Pizza Hut Delivery Driver Fired For Shooting Armed Robber

A Pizza Hut delivery driver with a valid handgun permit has been fired after he shot an armed robber who put a gun to his head and demanded he turn over his cash. Now an Iowa state senator is calling for a boycott of Pizza Hut:

“You tell me any Iowan that was in his situation, that had a gun put to his head, how they would’ve reacted differently,” state Sen. Brad Zaun of Urbandale said. “I think it’s the wrong decision by Pizza Hut and I will not be buying any more Pizza Hut products.”

Pizza Hut says it’s against company policy for delivery drivers to carry guns, even with a valid permit.

“We’re doing all that we can to help him with the transition,” Pizza Hut spokesperson Chris Fuller told the Des Moines Register. The driver, James William Spiers III, was offered two months pay (without tips, naturally) and counseling in exchange for his resignation.

“I was terminated, but they’re not going to kick me to the curb,” he said Friday. “When they terminated me, I had asked if they could provide me with counseling. That’s all I asked for.”

The robbery suspect, 19-year-old Kenneth Jimmerson, was shot three times but is alive and “was arrested when he later called for medical help.” He and another suspect (who is accused of calling in the pizza order), are both in the local county jail.

Pizza Hut delivers pink slip to employee held at gunpoint
[Des Moines Register] (Thanks, David!)


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  1. Whitey Fisk says:

    I was already boycotting Pizza Hut because their pizza sucks.

  2. Buran says:

    Dominos pulled the same thing here in St. Louis. But honestly, shouldn’t you be boycotting the store owned by the idiot who thinks that staying alive means you should be fired, not those owned by people who haven’t done anything wrong?

  3. Byzantine says:

    Would Pizza Hut prefer their employees to be shot by would-be muggers?

  4. Buran says:

    @Whitey Fisk: oh god. The very first comment is one of those lame “if it’s not a hole in the wall it sucks” types. Can’t you people wait until a dozen or so!!?

  5. Whitey Fisk says:

    Is it ok for companies to maintain policies that are in direct contravention with an individual’s constitutional rights?

  6. Juggernaut says:

    Didn’t that guy in the picture used to be a cop on “Law and Order”?

  7. Who knew Iowa was so gangsta?

  8. jwarner132 says:

    I’m all for the boycott. Someone make some t-shirts.

  9. bovinekid says:

    @Whitey Fisk: Yes.

  10. coan_net says:

    I HATE Consumerist by always using misleading headlines.

    The driver WAS NOT fired for shooting an armed robber.

    The driver WAS fired for not following policy, which it is against policy for the driver to carry a gun.

    If a company had a policy that they did not want to make money, and you went out of made the company money – even though the policy may be stupid, you can get fired for not following the policy.

    This person did not follow Pizza Hut’s policy, and was fired because of it. Simple as that. All that other crap about shooting an armed robber has nothing to do with why he was fired.

  11. Buran says:

    @Whitey Fisk: In MO, you can bar handguns on your property but on public property or places without posted signs, if you have a permit, you can carry.

    The problem I see is, what if you’re in a store that bars guns, and a crook starts shooting and your gun is in the car?

    You’re dead even though that guy shouldn’t have had a gun.

  12. Buran says:

    @coan_net: Uh, yes it is about that. Do you walk up to people and ask if they have a gun? Unless you’re a cop I bet you don’t. This wouldn’t have been an issue if he hadn’t had to draw and fire his weapon.

  13. xint says:

    Suspend him, give the man a fine, but don’t fire him!

    He violated company policy, OK, we get it…

    …what is it that these MOFOS need to understand his life was being threatened?

  14. @Whitey Fisk: Go up to your boss, tell him/her he/she’s a piece of s–t, and see what happens when you try to invoke the first amendment.

  15. fordpickup says:

    @Whitey Fisk: Yes. If they don’t want you to carry a weapon and you want to pack heat, then they don’t have to keep you as an employee.

    Personally, I would rather not have coworkers toting guns around. Remember when postal workers had a high mortality rate due to the instability of their peers?

  16. jwarner132 says:

    @coan_net: Okay. You’re right. We shouldn’t boycott Pizza Hut for firing the guy, because the guy was in violation of company policy.

    Let’s boycott Pizza Hut for making it company policy that delivery drivers can’t lawfully carry a weapon.

  17. Wreckoner says:


    They can say whatever they want for firing him. He protected himself, and Pizza Hut fired him. They could’ve just as easily given him a warning, but no, they fired him.

    Certain things trump policy, such as life and death situations. This was one of them. Sometimes a company has to say “stick it” to policy and do the humane thing….otherwise we get repeats of that story about Burger King a few months ago. Yeah, the one where they forced people to leave their restaurant when the people’s houses were in the middle of some catastrophe.

  18. Kat@Work says:

    Damn I’m glad I live in Texas.

  19. TWinter says:

    @ceejeemcbeegee: There are some rough-ish areas in Des Moines and a few of the other cities, but it’s all very mild compared to most places. Of course, we can’t forget all the rural meth-heads, but they usually have to go to town to get their Pizza Hut

  20. axiomatic says:

    I know this would be expensive for the franchise but I think that when a delivery guy has to work a rough neighborhood that there needs to be another person in the delivery truck for this very reason.

    Sending the Pizza guy in to “gang” territory SOLO is not a good idea.

  21. fordpickup says:

    @fordpickup: Or wait…maybe that IS a good reason to carry a gun.

    Regardless, guns in the workplace are probably not a good idea…unless you work at a shooting range.

  22. Wormfather says:

    @Buran: But, it was funny. That’s all I ask, if the comment is not going to be informative, at least be funny.

  23. FightOnTrojans says:

    Wow, this is going to be an interesting debate. Understanding that pizza delivery is a dangerous occupation in some areas, I’m still not sure I want my delivery guy to be packing heat. I understand Pizza Hut’s position in not wanting to take on the liability of all their delivery drivers gun handling skills. If they gave this guy a free pass in violating company policy, they’d be setting themselves up for a lawsuit. Could you imagine the backlash against Pizza Hut when (because it will happen) a delivery guy or gal mistakes a kid or legit customer for a bad guy and shoots him? Trained, veteran police officers have made this mistake, so it is only a matter of time until a delivery guy does. PH is stuck in a bad spot, but they probably figure it is cheaper to pay this guy off with a few thousand, then to pay the multiple millions when a delivery guy shoots someone accidentally or mistakenly. The delivery guy broke the company policy, endangered his co-workers, himself, and his customers, and he got fired. What PH is offering him during his transition is more than they have to offer him.

  24. ThomFabian says:

    @Whitey Fisk:
    Of course its ok. I have the freedoms of speech, press, religion, and assembly, but I am not free (without consequence) to say whatever I want, print whatever I want, worship however I want, and gather with tons of folks while at work.

