Verizon Sues Time Warner Cable Over "Egregiously False" Advertising

Verizon has had enough of Time Warner Cable making fun of their fiber intake and has sued the cable company, claiming that their advertising is “egregiously false” and is causing “immediate and irreparable harm” to Verizon.

Verizon spokesman Eric Rabe told Dow Jones: “The ad is the one in which they have their snarly looking homeowner and Time Warner customer responding to the overly eager Verizon salesman.” Verizon has asked TWC to take the ad down, but the cable company refused and is standing by it.

“We feel the suit is without merit and we look forward to defending against it in the appropriate venue,” said spokesman Alex Dudley.

The ad in question pokes fun at FiOS’s NYC availability issues, such as the company’s lack of a video franchise agreement with the city, says Dow Jones.

UPDATE: Verizon Sues Time Warner Cable Over Its TV Ads [CNNMoney] (Thanks, Josh!)

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