Is This Absolut Ad Cheeky Or Distasteful?

Absolut is running an ad in Mexico that some in this country are finding offensive because it favorably depicts our borders as they existed before the 1848 Mexican-American war. We’re going to bite and talk about the ad even though it means that the advertisers win and America dies just a bit more.

The campaign taps into the national pride of Mexicans, according to Favio Ucedo, creative director of leading Latino advertising agency Grupo Gallegos in the U.S.

Ucedo, who is from Argentina, said: “Mexicans talk about how the Americans stole their land, so this is their way of reclaiming it. It’s very relevant and the Mexicans will love the idea.”

But he said that were the campaign to run in the United States, it might fall flat.

“Many people aren’t going to understand it here. Americans in the East and the North or in the center of the county — I don’t know if they know much about the history.

“Probably Americans in Texas and California understand perfectly and I don’t know how they’d take it.”

Meanwhile, the campaign has been circulating on the blogs and generating strong responses from people north of the border.

“I find this ad deeply offensive, and needlessly divisive. I will now make a point of drinking other brands. And ‘vodka and tonic’ is my drink,” said one visitor, called New Yorker, on

Reader Paul Green goes into a discussion on the blog Gateway Pundit of whether the U.S. territories ever belonged to Mexico in the first place, and the News12 Long island site invited people to boycott Absolut, with one user, called LivingSmall, writing: “If you drink Absolut vodka, you can voice your approval or disapproval of this advertising campaign with your purchases. I know I will be switching to Grey Goose or Stoli and will never have another bottle of Absolut in my house.

Um, honestly, we didn’t pick up the history thing at first glance. We heard it was running in Mexico and immediately understood the intrinsic appeal. As far as we can tell, it’s cute and funny and will obviously incite hordes of Mexicans to race north against earthquakes to reclaim our once-picturesque frontier. Watch out, Alta Californians!

What do you think?

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Mexico reconquers California? Absolut drinks to that! [L.A. Times]
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  1. Traveshamockery says:

    The ad is two-faced. As the holder of a Marketing Degree, I understand that sometimes ads won’t be understood the same way outside of the market for which they were intended. However, this is far too serious of an issue to be poked fun at.

    If Absolut wouldn’t want people in the USA reading this, and drawing the conclusions they’ve drawn, they shouldn’t have run it. Their non-apology is offensive too: “we’re sorry that you don’t understand”.

    If I were a drinker, I’d boycott Absolut over this.

    Honestly, though, what if Absolut ran an ad in Japan showing the entire Pacific island chains, part of China, etc. owned by Japan (like happened for a short time in WWII), followed by the heading “In an Absolut world”? While of slightly less magnitude, I think this Mexican-themed ad is the same concept and just as objectionable.

  2. What does Vodka have to do with Mexico?

  3. Hambriq says:

    Not to pull the whole “reverse-discrimination” card, but, if they ran an ad where the majority of Mexico owned by the United States, they would get crucified.

    I don’t find the advertisement itself to be offensive. What I find offensive is the double-standard involved, which, incidentally, is not Absolut’s fault.

  4. Hambriq says:


    Because they shipped all of their Tequila off to America.

  5. cde says:

    Jeez, people are mad about a (mostly) historically accurate map of the world?

    *Mostly, because Colombia at that time also included Venezula and Panama as well as Ecuador.

    @Hambriq: Well, if the US had owned Mexico in the past, then you’d be right. Then again, California through Texas was apart of Mexico, so any current map shows the majority of Mexico owned by the US.

    @InfiniTrent: So a company should cater only to the US when making ads? Idiot…

  6. neveryona says:

    Where have you brainfarts been for the last five years? While the US is trying to REALLY redraw the map of the world and it’s policy is to extend it’s control over the world, at a cost of trillions of dollars and thousands of lives, you guys are seriously worried about the “implications” of a map in a vodka ad.

    And then you want to talk about history —

  7. forgottenpassword says:

    This does not tap into mexican pride…. it taps into the bullshit notion that the US stole the land from mexico & it somehow still belongs to them (which is ludicrous). It taps into mexican’s anti-US hatred more than anything.

    I find this worse than distasteful.

  8. Snakeophelia says:

    The ad is incredibly distasteful. Absolut executives would have be living under a rock not to know about the debate over borders and immigration that is raging in the US. Throw in known groups in California that are calling for a “reconquest” of the southwestern states, and you’ve got a powder keg.