  25. Leiterfluid says:

    “I was terminated, but they’re not going to kick me to the curb,” he said Friday. “When they terminated me, I had asked if they could provide me with counseling. That’s all I asked for.”

    Nothing to see here. Move along.

  26. MrFalcon says:

    Looks like this is clearly a liability aspect. If Pizza Hut doesn’t want to ever be potentially held liable for something one of their employees does while on the clock, they need to state certain behaviors are off limits. In this case, carrying a weapon, even if legally obtained. Otherwise, Pizza Hut needs to formally train their drivers how to use the firearms, etc etc. It sucks, but its a litigious world out there!

    (On a side note, if they do start training their drivers to shoot, hopefully they’ll be able to drop a guy for good if he can get in THREE SHOTS!!!)

  27. Wormfather says:

    I aggree with the people who think that a warning would have been sufficient. I’m sure there’s a company policy about acts of violence while on duty, but sometimes, like ya know, when you’re life is at risk, you may have to break that policy.

    I dont own a gun but if I wanted to harm someone I could just as easily pick up something and do the job. Many a co-worker have almost eaten my stapler.

  28. BalknChain says:

    When I delivered pizza for Dominoes I got caught up in a drug robbery. The person who lived in the apartment and ordered was apparently a severe drug addict or dealer. I arrived and someone jumped out of the bushes and shoved me inside the apartment as soon as the caller/resident opened the door. The robber slammed us both face down to the ground, handcuffed the caller, tied my hands. I raised my head just to smidge to turn it and got a crack to the back of the head with his gun. We were held hostage for about 2 hours before the police arrived. Awful. That whole complex was banned from further delivery after that. I really don’t know how a gun would have made it any better in my case since I was ambushed with both hands holding a pizza and soda. This was a big tool for a while to use delivery people as a means to gain entry into people’s homes. The homeowner would open the door shocked to see a delivery person, then get invaded by a criminal waiting to ambush both the driver and the homeowner.
    OK, my longest comment ever, but maybe it’ll serve as a warning to consumers.

  29. officeboy says:

    Go pizza hut. Your pizza sucks but your policy rocks. I don’t want some bum delivering my pizza to be hiding a gun. And if he had a gun to his head how did he manage to grab his concealed gun and shoot the “bad guy”, without getting shot. Everyone would have been a lot safer to have just handed over the money and left the shooting people to the cops.

  30. Corydon says:

    @coan_net: The driver WAS fired for not following policy, which it is against policy for the driver to carry a gun.

    Fine. I’ll boycott Pizza Hut for having a stupid policy then (as well as crappy pizza).

    Pizza delivery guys often have to deliver to some shady neighborhoods. Case in point: this guy had a would-be robber POINT A GUN AT HIS HEAD.

    They should either write off the neighborhood and forgo the business or let their drivers protect themselves.

    @TWinter: Meth-heads don’t eat.

  31. Diet-Orange-Soda says:

    @fordpickup: Exactly. If policy states you can’t carry a concealed weapon but you still want to carry, find another job.

  32. fostina1 says:

    bad policy. as a former papa johns delivery man i think drivers should be required to carry a gun and i believe the restaurant should provide it. when you drive down a street and have beer bottles thrown at your car and “gangstas” chasing you, sure you could just quit, but i need money.

  33. RagingBoehner says:

    @ThomFabian: Are you free to quarter soldiers in your cubicle?

  34. Corydon says:

    @BalknChain: This was a big tool for a while to use delivery people as a means to gain entry into people’s homes. The homeowner would open the door shocked to see a delivery person, then get invaded by a criminal waiting to ambush both the driver and the homeowner.

    Maybe it wouldn’t have been such a popular tactic if the criminal couldn’t be sure that the delivery person wouldn’t fight back effectively.

    On the other hand, criminals aren’t generally known for their superior thought processes and rational thinking.

  35. Sarge1985 says:

    @Whitey Fisk: Remember that the Constitution of the United States only applies to what the government can and can not do, not a private entity.

  36. FightOnTrojans says:

    @xint: Something tells me that this guy would continue to carry the weapon anyways, citing what happened as the reason for carrying it. Then what? Do you keep suspending him everyday he shows up with it? Eventually you’d have to fire the dude. What if on his next shift, his gun accidentally discharges and he kills a kid? Now PH is on the hook. I see no other way out for PH in this. Give him a few months’ salary, get him some job counseling, and wish him luck in his future endeavors, but it is not PH’s responsibility to continue to employ this guy if he poses to big a liability for them.

  37. That policy of having no guns is plain retarded. I’d see if he was someone that worked behind a counter where they’re a bit more “safe”, but this guy has to drive all over the city/town and has no protection when walking up to unknown houses and apartments, or just in the street in general.

  38. Dobernala says:

    Its amazing how people here quickly change their tune about corporate policies from “that’s not right” to simply saying “if you don’t like it, don’t do business with them”.

    Pizza Hut is free to have all the policies in the world, but when they fire someone for defending himself in a quite realistically life-or-death situation, it is going to look very bad for Pizza Hut and you damn well bet some of us will speak up.

  39. Diet-Orange-Soda says:

    @fostina1: So it’s your choice to endanger your life in exchange for wages and tips. I’m sure there are plenty of jobs out there that will pay a pizza delivery man’s wages.

  40. arsbadmojo says:

    The right to defend yourself trumps company policy every time for a dangerous job like that.

    And their pizza is really, really horrible.

  41. FightOnTrojans says:

    @Corydon: Well, you gotta be careful about writing off a neighborhood and denying delivery service to that area. Then PH would be setting themselves up for a discrimination lawsuit. Damn our overly-litigious society. This is really a tough one for PH.

  42. TheBigLewinski says:

    @FightOnTrojans: Condom man, This guy did society a favor, he should get a medal for shooting that guy. Maybe next time an armed robber will THINK TWICE before he tries to rob a pizza delivery person. Oh shit, I forgot, the Pizza Hut delivery people are fair game since they are forbiden from carrying guns.

    Hey all you criminals, it’s open season for Pizza Hut Delivery people…

    Condom man your a dumb ass, go vote for Obama.

  43. AD8BC says:

    I agree with most here. He did violate a company policy and should be willing to suffer the consequences. When I worked for Papa Johns in college, we weren’t allowed to carry guns, but about half of us did. The management didn’t ask any questions but indicated that we would be punished if caught. While I don’t agree with the rule, it is up to the employer whether to have that rule or not. I agree with @Sarge1985 on this.

    Even at my current job (in Texas) we are not allowed to carry on the premises, period. I don’t even think that we can keep our guns in our cars in the parking lot, but I am not sure.

    As far as the delivery driver, do I think he made a good decision to open fire? Damn right I do! The thug had it coming, and one’s life is more important than one’s job. Nice shooting, James Spiers!

  44. Tush says:

    OR, we could just not have guns? Or many no automatic weapons? Or maybe just muzzle-loaders.

