Geek Squad Soaks Your Computer, Blames You

waterapplesmallStill think using Geek Squad to repair your computer isn’t such a bad idea? That’s what reader Nicole thought when she took her laptop in for a warranty covered repair. The laptop was sent off to a service center, “repaired”, then sent back. She immediately noticed it had the same exact problem and sent it back 48 hours later. This time, she was told the warranty wouldn’t cover it, as the Blue Screen of Death was now being caused by water damage. Nicole pointed out that there wasn’t water damage the first time it was repaired for the exact same problem two days ago. Geek Squad responded by quoting her $775 for the repair. The details, below.

UPDATE: Geek Squad Replaces Soaked Computer For Free

Best Buy ruined my computer.
Big surprise right?

Over a month ago my computer suddenly started having blue screens and when I would try to start it up it would give me an lsass.exe error. Well I brought it in to geek squad because it was still under warranty and they shipped it out to their service center. It came back with a new keyboard and a repaired dc jack, and they said all the internal hardware was fine-it was just a corrupt user account. They made a new account. I brought it home and the exact same thing happened, same error at startup. So I brought it back after having it 48 hrs and they shipped it out again. This time I get a call saying its liquid damage and the motherboard was affected and it will be 1st call: $730; 2nd call:$740; 3rd call: $775 to repair. They had also made a note on the previous repair that there was NO liquid damage internally. So, after having it briefly and not spilling anything on it how did this happen? And why would the EXACT same problem happen when before it was just a corrupt user account and now it is a $700-something repair? This “liquid damage” had to have happened on their end whether in shipping or at the repair center. I’ve talked to the Geek Squad supervisor at the store I went to (who was very nice and thought the problem was ridiculous also), filed an escalation report, and talked to the customer service supervisor at 1-888-Best Buy. No one can do anything, no one can override the service center. I now have to get my broken computer shipped back to me with no repairs after being without it over a month.

Just thought I would add another story to the Geek Squad/Best Buy list, if there gets to be enough of them maybe they’ll decide to change their service.


Nicole, don’t buy for a second that “no one can override the repair center”. Unless you’ve got one of those special repair centers staffed by the Board of Directors themselves, there’s always someone in a position of authority to countermand the grunts on the ground. They just don’t want to talk to you. Luckily, you have access to the internet, a phone, and this lovely article on How To Mind Control Customer Service Reps. Keep dialing until you get someone who will listen.


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