British Airways' New Hi-Tech Baggage System Routes All Luggage To A Big Pile

British Airways is having trouble with its new baggage system—namely, that it doesn’t actually sort and route the baggage to the correct flight. On Sunday they claimed that 15,000 bags had missed their flights and were now being stored at Heathrow. However, the UK’s Aviation Minister said yesterday that the number was closer to 28,000.

When BA was called out on misreporting the number of lost bags, it claimed it was difficult:

A spokesman said: “Taking a snapshot is difficult, but we estimate that the number still to be reunited with their owners is now slightly over 20,000.

Referring to Mr Fitzpatrick’s figure of 28,000, BA’s spokesman said: “It’s not a figure we recognize.”

The UK’s Aviation Minister has yet to issue an apology for presenting such an unrecognizable figure.

Bags of Terminal 5 embarrassment for BA” [The Times]

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