  45. AD8BC says:

    Wow! Where did all these conservatives come from, especially here on Consumerist! What a pleasant change!

  46. LynchMob52 says:

    I think both the driver and Pizza Hut agree on the whole situation. Pizza Hut cannot have employees driving around with guns (completely understandable) for liability reasons. The driver is not suing for wrongful termination. Pizza Hut basically has their hands tied and are offering this guy everything they can. I definitely will order from Pizza Hut again. I think the media is blowing this out of proportion

  47. Applekid ┬──┬ ノ( ゜-゜ノ) says:

    What this story does is provide a nice tip to muggers.

    “Pizza Hut delivery employees are not permitted to carry guns, so feel free to target them.

    Pizza Hut Executives Working in Buildings that hire Security Firms whose Guard aer Armed to Protect Themselves From You.”

  48. BalknChain says:

    @Corydon: the most we carried was mace. The company knew, but didn’t want to know type thing. I don’t think they wanted to be thought of as condoning a weapon. Like I said, it wouldn’t have helped anyway as my hands were full at the time. I will say, being a small person, I looked like an easy target back then. We always had a LOT of cash on us on weekends too. One run may be 5 deliveries and it could amount to around a $100 before we could get back to the store to deposit it.

  49. unklegwar says:

    Pizza Hut Pizza is a far deadlier weapon.

  50. heavylee-again says:

    “Now a Iowa state senator is calling for a boycott of Pizza Hut”

    Now an Iowa state senator….

    /grammar Nazi

  51. Whitey Fisk says:


    I think it’s quite a different situation when the business being conducted is in his own car. Although he is acting as an agent of Pizza Hut, he is not in an office or other type of building that specifically houses employees of the same company.

    I understand their policy. However, their policy also suggests that they would rather have dead, rather than armed, drivers. There is something wrong with that picture.

  52. deedrit says:


    Bad form Pizza Hut.

  53. Buran says:

    @BalknChain: I hope you filed charges and sued for medical costs?

  54. jimv2000 says:

    @Whitey Fisk:

    “Is it ok for companies to maintain policies that are in direct contravention with an individual’s constitutional rights?”

    Yes. The constitution protects you from the government, not your boss. So it is perfectly legal for a business to say “No guns at work” to their employees.

    The rights that protect you from private entities are civil rights.

  55. jimv2000 says:


    I think I feel sad that someone would get robbed over $100. Seriously…would be robbers, go get a job. It’s easier and safer than robbery. And if you make it into managment, you’ll have a chance at doing both.

  56. Whitey Fisk says:

    @The Count of Monte Fisto:

    I just did. He laughed at me.

  57. morsteen says:

    this over litigous society is starting to stifle our right to live for fucks sake! Human life takes precedent over any policies ever! When oh when is there going to be a decent revolution around here my fucking god. If you forbid through policy our constitutional right to defend ourselves then we are fair game to people who don’t obey the law when will people get this through their thick skull. Same thing goes for our government, doesn’t anyone get that “bad guys” don’t give a shit! and that hangs us well meaning folk out to dry. I SAY FUCK THAT!

  58. I used to work as a driver for Pizza Hut in Indiana and it’s a corporate policy throughout the entire chain.

    During a rash of armed-robberies of pizza-delivery-guys in Fort Wayne, one of my regular customers (every Friday, the same order) asked if I felt nervous, and if I would start carrying a gun.

    I told him “If you ask my on the record, I’ll tell you that Pizza Hut corporate policy explicitly prohibits my carrying of a weapon of any sort. If you ask me off the record, I’ll tell you that I value my life a lot more than I value some $7.50/hr job.”

    He nodded, and I continued on. My lawfully carried/concealed 9mm was in my driver’s fanny-pack for months. You want me to reach in there and get the money out for you? No problem, here ya go. :-)

  59. BalknChain says:

    @Buran: Charges were filed, but the criminal was not caught. By the time police arrived he must have been long gone. The store called the police after I went missing for an extended period of time. The thug left me in a room upstairs, took the guy in cuffs and left. I remember hearing a car leave and I thought it was mine since it was still running. The store gave the police the addresses I was supposed to deliver to last. My car with the sign lit up and door open was how they found me. The police are the ones who said it was all over drugs since he didn’t take my money or car or do worse to me/us. Dominoes paid for all medical, which was just a bump on the head and painkillers and gave me a week paid leave, or longer if I needed to feel better. This was also a franchise, not corporate, store.

  60. From his conference with HR:

    Driver: “When I see a man chasing me with intent to steal my money and my pizza, I shoot the bastard. That’s my policy.”

    Pizza Hut: “And just how did you establish intent?”

    Driver: “Well, when a grown man is chasing a pizza delivery guy with nothing but a handgun and an appetite, I figure he isn’t out collecting for the Red Cross.”

    //Just watched that movie this weekend, had to get it in.

  61. fostina1 says:

    @Diet-Orange-Soda: i only worked part time delivering pizza. in an average 15-20hr week i would double what i made at my real factory job making $12/hour. double/for half the time. pizza delivery is great money. so no, i dont think ill find many jobs that pay that well in todays financial mess.

  62. FightOnTrojans says:

    @TheBigLewinski: Wow, dude, seriously, is that the best you could come up with? How about writing an intelligent rebuttal free of name-calling? I’m entitled to my opinion, and you are entitled to disagree with me, but I said nothing inflammatory or derogatory to anybody, so you are not entitled to flame me. Go away, troll.

    Now, in rebuttal to your rebuttal: Yes, he did everyone (especially other pizza delivery guys) a favor by putting a few caps in this guy’s ass, but he also violated company policy by carrying the gun. The company doesn’t want to be liable for this guy if he happens to shoot the wrong person, so they fire him. In consideration for the situation, they gave him some extra compensation. I see nothing wrong with the company’s actions. The delivery guy knew the consequences of carrying, and he valued his life over his job (as he should). That’s fine as well, but now he has to accept it. Also, now he has to consider whether working in that type of job is worth it anymore.

  63. BalknChain says:

    @jimv2000: Yes, it is very sad and disturbing what some criminals will do for so very little. Like the signs at gas stations stating the attendant only has duch and such money after such and such time, or at all.

  64. BalknChain says:

    @BalknChain: I guess it would be a report was filed with the police since he wasn’t found or ID’ed.

  65. Diet-Orange-Soda says:

    @Derek Balling: Was it even secure? I can’t imagine a gun flopping around in a fanny-pack to be safe.