    To address a former comment, yes, a company should cater to the US when making ads, if they care to sell products in the US. Last I checked, ads were to SELL PRODUCTS, and ad execs that act surprised when political statements get people upset are the idiots. With this ad, Absolut has pretty much guaranteed that some people in California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas will be moved to boycott Absolut products, and they’ll probably choose to speak out publicly about it. Maybe Absolut is fine with that. But’s it’s hypocritical to suggest that Absolut is free to do what they want (i.e., stir up controversy with their ads) and then call consumers idiots when they do what is well within their power, which is to fight back with their spending dollars.

  9. f3rg says:

    It’s ours now. Get over it.

  10. jefffromNY says:

    With this ad was made by a Swedish agency, I would say that they do the same ad in Europe, except obviously change Europe’s borders so that they are where the Nazi state stood in 1941.

    Yes this is offensive.

    And cde, Texas broke off from Mexico on their own, and was later annexed willingly by America.

    The fact is that borders change during wartimes, that land is purely America’s.

    And cde, an ad shouldn’t cater to America, and you should apologize for calling someone an idiot. This is about catering, its about not outright offending.

    What if the ad showed America under a Confederate flag? The ad wouldn’t be catering to America, would you be happy then?

  11. thewriteguy says:

    I don’t know about this, but the first poster made a good point about what if the campaign was directed to the Japanese and showed a map of the territories Japan seized in WWII. Taking it another step, what if the campaign was directed at Germans and showed the Nazi era territories that Germany held?

    Or how about a U.S. Civil War era map, for a campaign directed at the Southern U.S. states?

  12. eabu says:

    maybe they should run a similar advertisement in Germany illustrating the favorable territorial conquests of the Nazi empire, which includes Sweden

  13. sleze69 says:

    God, people are offended by anything and everything these days. WHO CARES?

  14. Traveshamockery says:

    @cde: “So a company should cater only to the US when making ads? Idiot…”

    Aah, I love name-calling in the morning. Grow up.

    I believe in consequences. If a company knows that an ad may be misinterpreted when viewed by an audience other than the one they intended, they need to realize that there may be repercussions.

    Overall, it has nothing to do with America. What if a similar ad was run in Germany, showing Poland overtaken by Germany? Would the Polish people have a right to be angry? It’s a “historically accurate map”. But I sure think they’d be angy, and darn right to be.

    I know it’s trendy to bash folks that appear to be pro-America, but get over yourself and actually pay attention to what’s being written before you pop off.

  15. Charles Duffy says:

    @cde: There’s a movement that wants to reclaim territory from the US by becoming the dominant culture in said territory. As such, that movement explicitly supports immigration without assimilation.

    Absolut is implying — strongly — that they support this movement. Is it not clear why folks might be offended?

    (And lest I be tarred with an inappropriate brush — I’m as pro-immigration as anyone. I think having long waiting lists is a symptom of bad policy and that building walls is a terrible idea. I don’t necessarily support legal framework to block immigration by those who have no intent of assimilating, but I certainly do personally believe that their goals are inappropriate).

  16. Eoghann says:

    Nice! I might not have even seen the ad, much less gone to the liquor store and bought a bottle of Absolut without seeing that someone exercised their right to be offended and made a mountain out a molehill about it.

    I applaud and congratulate the creative director who concepted this and the art director(s) who put it into play. I wish I could have come up with an ad that some thinskin though I had to apologize for.

    Kudos to the creative community, and to Absolut for having the stones to run it!

  17. Traveshamockery says:

    @Hambriq: “Not to pull the whole “reverse-discrimination” card, but, if they ran an ad where the majority of Mexico owned by the United States, they would get crucified.”

    Absolutely right. No pun intended.

  18. jefffromNY says:

    @thewriteguy: Oops I beat you to it, and you are right on. It almost no matter what country you are from, you should have pride over your borders, and what is in them.

    So yeah, it is offensive when you say “in a perfect world, Mexico own 1/3 of America”

    This is designed to play into Mexico’s idea that there is a reconquista going on (and there is). But two things, America will not be conquered. Mexico’s market for nearly anything is smaller than America’s. I guess that Absolut decided that a third world country was more important of a market than the world’s biggest consumer.


