comcast we’re talking about. Prices increase on General Principle.

  4. FLConsumer says:

    Hm… This could go either way in terms of the customer’s experience. The trick comes down to who ultimately will be empowered with making the decisions and who will be accountable for such decisions.

    highmodulus’ comments about customer service vs. decisionmakers’ distance from the customers is spot-on. If the people making these decisions had to put up with what their customers did, they’d probably fire entire departments. (Thinking about Verizon Online’s offshore script-readers)

  5. P_Smith says:

    High prices and lousy service are why Cumcast is losing customers, so they decide to raise prices to counter it.

    Absolutely brilliant.

  6. theblackdog says:

    That’s nice, now can they decentralize the monopoly they hold throughout much of Maryland?

  7. victorrmetzler1401 says:

    I worked for comcast as a subcontractor and i will tell you why there service is bad there were times when i was employed i was expected to complete 3 times the workload of a regular comcast employee in the same eight hour peroid of time. I will tell it was damn near impossible to keep qaulity up while doing that and it was also the worst job i ever had while working there for 3 years i seen more than a 150 employees walk out right in the middle of their shift. They also caught the company that i finally quit working at stealing money from my paycheck.