These Costco Guys Are Going To Assemble Your Table No Matter What

Unlike Drew’s story about IKEA from earlier today, Philip had what sounds like insanely good customer service from Costco—which is a good thing, since both the original table he purchased and the replacement table Costco’s delivery guys brought were missing key pieces.

Here’s Philip’s tale of amazing customer service:

Today I witnessed what has to be some of the most outstanding customer service ever offered.
This past Saturday my wife & I purchased a large amount of garden furniture at Costco. One of the items was a marble topped table and chair set. When we got the pieces home we discovered that the table top had a flaw and there were critical pieces missing from the hardware. Compounding the problem, we had returned the rented truck we used to move this very heavy piece and no longer had any help either. My wife called the store to find out what our options were. Steve called her back and said that he would come by our house Monday morning with a complete replacement set of furniture.
True to his word, Steve and Jay arrived Monday at 11am and proceeded to unpack a new tabletop. The replacement was also slightly marked but not as deeply as the original and a little time and elbow grease had it good as new. We then started searching through the new boxes for the missing hardware. Eventually, we all agreed the hardware was not shipped either with my original purchase and the replacement they brought out. With the Costco guys standing there, I contacted the manufacturer and was told I would have to fax a receipt and to expect a 10 day turnaround for their missing hardware!
At this point Steve and Jay said this was not acceptable to them and they headed off to Home Depot to see what they could source themselves. They returned about 20 minutes later with a bag of parts and proceeded to assemble the table perfectly. In all the process must have taken at least 2 hours and they would accept nothing but a glass of water. We now have a beautiful table in our backyard.
I really can’t thank Steve, Jay & Costco enough. We have always been big fans of Costco but this really went above & beyond.

What else were you offering them to drink, Philip? We bet if you’d offered them milk, they would have accepted, what with the price of milk these days. That’s like cow caviar. Anyway, great job Costco!
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