  19. TheUncleBob says:

    The funny thing is, if the map really did look like that today, citizens of Mexico would probably still be trying to illegally cross the border into the US.

    Anyone who says that Mexicans are trying to reclaim their land is full of it – Florida, Illinois and the New England area all have rather large Mexican populations.

    They (mostly) come here because of how horrible the Mexican Economy is – nothing more, nothing less.

  20. radio1 says:

    I am not offended by the ad. It’s just an ad catering to an audience. But the idea or notion of the ad is offensive, in that it can not be applied to situations.

    As other posters have said, there would be much more outcry or derision if this if this was about Japan or Germany in WW2.

    Hey, why not make a break into Asian market. You could use a map of China and have their flag extend into the contested parts of their country like Tibet or Taiwan.

    Or why not South Africa, pre-apartheid?

    It’s only supposed to non-offensive because it is essentially anti-US.

    Oh shit, now I am angry.

  21. The irony of the Mexican American War and Texas’ split from Mexico, Texas became overrun with Americans when Mexico couldn’t control its border with the U.S.

  22. MelL says:

    @thewriteguy: It’d only be accurate if Mexico took the territories in question by force, in the same way Japan seized Asian territories.

  23. smoothtom says:

    Like it or not, Americans, we kinda took those lands through unprovoked aggression because we thought it was our god-given right to do so. Now, it’s a bit too late to do anything to reverse it, but there’s nothing wrong with bringing up historical fact. Nor is there anything wrong with people on the “other side” of the fence continuing to have a beef about it.

  24. Rajio says:

    Clearly history itself is anti-american. oh noes.

    Grow up america. History exists.

  25. Snarkysnake says:

    I’m not offended.There’s nothing Mexico (or Absolut) can do about the border nowadays anyway,so what the hell ? Party on.

  26. People Paula says:

    Yeah, I’m actually more offended by the giant vodka bottle over Venezuela.

  27. Mr_D says:

    I wonder how many people who are raging about this ad thought Muslims should just get a thicker skin about that Danish Mohammed/bomb cartoon.

    It cuts both ways, people.

  28. FilthyHarry says:

    Just reflects America’s diminishing prominence in the world.

    Also, America is that LAST country that should be offended about anything.

  29. Dobernala says:

    @Mr_D: Grossly false analogy. America is not threatening to bomb or murder Mexican people over this, whereas many Muslims are.

    It is one thing to be offended and express a distaste, but its another to start threatening (and acting out) violence.

  30. forgottenpassword says:



    The differnce is that we are “raging” about it online…. not in the streets.

  31. Dobernala says:

    @johnarlington: Texas was an independent republic before it became part of America. Texas became overrun with settlers because Mexico actually wanted them to come there.

  32. KogeLiz says:

    I think it’s great.

  33. ClayS says:

    Highly offensive, pandering to Mexico. I would suggest that Absolut continue to focus on the Mexican vodka market (not that I drink their crap anyway).

  34. kmanfactor says:

    “…depicts our borders as they existed before the 1848 Mexican-American war…”

    It seems pretty accurate for 2008, too.

  35. jefffromNY says:

    @Mr_D: If people start bombing the Mexican Embassy and randomly killing Mexican the analogy is a really good one.

    If not, it reflects poorly on your intellect.

    Could go either way.

  36. ClayS says:

    I certainly didn’t. Why people go so far out of their way to offend other’s race, religion, nationality, etc is beyond me.

  37. Mr_D says:

    @Dobernala: My point was that it’s rather hypocritical to say that it’s “just a cartoon” when others are offended, then get all up in arms about a silly advertisment when it jabs at us.

    I’m not saying you, or even anybody who even posts here, is guilty of this. Though I seem to recall the prevailing non-Muslim (and even some Muslim) response to those cartoons was “it’s just a cartoon, take it easy”. I was just musing.

  38. yetiwisdom says:

    I thought the Green part was the state of Bushia

  39. Sherryness says:

    It’s just stupid. Just because you find Mexicans in a certain geographical location, it doesn’t suddenly transform that geographical location into Mexico. I guess I just don’t even get their point. It wasn’t well thought out, ultimately.

  40. jefffromNY says:

    Unprovoked war? I don’t think so:


    More like America was attacked on its own soil. Trust me, if ever that happened again, the result would be the same, America would kick Mexico’s butt again.