  66. dragonvpm says:

    Do folks realize that a lot of jobs have explicit rules about not resisting during a robbery? Convenience stores, banks, etc… have policies exactly like that for multiple reasons. A lot of them have to do with liability concerns, but they’re also not as stupid as people seem to think.

    a) If you put up a fight you are a lot more likely to get hurt. If you’re hurt, on the clock, guess who picks up the tab? If your policy is anything other than actively discouraging employees from fighting back, guess what that does to your insurance premiums even if no one ever gets hurt?

    b) In general, people are not great shots without a fair bit of training. In emergency/high stress situations, that accuracy gets even worse. Forget about the guy shooting the thief, imagine the mess if he’d shot an innocent bystander or the thieves had gotten away unharmed. Would people be so quick to defend him if he’d done exactly the same thing, but his aim was a little off and he killed someone else and their family was on TV crying about the senseless violence?

    c)Pizza Hut seems to be doing a fair bit to help him out. Most people who get fired from jobs like that would be out on their asses with their last check and nothing more. He’s getting 2 months of severance, counseling and job search help? That sounds like “We’re sorry, but we have to fire you because otherwise our liability exposure with you and with all our other drivers will go through the roof”

  67. CannibalCrowley says:

    I guess it’s time for the driver to sue Pizza Hut for putting him through a traumatic event and potentially causing PTSD.

  68. GearheadGeek says:

    @Kat@Work: Well Kat, here in TX they can fire you for any damn thing they please, it’s a “right to work” state doncha know. (Technically I think they call it “employment at will” but they like to call it “right to work” when they’re arguing against closed-shop union situations.)

    Pizza Hut could just as easily fire a Texas employee who’s carrying in violation of their policy.

  69. Diet-Orange-Soda says:

    @fostina1: I underestimated your delivery pay but that still doesn’t change the fact that it’s your choice to work there.

    Are there any valid statistics on how many robberies end up with nobody getting hurt (minus a light wallet) versus when the victim pulls a concealed carry?

  70. rolla says:

    screw pizza hut…i live dominoes anyway.

  71. flidget says:

    It sucks, but I’m assuming he was aware of the policy and decided, as Derek Balling said, that if it came down to it, he put his life before his job, and it did come to that. Even he doesn’t seem to think it’s unfair – they’re getting him the counseling he wanted, and two months pay on top of that.

    If Pizza Hut policy says explicitly that they have to fire any employee who carries a weapon, then what else can they do in this situation without the exception setting a dangerous precedent? What happens next month, when someone gets robbed at a customer’s doorstep, pulls out their gun, and hits the customer by mistake? [Potential Consumerist headline: “Pizza Hut Delivers Pizza Outside Thirty Minute Window, Kills Your Wife”]

  72. Pro-Pain says:

    I’m not a big fan of Pizza Hut as is. I don’t know how to feel about this. You can’t just let pizza delivery guys carry guns. That’s crazy. If the neighborhood is that bad, move your business or such. Go in pairs. Just give ’em the money…

  73. rjs34 says:

    I am sure they have their no weapons policy so that they are not liable for anything that happens if something like this does occur but you would think their lawyers could have some sort of waiver that they would have to sign saying that PH is not responsible etc etc. This way criminals wouldn’t know who was packing and who wasn’t and PH would not be liable. Win Win.

  74. SacraBos says:

    Pizza Hut has now announced open season to the whole criminal world that their drivers are unarmed and carrying cash. No bag limit.

    Stupid. They better get ready for the lawsuit that occurs next time an unarmed driver with a Conceal-Carry license that gets injured/killed.

    You’re in my prayers, James. You did what you had to do.

  75. Kat@Work says:


    Wasn’t being serious, doncha know. ;)

    Just trying to get ahead of the people who think everyone in Texas is a gun nut before they started. :P

  76. GearheadGeek says:

    How are delivery drivers making any money with these fuel prices anyway? I’m expecting suburban pizza delivery to fade away at $4/gallon.

  77. KogeLiz says:

    @Whitey Fisk: Yes. I cannot tell my co-workers to fuck off and call them racist names and be expected not to be fired because of the right to free speech.

  78. Red_Eye says:

    @Whitey Fisk: Georgia HR 89 would cover this, basically the employer couldn’t say bubkiss.

  79. Xay says:

    @SacraBos: The criminal world already knew. Pizza delivery drivers have been getting attacked for years.

  80. Black Bellamy says:

    I have a gub. Give me all your cash!

  81. thejackalope says:

    I’m an assistant at a Domino’s in Texas (I hate the place, but it’s letting me pay my way through college.) We don’t allow drivers to carry weapons of any sort, but we also don’t allow drivers to carry more than $20 at a time. And yes, we’ve lost customers who only had a 100 dollar bill to pay.

  82. milqtost says:

    @Byzantine: I would guess that Pizza Hut would rather he just gave them the money and let them get away. That is the policy most companies have because it *usually* prevents people from getting shot while “playing the hero.”

    It also prevents Pizza Hut from getting sued. You just KNOW that if some driver went all postal on a bad tipper and shot him (or even if they defended themselves and a bystander was shot), Pizza Hut would get their asses sued off.

  83. ThinkerTDM says:

    Is the guy in the picture Tim Robbins?

  84. Buran says:

    @FightOnTrojans: I don’t think it was name-calling more than it was a pun on your username, which I didn’t even pick up on the first time I read your comments and his.

    A lot more people think of the condom than the Greeks hiding in the big wooden horse, since people as a whole are ignorant of history…

  85. BigBoat says:

    Pizza Hut has every right to prohibit employees from carrying firearms. In fact, I agree with it. The drivers that need to be packing because of their awful routes…well that’s ok too. As long as Pizza Hut doesn’t start random employees frisks, I think everyone can end up well enough. Situations like this one may look like a conflict, but I think everyone (well, not the crook) acted correctly.

  86. FightOnTrojans says:

    @axiomatic: Ok, but I get the feeling that what will most likely happen is that you will now have two victimized employees, not just one. I think they should just take cash out of the equation. Then there is no incentive for someone to knock-off a pizza guy since he has no cash (except for the tips that he should be getting). Accept payment via credit card or debit card only, either over the phone or online, and this all goes away.

  87. modenastradale says:

    I’m definitely with the company on this one, and that’s a rare occasion, believe me.

    Pizza Hut cannot have its drivers running around with concealed weapons. Have you ordered a pizza lately? The drivers are usually high as kites, which is risky enough. The last thing customers need to e thinking is: “gee, I wonder if this kid is going to think I’m a killer robot and shoot me.”

    What happened here is that the guy violated a plainly desirable company policy, but nevertheless had a good result due to chance. It doesn’t change the fact that a sensitive and important policy was violated.

    My guess is the Iowa state senator is just grandstanding because he received a few thousand dollars from handgun lobbyists.

  88. mmcnary says:

    There are several concealed-carry fanny packs that hold a pistol quite snugly, yet allow for quick access.

  89. adamcz says:

    Pizza Hut is 100% in the right. We live in a democracy; hence if a company wants to have a no guns, no exposed tattoos, no smoking, no drinking on the ob, etc policy, this is their right.

    If you want to carry a gun to work, find a company that allows it and submit an application. Or start your own gun toting company – that’s your right as well.

