CNN Goes Into Apparel Business With Headline T-Shirts

<!–con_frankshats30rock158.jpg–>Michael wrote in to point out that CNN has a weird new feature on its site—now you can proudly display your favorite, uh, headlines(?) on your body with their “CNN Shirt” service. It’s beta, naturally, and they pick the headlines you can choose from—so no “What drove dad who kept ‘house of horror’?” tee to shame your parents during the next family holiday. (That’s the current top headline on their home page.)

Michael seemed as confused as us:

I’m not sure what to make of it. “Nominee for 2008 Stupidest Web 2.0 Idea” comes to mind, along with “something I’d expect from Fox News before CNN”. Or maybe it’s funny, if I enjoy walking around with “40-lb. hunk of metal hits driver in face” on my chest.

We think CNN is missing some good sales opportunities with their current paltry selection. After all, right there on the home page tonight are three very good potential t-shirt slogans under the Video section, going completely unused:

  • Sleepy bear can’t stay awake
  • Baby found in house of filth
  • 7-minute battle with death

Update: Looks like CNN did tap “sleepy bear” and the “battle with death” slogans after all—but they messed them up with extra words.

Update 2: Ooo! Ooo! We want a t-shirt that says, “CNN Reporter Arrested With Meth And Sex Toy In Central Park” please, CNN.

CNN Shirt [CNN]
(Photo: “30 Rock”/NBC)

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