Ticketmaster Now In The Ticket Scalping Business?

Ticketmaster is directing fans seeking hard-to-find Radiohead tickets to a ticket-reselling partner website called “Tickets Now.”

From AtEaseWeb.com (a Radiohead fansite):

Radiohead purchased ads in print and on radio to promote the sales of their concert tickets on Ticketmaster, but after those tickets are sold out on Ticketmaster, customers using the Ticketmaster website see a page with options with the “Find Tickets” link directing customers to TicketsNow, which is listed as Ticketmaster’s “partner site.” However, TicketsNow is a secondary ticket seller owned by Ticketmaster.

Ticketnews.com reveals that a source close to the situation, who requested anonymity, a TicketsNow executive helped assist with the sale of more than $1 million worth of Radiohead tickets on the TicketsNow website, which at a margin of 25 percent allowed TicketsNow to generate a gross of more than $250,000 from the deal.

Radiohead fans aren’t too pleased about this arrangement, as you might imagine.

What do you think? Should Ticketmaster be profiting off of ticket reselling?

Ticketmaster scalps Radiohead tickets [AtEastWeb] (Thanks, Clayton!)

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