  90. louveciennes says:

    I would be happy to boycott Pizza Hut, seeing as how horrifically vomitous their pizza is.

  91. bohemian says:

    @ceejeemcbeegee: Des Moines has a few convenience stores where all the product is behind glass and you have to talk to the clerk through a bank teller type bulletproof window in order to buy anything. Parts of Deth Moans are not that great.

  92. jswilson64 says:

    @Whitey Fisk: Yes, it’s OK. Pizza Hut never ratified the Constitution, so they’re not bound by it.

  93. Jordan Lund says:

    The reason Pizza Hut has this policy is because if, while acting as a Pizza Hut employee, someone shoots someone else it opens Pizza Hut for litigation.

    It should be any surprise that they ban employees from packing.

  94. bohemian says:

    Give Pizza Hut drivers copies of the local most wanted list and deputize them. Could solve two problems.

  95. MDSasquatch says:

    Next Question – How long before this would-be-robber sues Pizza Hut, settles out of court and rolls off into the sunset with a pocket-full of money?

  96. spinachdip says:

    @Whitey Fisk: I had the exact same question when my boss told me to quarter a soldier.

  97. spinachdip says:

    @MDSasquatch: Never, because Pizza Hut had explicitly forbade drivers from carrying weapons, and even went so far as to fire an employee who ran afoul of the policy.

  98. Delivering pizza is a dangerous job. If I delivered pizza in a crappy area I’d bring a gun. I could care less about some crappy policy. I’d rather keep my life.

    PIZZA HUT YOU MORON, why not make a new line of advertising where your pizza boy shoots up some thugs. That would let the american people know not to mess with pizza boys, and it would you win you much street cred.

    I wouldn’t order a pizza with the intention of robbing the pizza guy if I knew they waz packin. Sheet.

  99. Imakeholesinu says:


    That’d be a pretty weak case.

    Something in there policies probably says Pizza hut doesn’t condone the behavior of employees that operate outside the store area.

  100. Moosehawk says:

    I’m with pizza hut on this one.

    The driver went against the rules and carried a hand gun with him on deliveries. If he had delivered my pizza I probably would have been a little scared. Probably not a good idea to have your drivers carry guns.

    Luckily for him, he went against the rules and it paid off.

    At least they’re paying for his counseling.

  101. Moosehawk says:

    @MDSasquatch: The delivery driver wasn’t breaking any laws. He had a permit, he’s allowed to carry it by law. The only rule he’s breaking is one set by his employer, which wouldn’t apply in court.

    The suspect on the other hand, attempted armed robbery. Spilling coffee on your lap is one thing, but attempting murder and suing?

  102. flamincheney says:

    He broke policy. He also saved Pizza Hut the liability of having a driver killed while out on delivery.

    As a former HR director I would have suspended him with pay (no tips), while encouraging him to find a better (read: different) job or offered him a kitchen job instead. I would have followed it up with a carpet bomb to all stores reiterating company policy, and stressing zero tolerance.

    By doing this you can:
    – reinforce company policy
    – avoid any negative PR
    – acted in a way that was morally/ethically correct

    What PH did was make what was a PR disaster that was averted, and not only drew attention to it but made it worse through their HR bungholery.

    I guess it is the product of an overly litigious society.

  103. randombob says:

    I think you said it best, actually. Yeah it sucks that he lost his job (delivering pizzas, people, c’mon) over the matter, but in the bigger scheme of things? PH does not want to condone this behavior in any way; it’s a BIG liability issue.

    they’re helping the guy out. I think PH is probably right on this one: Let the guy take the damned pizza and whatever low stash of cash the guy has and be done with it. Not worth all the other possible costs to have drivers armed. And if you DO feel like packing heat, go ahead; just be aware that if you DO shoot somebody, your employer is probably not going to say “good job Joe-Schmoe!”

    Everyone wants to be Rambo, but the reality is that someone’s going to shoot the wrong person and much will go wrong from that.

  104. Dobernala says:


    “He broke policy’

    Heaven forbid he try to keep himself from being killed on the job.

    “As a former HR director I would have suspended him with pay (no tips), while encouraging him to find a better (read: different) job or offered him a kitchen job instead. I would have followed it up with a carpet bomb to all stores reiterating company policy, and stressing zero tolerance.”

    I have zero tolerance for stupidity. I will never buy from Pizza Hut again until they apologize and offer him his job back.

    “- acted in a way that was morally/ethically correct”

    In actuality, quite the opposite.

  105. flamincheney says:

    Don’t get me wrong I am totally condemning Pizza Hut for what they did. All I was saying is that there were ways of handling this in house that would have benefitted all parties.

    They essentially made bad decisions.

    I would boycott Pizza Hut, but haven’t been there since sometime in the late 1980’s

  106. Dobernala says:

    “PH does not want to condone this behavior in any way; it’s a BIG liability issue.”

    Pizza Hut isn’t condoing bad behavior. The driver acted in legitimate self-defense. He was almost killed by the robber.

    “they’re helping the guy out.”

    Yeah, I guess telling people that they should allow themselves to be shot instead of defending themselves is “helping the guy out” LOL!

    “I think PH is probably right on this one”

    Pizza Hut will be seeing no more of my or my family’s business.

    “Not worth all the other possible costs to have drivers armed.”

    But is it worth a nationwide boycott?

    “Everyone wants to be Rambo, but the reality is that someone’s going to shoot the wrong person and much will go wrong from that. “

    What does defending yourself against someone who is threatening to kill you have to do with being “Rambo”? Do you even know what the Rambo character was, in comparison to the Pizza Hut driver? Idiot.

  107. AdmiralApathy says:

    If this guy got a new job at Walmart would you show your receipt?

  108. Dobernala says:

    @flamincheney: You would have suspended him. That is all I need to hear and that would be enough for me to say “no more” to your business.

    You put your pocketbook ahead of someone’s personal safety. Scumbag.

  109. Gawg says:

    Many years ago I delivered pizza. One afternoon one of the girls who normally made pizzas took a delivery to a local bank. She was found dead a few hours later. It is a dangerous job. If I did it today I would carry a gun.

  110. Interl0per says:

    I used to work for one, and it is against policy to carry any weapons, even mace or tasers.

    In the end it was a stupid thing to do, your own life is not worth the $100 (drivers are not supposed to carry over this amount). He should have just given up the cash and contacted police.

    Granted, given the opportunity to cap a piece of **** robber I probably would have too.

    Pizza Hut’s handling of the situation seems pretty sloppy though. Meh, their pie sucks anyways.

  111. Moosehawk says:

    @Dobernala: So you’re saying all pizza delivery drivers should be carrying handguns?

    I’m glad they don’t put you in charge.

  112. Diet-Orange-Soda says:

    @Dobernala: Almost killed and threatened are two different things. It’s likely he would’ve been fine with no gun by handing over the money.

