$25 Million Counterfeit Goods Ring Busted In NY-NJ

If you live in the NYC area, one thing you probably won’t be spending your stimulus check on now is a pair of shiny new fake Nikes—or ersatz Louis Vuittons, packs of imitation Duracell batteries, or faux-Timberland boots. Police raided three warehouses in Long Island, Queens, and New Jersey yesterday and seized $25 million worth of counterfeit goods (including 20,000 Nike knock-offs) that they suspect were imported from China, as well as “printing and other equipment used to make and stamp fake logos on the items.”

The authorities said they believed the goods were sold at flea markets, street fairs and other places in the region. They added that they were still investigating the operation, which they said they believed had links to China. The police said they seized records of money transferred to banks in China.

“Police Seize Fake Goods Worth Millions” [The New York Times]
(Photo: Tet_Sy)

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