  41. jefffromNY says:

    @Mr_D: It is just a cartoon. People have done far worse about Jesus in the 21st century and we didn’t say, “hmm, lets start killing!”

  42. TheMensch says:

    I bet the next one shows Poland and most of Europe as part of Germany.

  43. chrisfromnl says:

    They made my province way over-sized. Hence I love it. Go Newfoundland!

  44. thesuperpet says:

    This reminds me of an ad for some kind of tea on a sharping cart in a Hannaford in Eastern Mass… “Bostonians, our tea is in the tea aisle. Tories, your tea is at the bottom of Boston Harbor.”

    Srlsy….it’s just a joke, made to inspire confidence in their product as being pro Mexico. Whateves.

  45. RumorsDaily says:

    It’s a joke about a border that was determined 150 years ago and isn’t in dispute today. I have a really, really difficult time seeing why it’s offensive. It would be like an ad for wine showing an ancient Roman guy sipping his favorite brand looking at a map of Europe under his control… I just don’t see the problem.

  46. TangDrinker says:

    I’m just chalking this up to ignorance by the vodka company.

    Why didn’t they include the section before the Louisiana Purchase? Get France in on it and you’ve got a wider audience.

    Hell, Connecticut owned land in Ohio at one point. Include that, and you’ve got another market of vodka drinkers, although it is Grey Goose country.

  47. Mr_D says:

    @jefffromNY: And this is just an ad. This is not an assault on America. Just as the cartoon is not an assault on Islam. Do you see the parallel yet?

    Now, if Absolut decides to start running an ad showing Washington state as part of Canada, the 13 colonies as part of England, and the Louisiana Purchase as part of France, well, then that’s another story.

  48. mcnee says:

    @Mr_D: The difference there tho, nobody in America is suggesting the chopping off of heads or other violence against the ad creators.

    Absolut has the right to run whatever ads it wishes, and nobody has the right to not be offended, but justified or not, consumers do have the right to decide not to buy their product.

  49. mcnee says:

    Oh yea, Grey Goose is much better anyways.

  50. chadmd23 says:

    We should just give the land back to Mexico!! Isn’t that what everybody is advocating in Israel? Give back land that was taken after being attacked?

  51. chadmd23 says:

    @mcnee: French vodka sucks, buy American!

  52. SkyeBlue says:

    America on for American’s, right? You know that does include EVERYONE from the Native Americans living up in Canada’s Artic Circle to the people in the southern most tip of South America! WE are all “Americans”.

    It’s just an ad geared towards a certain population. Haven’t you noticed that on TV alot recently lately? I am White but it is nice to see someone besides the usual blonde/blue-eyed people in ads on TV and in magazines.

  53. Jon Parker says:

    @mcnee: Yes, consumers have the right not to buy their product. No one disputes that. What I do dispute is that refusing to buy their product over this ad shows any level of intelligence.

  54. CaptZ says:

    Ads cater to a target audience, obviously the US was not the target audience of this ad. Chill people, it’s an ad to sell something, you don’t like it, don’t buy it. But quit whining about it.

    Personally, I like the ad….kinda clever. But I like Absolut’ other simple ads better. I have most of the collection framed. Pretty good advertsing agency they use.

  55. ClayS says:

    @Jon Parker:
    So if it is ignorant to refuse to buy the product based on the ad, is it also ignorant to be induced to buy Absolut based on viewing the ad?

  56. That map only gives Mexicans a smaller area to cross over to. Their loss.

  57. skatanic says:

    Wow, I didn’t realize there were actually people who believe in “manifest destiny” here. To the people who find this offensive, is it because the US had some god given right to occupy this land mass from coast to coast? Obviously its a liquor ad and not meant to provoke a political discussion, but it is important not to forget how this country came to be.

  58. b612markt says:

    I think the ad is hysterically lame and ironic. T

    The ad is about what the world would be like if the USA never “stole” land from Mexico.

    However, THE AD IS IN ENGLISH.


  59. jeffjohnvol says:

    If they were catering to mexico, why didn’t they put it in spanish?

  60. Lodlaiden says:

    The purpose of a marketing campaign is to generate knowledge about a product.

    Every time you post their name, or sit down over coffee (or at a bar) and talk about this “horrific” advertisement, their marketing department wins.

    How many 21-25 give a rap that they chose an old map to use as a back drop for their alcohol. Most of the Americans that will see this ad will say, “Um no, we can get drunk and still take over other countries.”