  113. PlanetExpressdelivery says:

    At least the guy he shot was a real “winner”


    That profile just screams “I’m going to have 10 kids and live on welfare for the rest of my life”.

  114. The Porkchop Express says:

    While I don’t agree with their policy, I think they haven’t done anything wrong by firing him for breaking the rules of his employment. I actually give them credit for giving him pay and the counseling.

    Last time I got fired, they just told me to leave and that they would send my last paycheck.

  115. Zaos says:

    Their pizza sucks as is. This is another reason to not buy from them, thanks consumerist.

  116. EBounding says:

    “It’s likely he would’ve been fine with no gun by handing over the money.”

    It’s attitudes like this that embolden these lowlifes.

    Pizza Hut ought to change their policy. If the driver defended himself with a knife, or with the thug’s gun, he wouldn’t have been fired? That’s ridiculous. Their no gun policy is simply so they don’t attract negative PR at the risk of their drivers who are able to defend themselves.

  117. GreatMoose says:


    How do you know he would have been fine if he just handed over the money? Is some piece of human debris has the wherewithall to hold a gun to your head, what’s to say he doesn’t have the stones to go ahead and kill you once he has the money, if for no other reason than to leave no witness? You people that think that “just do what they say and they’ll leave me alone” truly scare me. What’s it like being a doormat?

  118. blameME says:

    If I find myself delivering pizza for a living at age 38, I’ll shoot MYSELF.

  119. Buran says:

    @mmcnary: And some are explicitly designed for that purpose.

  120. picardia says:

    Pizza Hut was within their rights. I’m glad for his sake on that day that he was armed, but he might have done as well to carry a taser or mace, which might not be banned and would’ve protected him.

  121. Buran says:

    @flamincheney: There are studies out there that show that when concealed-carry laws exist such that you don’t know who is carrying and who isn’t, deaths actually go DOWN. If you know that your intended victim is NOT carrying for sure, that person has a higher chance of being killed due to not offering resistance/fighting back.

  122. IrisMR says:

    @flamincheney: He saved his own ass. There’s always a fat chance that garbage of a human being would’ve still shot him.

    Have a gun? Shoot him. Thanks for ridding the world of yet another defficient human being.

    I won’t boycott Pizza Hut… Because I never eat their crappy pizza anyway.

  123. Shutaro says:

    “Since then the Deliverator has kept the gun in the glove compartment and relied, instead, on a matched set of samurai swords, which have always been his weapon of choice anyhow. The punks in Gila Highlands weren’t afraid of the gun, so the Deliverator was forced to use it. But swords need no demonstration.”

  124. crichton007 says:

    I don’t buy from these guys anyway. Oh, and I don’t live in Iowa either.

  125. xint says:

    @FightOnTrojans: nah… see, now you’re criminalizing someone that is not a criminal. If the gentleman would at least get suspended, in the time being he can for sure get counseling and briefed on departmental policies.

    …and something tells you this guy would carry the gun anyway?
    What exactly is that ‘thing’ that tells you that?
    Do you know the guy personally?

  126. EBounding says:

    So is Pizza Hut’s policy specifically against guns, or is it against self defense in general?

    Either way, they’re wrong.

  127. jimconsumer says:

    @fordpickup: Personally, I would rather not have coworkers toting guns around. Remember when postal workers had a high mortality rate due to the instability of their peers?

    Right. Because if one of your coworkers decides he’s going on an office shooting spree, your company’s “no guns allowed” policy is totally going to stop him.


  128. synergy says:

    So why not just hand over the money? Other than the tips, it’s not his money. Chances are he wouldn’t get shot if he just handed over the money.

  129. FightOnTrojans says:

    @xint: I didn’t say anything about sending him to jail or making him pay a fine.

    The “thing” that’s telling me that he would continue to carry is the idea that, if I were in his shoes, and carrying a gun saved my life, I would probably continue carrying the gun, rules be damned. I still won’t fault PH for their actions here. The quality of their product, OTOH, is a different issue.

  130. Shadowfire says:

    There’s an important question that hasn’t been asked, as far as I’ve seen. Who owned the car?

    If the driver owned the car, then Pizza Hut doesn’t really have any say on what he carries in the car. It may be a company policy, but how is the policy worded? May not carry a weapon while on the clock, or while on Pizza Hut property? I’m betting it is the latter.

    My company forbids weapons on site. However, if I’m driving somewhere for a meeting, the policy does not forbid me from keeping a firearm in the glove box.

  131. Shadowfire says:

    @synergy: There has been more than one occasion of a robbery going bad after workers paid up – I can remember one not long ago in NYC, at a BK. The clerks gave the robbers the money, and to thank them for their trouble, the bastards tied up and shot the clerks in the back room.

    So no, handing over the money is not a guarantee that you’ll survive.

  132. forgottenpassword says:

    I really hate these idiotic blanket policies.

    Yeah yeah yeah, its generally accepted that an employee of almost all companies should not carry a firearm/weapon while on the job, BUT some jobs are inherently dangerous & a dont ask, dont tell policy should be tolerated. Dont ask if I have a gun & i wont tell……AND if I am FORCED to use it to legitimately save my life…. then give me a slap on the wrist & let me keep my job. Would you prefer I DIE for my job?

    I have carried firearms while working security jobs in the past. Without my employer’s knowledge on some, because the job was potentially dangerous. You’d be amazed at how some security companies will just basically have you work a VERY dangerous post with nothing but a flashlight to protect yourself. Its idiotic. They care more about their own liability issues than they do their employee’s safety…. in other words, they prefer you die than you protect yourself & possibly invite a lawsuit.

  133. ecwis says:

    If you don’t want to follow the company’s policies, work for a different company. It’s that simple. Kudos to Pizza Hut.

    It actually scares me to let an armed stranger in or near my house.

    Wouldn’t most people order from the pizza company that doesn’t have armed deliverymen?

  134. Shadowfire says:

    @ecwis: No, I’d rather order from the pizza joint with the friendly delivery man, who gets me my pizza on time, possibly stopping to grab me a six pack on the way, so I can give him a huge tip. I don’t give a damn if he’s carrying – as long as the guy’s friendly, and especially if he’s willing to go above and beyond, that’s the place I order from.

  135. chrylis says:

    @officeboy: Moderately good try, but points off for minor grammatical errors and trying to cram too many troll-topics into too short a post. 6/10

  136. ClayS says:

    @Moosehawk: “The driver went against the rules and carried a hand gun with him on deliveries. If he had delivered my pizza I probably would have been a little scared.”

    My guess is that if the robber that put a gun to the driver’s head came to your house, you would be a lot more scared.

    I think it’s largely good that some of the drivers are legally carrying concealed weapons. It no doubt provides a deterent to would be robbers for the rest of the delivery people. Except for the Pizza Hut drivers, that is…the word is out that they are required to be unarmed.

  137. ClayS says:

    Don’t you know the definition of a conservative? It’s a liberal that’s been mugged.

