New Number To Reach US-Based Verizon DSL Customer Service

Here’s a new number to replace the old number we posted that directly connects you to US-Based, native English-speaking Verizon DSL reps in Columbus, OH (strangely, the old number is now a busy signal, I wonder why). The tipster who passed the number off says the Columbus “Get Conected DSL Gate, “has no handle time (east gate is notorious for passing people off or making up RTVs (return to vendors) because “floor walkers” pester people after times get past 13 minutes) and can help with as many supported issues as you want.” The number is 614-219-5927 (the old, non-working number was 614-219-5900).

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  1. ehrgeiz says:

    FYI this is the company that was known as calltech, they hire anyone and everyone there so you can get someone who’s native language is not english. Its honestly one of the worst companies to work for.

  2. cde says:


  3. Verdigris says:

    When are companies going to realize that handle time tracking does nothing but make customers hate you?

    The company I take calls for is just starting to see that, and our calls per hour stat is going down and they are now tracking something they call “First Call Resolution:.

    The CPH stat is still tracked, but just lower and doesn’t make your stats look as bad.


  4. Nighthawke says:

    @Verdigris: About G-dammed time they finally saw the light! Suits should know better when you got POed custies playing whack a mole with your branch office equipment, threatening installers with firearms, ball bats, or worse.

  5. VermilionSparrow says:

    The “Get Connected” queue is designed for special needs customers. Basically, the elderly and disabled. That’s why there’s no handle time.

    Used to be that if you had more than 3 calls in 24 hours you would automatically get transferred to “Chronic Care”, which was also a US-based call center (Telvista in Dallas, I used to work there), but you still had about a 50% chance of getting a non-native speaker of English, and about a 67% chance of getting someone who didn’t know anything about computers. AHT on that line was a generous 17 minutes…

  6. am84 says:

    I like the picture a lot.

  7. drylooplz says:

    I was the Verizon story last weekend. The best tech in my area was dispatched since I had emailed the CEO. He said you were more likely to get routed to the Indian call centers if calling from a cellphone, and to try from a landline.

    (we only have VOIP and cells of course)

  8. smint says:

    RTV is internal acronym-age for “return to vendor”
    What that means is that in timed gates people are sometimes asked to make up reasons why it’s the computer’s problem and not Verizon’s.

    CallTech is now Teleperformance and it’s only the “worst company to work for” if you get stuck with the retards and ghetto trash in the non-Verizon project.
    I’m in school and it’s the easiest damn job on earth. Near-campus jobs pay way less. It’s only a bad place to work if you’re an idiot and come in late all the time.

    PROTIP: stop giving a shit about our retarded 8am-7pm access hours. If you have a state with a non-lazy MCO (some states have techs that run up to your door, knock and then run back to their van and mark you as not at home) they’ll come and check your house’s exterior connections.
    Just say you’ll be home on the earliest date they give you and go to work anyways. They’ll fix what they can (likely everything) and you’ll avoid wasting a day sitting on your ass.
    That or avoid DSL’s inherent shittiness and use cable.

  9. danseuse322 says:

    This # is always busy and I am ready for the BBB again–which is the only way I got help before. I seriously think I hate them!