    Oh, and this is my first post…

  61. Lodlaiden says:

    @jeffjohnvol: It is in spanish, at least most of it.

  62. Applekid ┬──┬ ノ( ゜-゜ノ) says:

    @mcnee: Exactly. As far as vodkas go, Absolut sucks now that there are actually good ones on the market. Anyone wishing to boycott today for whatever their reasons should have no problems finding a new brand.

  63. Superawesomerad says:

    Come on people, read between the lines. Absolut is playing you guys like a fiddle. This was meant to incite controversy among Americans. That’s why it’s in English.

  64. j.v.r. says:

    It’s a little naive to compare a pre-1848 map to a war map of WWII. The Mexican-American war, which changed the landscape, had may causes many of which were U.S. political ambition. President Polk pushed the for the war using the same tactics to strong-arm support that were used for the Iraq war. It seems ideas of U.S. imperialists have caused problems for a while.

  65. mgy says:

    I have said it before and I’ll say it again: “offensive” is an imaginary concept. Everyone, everywhere needs to get over themselves.

  66. gafpromise says:

    This ad brings out America’s feelings on immigration, which is a hot-button issue and very divisive. Absolut should have expected a negative reaction.

  67. sxs3200 says:

    I’m an American and I agree that these SHOULD be our borders. I think the United States of America would be a much better place if we still had these borders.

  68. failurate says:

    @People Paula: Agreed. Everyone knows that Venezuelans prefer Scotch.

  69. JustaConsumer says:

    No more Absolut for me. This ad was a very bad idea.

  70. umbriago says:


    Also, hey Mexico: want Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, North and South Carolina, and Florida? Help yourself. We’ll throw in Oklahoma for free.

  71. weave says:

    If this map was reality today we’d be having to deal with a bunch of Californians trying to sneak north over the border into Washington State.

  72. ratsgnawingatmyface says:

    Good grief, people. It’s an advertisement aimed at people in another country. Are we really so arrogant as to think America can dictate the way goods are advertised elsewhere? That is ridiculous and pompous and makes me ashamed. Come ON! Stop taking youselves so seriously and realize that other cutlures and points of view are just as valid as your own. It’s not like this is a call to invasion…it’s an ad for booze.

    What if this ad had been about Native Americans and how we jacked them up big time for their land and resources, killed most of them off, put them on reservations and then took a lot of those away as well once the government realized that land was also valuable? Wait…Mexicans ARE native Americans. More native than white people, black people, yellow people, etc. So the fact that they used to own a huge chunk of the US a long time ago and maybe regret the fact that they now have to sneak into this nation now is understandable to me. And Absolut plays to that when advertising to those people. Why would they do differently? Look at the advertising that appeals to our sense of patriotism that frankly has gone overboard to the point of being ridiculous in the last several years.

    @gafpromise: The only thing not in Spanish is the tagline…

  73. Rajio says:

    I hope the yankees all up in consumerist never check out Canadian beer ads! All hell will break loose.

  74. giantnegro says:

    Awesome ad.

    For all the Americans who don’t have ancestors who WALKED to this continent: Grow up.

  75. ratsgnawingatmyface says:

    @jeffjohnvol: responded to wrong person above..LOL

    The only thing not in Spanish is the tagline…

  76. nequam says:



  77. I like the colour they used to represent Canada in the ad. It reminds me of rum. (I also like how Alaska is tastefully left out of the ad. Little known fact: Canadians want Alaska. It’s gorram attached to BC!)

  78. mattbrown says:

    I’m glad to see 102 other people are against advertising. Which is about 30 less people that think you should stop talking about the ad. Welcome to America.

  79. forgottenpassword says:

    If illegal immigration wasnt such an issue in this country & there werent illegals marching in US streets demanding the right to come here illegally & claiming that part of the us is Aztlan & should be returned to mexico….. I doubt this ad would cause such a stir. But….

  80. Televiper says:

    @thewriteguy: It would be ridiculous and misguided since the German sentiment toward Hittler’s conquering of Europe is shame.

    It would be much more like showing a map of pre-war Europe if the Nazi occupation still existed. It would be like showing a map of Eastern Europe before the Soviet Union came into being.

  81. uricmu says:

    I don’t understand something: Isn’t Absolut still in Swedish control? I thought in the US it’s manufactured by franchise. It’s not meant for our market, it’s meant for another nation, they don’t owe us much. It’s legitimate national pride.