  138. AustinTXProgrammer says:

    I have worked for lots of companies that prohibit employees from possessing weapons, sadly it seems to be standard boilerplate. Mace, Taser, even pocket knives could count in a typical interpretation.

    I have a CHL and company policies are certainly a factor when deciding where to work.

    As for putting coworkers and customers in danger, that’s hogwash. The licensee should understand the concept of a proper holster. The licensee shouldn’t handle the weapon in a public place. A handgun properly secured in a holster is NOT going to discharge if it is left alone.

  139. Buran says:

    @Moosehawk: The very nature of concealed carry means that anyone you meet could be carrying. If that concerns you, never go out in public.

    You’re not supposed to even draw your gun unless you are in real danger. So you should not know who is/isn’t carrying unless something happens.

  140. Difdi says:

    While there may be liability for Pizza Hut if a driver shoots someone…what about the liability of denying an employee the means of self defense while occupied in a dangerous job, but not providing that employee any protection to replace what is lost by corporate fiat? Wrongful death suit, anyone?

  141. Gosh, when I used to deliver pizza my best friend/coworker was carjacked and beaten within an inch of his life. It was a fake order… wouldn’t have happened if management did a call-back. He got away by scaling a fence topped with barbed wire while the bad guys were distracted with trying to run him over with his own truck. My coworker ran to the first building he saw which… ta-da…. just happened to be the police heliport. The cops were in the air in minutes and caught the guys. There were 3 other drivers from different pizza places that they had done this to. They each got 25 year sentences. My friend was in the hospital for 2 weeks.(KPJB – you’re still my hero, even though you turned into a dick.)

    What I wonder is, what other policies did Pizza Hut decide it was ok to ignore that put this driver in harms way to begin with? Like the call-back policy… did they ignore that? Have they fired the manager for not doing the required call-back?

  142. lincolnparadox says:

    @Whitey Fisk: I agree. If he was driving his own vehicle, which I’m sure he was since Pizza Hut rarely has their own fleet, then it was his right to defend himself.

    Parts of Des Moines are kinda crappy and carrying a weapon might not be a bad policy if you’re carrying around lots of money and food.

  143. kyle4 says:

    I’ve always wondered what would happen if a guy was getting mugged and pulled out his own weapon and capped them.

    On a serious note, what would have happened if he murdered the guy who put the gun to his head? Would get lots of jail time or would he get off in self defense?

    He should be able to get another job after Pizza Hut fired him.

  144. @ceejeemcbeegee:

    ioWHAT now biiiiiiitch?

  145. D-Bo says:

    @fordpickup: That was a media fallacy, according to the CDC “Extensive media coverage of work-related homicides at U.S. Postal Service facilities raised the concern about whether postal workers are at increased risk for work-related homicide, particularly from those committed by disgruntled coworkers. Based on national surveillance data, neither the Postal Service industry nor postal occupations are among the groups at increased risk for work-related homicide”


    I would rather have guns in the hands of responsible law abiding citizens.

    Apparently Pizza Hut would rather be sued by the family of an employee killed on the job than the family of a criminal killed by one of there employees in self defense. It probably has more to do with insurance statistics and PR than anything else…

  146. Orv says:

    @kylo4: It would probably be self defense. Generally once your life is in danger you’re allowed to respond with deadly force. In some states (e.g., Florida) your life doesn’t even have to be in danger; you just have to feel threatened.

  147. Orv says:

    @ClayS: I think the correlary is that a liberal is a conservative who’s just been downsized. ;)

  148. jimconsumer says:

    @ecwis: It actually scares me to let an armed stranger in or near my house.

    That’s unfortunate. Why are you so afraid? I’m an armed stranger. I’ve never hurt anyone. You know, guns are no scarier than knives. In fact, more people get hurt every day from knives than from guns. Yet I’m willing to bet you invite people to your home and hand them knives with which to cut their dinner on a regular basis.

    Don’t be afraid of guns. Don’t even be afraid of the people carrying them. Most of us are good, level headed people.

  149. Orv says:

    @D-Bo: I think it has to do with them not wanting their employees to get killed in order to save the company a couple hundred bucks. In almost every situation it’s safer to just hand over the money than to try to play hero. Not saying that was necessarily the case this time, but those are the way the odds shake out.

  150. StevieD says:

    The ex-employee agreed to the PH rules in exchange for employment. As a private entity PH is allowed to limit the actions of their employees. If PH wants their employees to wear a pink tutu with matching thong the employees must abide by the PH dress code or seek a new job. Coversely if PH prohibits an employee from wearing a D button adverstising D’s Tuesday special, PH is well within their rights as a private entity.

    PH has a rule about firearms. Whether the employee agrees or disagrees with the rules, as an employee the rules must be followed or risk losing the job.

    The employee violated the terms of his employment, the employee lost his job. Absolutely correct action.

  151. GearheadGeek says:

    @kylo4: I cannot say what the policy is in Iowa, but in Texas in general if you’re defending yourself you are at very low risk of prosecution for shooting someone. In a case like this one, in which the assailant was himself armed with a handgun, unless his family hired some sleazebag to dispute whether or not the gun with his prints on it found next to the body was actually his, you’d probably never experience any legal repercussions for killing the assailant. I think that’s as it should be.

  152. StevieD says:


    Most, not all.

  153. drjayphd says:

    @PlanetExpressdelivery: Color me surprised no one’s commented on his page with this:

  154. BugMeNot2 says:

    @coan_net: Still a better headline than “Pizza Hut Fires YOU For Shooting Armed Robber Trying To Rob YOU” …

  155. Bunklung says:

    1) I can totally understand why Pizza Hut has a no guns policy. I’m sure there would be more accidental shootings than not. They might not even be able to get insurance for their company without this kind of policy…

    2) If you want to carry a gun legally, do so, it may save your life at the expense of your job. Choose your poison.

    3) They guy lived. I’m sure at his next pizza delivery job, he’ll stick pack a gun regardless of company policy.

    So if anyone doesn’t understand why 99% of companies don’t allow employee’s to have guns, please do some research.

    If you hate Pizza Hut, hate em for their bad pizza.

    If you hate guns, hate em so more. I don’t think this example with aid you in your crusade. PS. ban knives too

    Dear criminals, think twice before you mug a pizza delivery man.

    Guns: 1
    Criminals: 0

  156. ajones4 says:

    Giving people guns will reduce gun related crime.

    This and more nonsense at 9.

  157. WolfDemon says:

    You don’t hear anyone elses side of the the story because it’s Pizza Hut’s policy to not talk to the press except for higher up managers. If you do go to the press you will be terminated.

  158. ViperBorg says:

    @Byzantine: Apparently.

  159. Don’t you guys get it?! Pizza Hut cannot tolerate. loose cannons who don’t play by the book to solve the case, erm-I mean deliver the pizza.