    What doesn’t make sense is that an ad that’s supposed to increase national pride sells Vodka from another country. Great job with that globalized capitalism.

  82. sketchy says:

    Ha Ha. Love the Ad. Next comes the Canadian Version where the Eastern Seaboard down to Baltimore is shown as Canadian Land (War of 1812).

    Hell the Acadians can even claim Cajun Country.

  83. AndyAgent87 says:

    Although this is just an advertisement, Absolut is making a very strong statement. They are stating that this is the way the world should be in be perfect or “absolut” world. They are fueling the fire among those who feel negatively about the US border policy. There is a clear goal here.

    @ratsgnawingatmyface: “Are we really so arrogant as to think America can dictate the way goods are advertised elsewhere? That is ridiculous and pompous and makes me ashamed. Come ON! Stop taking youselves so seriously and realize that other cutlures and points of view are just as valid as your own.”
    -It’s still kinda early, but I think you contradicted yourself in the last sentence. Every post on this site is an opinion and we can say whatever the hell we want.

    Absolut tastes horrible anyway, so screw ’em. Drink whiskey!

  84. DeadFlorist says:

    “If you drink Absolut vodka, you can voice your approval or disapproval of this advertising campaign with your purchases. I know I will be switching to Grey Goose or Stoli and will never have another bottle of Absolut in my house.”

    I think this is fantastic. It was only a few years ago when the mouth breathers were boycotting France over their unwillingess to get involved in the Iraq quagmire. Now, French vodka is back in favor because foolish American pride has been offended by a hamfisted attempt to appeal to foolish Mexican pride.

    This “controversy” really just goes to prove, in the immortal words of the War Nerd, “Most people are not rational, they are TRIBAL: ‘my gang yay, your gang boo!’ It really is that simple. The rest is cosmetics.”

  85. Trai_Dep says:

    Bet ya even tho barely 10% think it’s an issue at all, the Wingnuts will go insane in the comments.

  86. Scuba Steve says:

    Why is the Tag line in English?

    Party foul. -10 points.

    As for “controversy”… meh.

    I have no worries about Mexico taking back land from the US. Neither should anyone with half a brain.

  87. PlanetExpressdelivery says:

    @ratsgnawingatmyface: Disease killed most of them. There are records which show that many settlers encountered “abandoned” sites that looked fairly recent.

    Not only that, but numerous historians estimate that the native population of the Americas ranged from 10-100 million people. Early settlers ranged in the low thousands and many of them were not skilled soldiers. Most of the colonists were actually cast-offs from the European continent who were unable to find their social niche in Europe.

    How else do you explain Hernan Cortes and Francisco Pizarro being able to bring two “absolut”ely enormous civilizations to the brink of destruction despite being heavily outnumbered, lacking supplies, and being on foreign turf?

  88. bobpence says:

    I do not have the right to not be offended (nor does anyone else, including those whose gods or prophets are too weak to survive some ribbing).

    Oh, and Absolut and new owner Pernod Ricard does not have the right to my business.

  89. MercuryPDX says:

    IIRC, Absolut markets themselves to “people in the know”. Their ads have always been intelligent, edgy and yes… cheeky. This one is no different.

    See for yourself: []

  90. PlanetExpressdelivery says:

    @ratsgnawingatmyface: Mexicans are not the native population. You’d have to refer to Aztecs, Incans, Mayans, and various North American tribes as natives. Mexico is actually a “new Spain” of sorts. Why do you think most of Central and South America is referred to as “Latin America”? Just look at the naming system (cities, towns, people) and tell me if you see any similarities with Spain.

  91. Trai_Dep says:

    @smoothtom: Like it or not, Americans, we kinda took those lands through unprovoked aggression because we thought it was our god-given right.
    Well, technically, it was provoked.
    They held land that we wanted. The bast*rds!!

  92. Alex Chasick says:

    Reminded me of this, which Johnnie Walker ran in Lebanon during the Israel bombings.

  93. ConsumptionJunkie says:

    This is a real phenomenon. It’s called La Reconquista.

  94. ratsgnawingatmyface says:

    @AndyAgent87: Every post on this site is an opinion and we can say whatever the hell we want.