    /Did he pull the weapon and start saying: “I know what your thinking, punk: is he carrying six dollars or only five? Well, in all these deliveries, I’ve kinda lost track myself…”

    //Sorry if I’m going overboard with Dirty Harry in this thread.

  160. D-Bo says:

    @Orv: Screw saving money, I’m more concerned about saving my life. This whole just give up and be a victim nonsense, is just that. Give an attacker everything they want and you’ll be safe right, unless they want your life?

  161. IrisMR says:

    @Bay State Darren: They seem to prefer traumatized pizzamen that get a gun in their faces.

  162. Diet-Orange-Soda says:

    @jimconsumer: “In fact, more people get hurt every day from knives than from guns.”

    Not the case with me… I prepare dinner with a handgun. That shit is *HARD* to control when you’re aiming at some little bits of parsley.

  163. Lucky225 says:

    I’m already boycotting pizza hut here b/c they refuse credit card without photo ID, ironically if it is delivered, the driver aks for neither the card or ID

  164. Tijil says:

    C’mon, every Pizza Hut employee who was ever rude to a customer or who gave a buddy a free pizza or even a soda probably broke company rules, too.

    Suspend the poor guy if you have to, but don’t fire him for protecting his life.

    If it is “generally known” that “Pizza Hut drivers are unarmed and easy targets” how safe does that make it to be a Pizza Hut driver (or even an inside Pizza Hut employee) if some bad guy wants a few extra bucks?


    Let Pizza Hut know your opinion.


  165. witeowl says:


    “It’s likely he would’ve been fine with no gun by handing over the money.”

    It’s attitudes like this that embolden these lowlifes.

    Really? Because the police generally encourage this attitude of delivery drivers, taxi drivers, convenience clerks, and just about anyone else who has a good chance of being robbed. Don’t try to be a hero. Give the scumbag what it’s asking for, make good observations so you can be a good witness, and let law enforcement do its job.

    Are the police trying to embolden lowlifes?

  166. forgottenpassword says:


    I think its because police dont want to be seen as encouraging/advocating anyone to use deadly force even to protect themself. Its a way for the police to err on the side of caution when it is looked at as giving advice.

    I always found it a bit disturbing that when someone uses deadly force to defend themselves…. that the police typically say something like “we wont be filing charges” on the person (as if the person who defended their life had done something wrong, but the police are giving them a break).

    IMO protecting oneself when being being threatened with deadly force is a personal choice. You can choose to HOPE you wont be killed if you cooperate, or you can fight back when threatened to defend your life.

    People are a strange bunch, some will be very passive & basically give up their life when threatened, while others will fight tooth & nail. I am of the latter.

  167. ecwis says:

    @jimconsumer: When I order pizza, it’s usually very late at night and it involves opening my door when I’m alone and compromising my safety by opening the door, letting a stranger inside, etc. And I certainly wouldn’t invite you (some random person online) into my house late at night but that’s just me.

    If I can choose a company that doesn’t allow pizza men (who could likely be former convicts and/or current criminals) to be armed, I would definitely choose that company.

    I typically don’t eat dinner with complete strangers. Also, kitchen knives at least require more strength and effort to kill someone than a gun does.

    I am in no way against the right to carry a gun. I just think the employers’ policies should be respected.

  168. GrandizerGo says:

    Hmmm, I didn’t read all responses, but I seriously doubt that when he had the gun at his head, he pulled out his gun and shot the guy 3 times!
    I think it is mopre likely that he had the gun at his head, gave up the money, as the a-hole was leaving, dude caps him 3 times.
    If that is what happened, he damn right should have been fired. Not only does he fire after the robbery when he is NO longer in danger, but now he makes other delivery guys more susceptible to being shot as well, as now the crooks don’t know if the driver has a weapon. if he has, they can take it from him and they have another gun.
    The fact is that as these guys get out of their vehicles, unless the piece is in their hand, they can be robbed at gunpoint long before they can get their weapon ready.
    In my neighborhood, once it is dark, Dominoes won’t deliver.

  169. delphi_ote says:

    If the robber had fired first instead of the driver, then what? This guy decided playing Rambo to protect his pizza tips was worth endangering his life and putting his employer at risk of a lawsuit. His employer followed through on their policy.

    Sorry, Weekend Warriors. Pizza guy escalated a mugging to a shoot out over petty cash. I wouldn’t employ him, either.

  170. ninjatales says:

    Dude tries to fire at delivery man.
    Delivery man fires at the dude.
    Big dude fires delivery man.

    Dude! That just ain’t right.

  171. x23 says:


    In almost every situation it’s safer to just hand over the money than to try to play hero. Not saying that was necessarily the case this time, but those are the way the odds shake out.

    care to cite those statistics you mentioned? thanks.

  172. EBounding says:

    “If I can choose a company that doesn’t allow pizza men (who could likely be former convicts and/or current criminals) to be armed, I would definitely choose that company.”

    This reasoning is just so specious. If a pizza guy is coming to your house to mug or kill you, I don’t think the company’s no gun policy is going to stop them.

  173. candace21 says:

    I suppose I understand both sides of this, but I’d imagine Pizza Hut will cave on this one.

  174. dlab says:

    Sad he got fired for defending himself. If I was a pizza delivery guy, I would carry a concealed weapon on my person at all times. Screw company policy.

    I’ll sign on for a boycott.

  175. kbarrett says:

    Hey … the worst thing Pizza Hut could have done was to let him keep his job.

    At this point, the man has a chance to avoid being doomed to remain … a pizza boy.

  176. kbarrett says:

    @candace21: Pizza Hut won’t cave. Too many liability issues for them.

    I’d been in a similar situation myself … forced to draw a properly permitted CCW pistol on a mugger … then fired for doing it while on company time.

    I went out and got a better job, with folks who considered my actions laudable.

  177. Sian says:

    @Moosehawk: If he had delivered my pizza I probably would have been a little scared.

    Why? do you have x-ray vision to spot his concealed handgun? And if you do have x-ray vision, why are you scared of a pizza delivery guy when you can give him cancer?

  178. Sian says:

    Are the police trying to embolden lowlifes?

    No, they’re just not obligated to protect you from them. (they ARE obligated to try and catch your murderer however.)

  179. overbysara says:

    I’m glad he stook up for himself.

  180. danhill says:
  181. Anonymous says:

    if you would of listened when you got hired you would of heard that under pizza huts policy is that if you get robbed you give them what you want most of the time its your money and your food thats all. i have been deliverying for along time for several companies and pizza hut is one of should of been very clear that if you carry a weapon while your on the clock and you are caught with that weapon you will be fired on the let off a few rounds.your lucky that he didnt come back with a few of his pizza hut was justified in firing the individual.and if your wondering i have been robbed twice and wasnt physically injured on ADVICE to anyone who deliveries for a living needs to listen to what the company tells you what to do in case of robbery.if you cant handle it you need to find another job.