    You’re right and I did

  95. Trai_Dep says:

    @PlanetExpressdelivery: Uhh, disease that was imported by Europeans.
    If you’re curious about such things, I strongly recommend Guns, Germs & Steel, by Jerod Diamond. A brilliant book on why some civilizations flourished and others did not. Very thought-provoking.

  96. humphrmi says:

    Boy, this one almost fished me in. It took me a minute to realize that I’m more offended by some of the comments here than the ad itself (which offended me ZERO and I was born in New Mexico).

    It’s a beautiful Sunday here in Suburban Chicago – finally over fifty degrees, sunny, just perfect. I’m going to grab a beer and sit outside.

  97. Trai_Dep says:

    Err, Jared Diamond. Sorry, Doc!

  98. Slytherin says:

    @sleze69: Thank you! I agree!

  99. evslin says:

    I dunno, I just can’t get worked up about this ad.

  100. wring says:

    Mexico so poor they can’t even update their fucken maps.

  101. jamesdenver says:

    I could care less. But it’s bringing the campaign into the public – which in the eyes of marketers is worth a few “i’ll never buy agains …”

    But I find this to be dead on about the overall debate


  102. As long as a similarly ‘offensive’ ad could be run in the US without Mexicans getting offended, then I’m fine with it.

  103. PlanetExpressdelivery says:

    @Trai_Dep: The question is; did the colonists intentionally use disease for the purpose of genocide? I’m not referring to a specific case (everyone brings up the diseased blankets). It’s called the Columbian Exchange, and I’d have to say that the early European settlers were rather naive about disease.

  104. gravion17 says:

    …Do you want to know why I find all of this amusing? It is because of all the Racist, Isolationist propaganda that is being spewed by some of the commentors…..seriously? You want to protect the American way of life? You wish to keep America the way it’s supposed to be? Such trivial dribble is COMICAL at best! WAKE UP YOU SHEEPLE, the only thing that America stands for is the ALMIGHTY DOLLAR, and what comes with it: POWER! White, Black, Red, Yellow, Bown….in the end, the only color that truely reigns SUPREME is GREEN!

  105. I honestly don’t care. Excuse me while I make a cranberry and Absolut.

  106. jefffromNY says:

    @Mr_D: Ugh! And we are not killing people. THERE IS NOT PARALLEL YOU NITWIT!

  107. spiderman1369 says:

    Hmmm…I didn’t realize this was an old map. I’ve lived all over the “South-West” and it seems pretty accurate to me. Since every ATM machine uses Espanol I thought I was living south of the border! Who woulda thunk it?!?!

  108. rdldr1 says:

    How about the Tecate ad that quoted, “finally a cold Latina.”
    You guys find that offensive? I sure do. Absolut just earned themselves free publicity.

    I’d rather have Grey Goose, or even Smirnof than Absolut anyways.

  109. ilikemoney says:


  110. mariospants says:

    This ad is inciteful and stupid. Yeah, the very idea of Mexico ever getting that part of US back is silly (at least for the forseeable future), but good grief there are a lot of Mexicans who are pissed about losing that war and that land. Imagine running an ad like this in India/Pakistan, Ireland, Spain, Indonesia…

    Anyway, apparently in an Absolut world, California wouldn’t be the 5th largest economy in the world.

  111. CMU_Bueller says:

    @forgottenpassword: Yeah, they really hate us when they all want to be here. Most of that land might as well be Mexican.

  112. rdldr1 says:

    Ok, as a graduate with a degree in History – Texas and California eventually carved out their own respective identities separate from Mexico and the United States.

    The only ones who deserve a taunt of “Waaaaaaaah! Waaaaaahh!” are Mexicans still bitter over losing those northern territories, even though it occurred generations before they were born.

  113. richcreamerybutter says:

    @Mr_D: @ratsgnawingatmyface: Exactly.

    Some of you need to unbunch your panties.

  114. ilikemoney says:

    @rdldr1: Americans are the ones getting all huffy and puffy over an obviously ridiculous ad.

    Seriously, people, gas is almost $4/gallon, and you’re upset over this? No wonder OPEC and corrupt politicians are laughing all the way to the bank.

  115. ratsgnawingatmyface says:

    @PlanetExpressdelivery: So let me get this straight: disease wiped out 10-100 million natives, no one actually shot, stabbed, burned, raped, murdered them at all…just gave ’em syphillis, smallpox, influenza, etc. and sat back and watched?? Is that really better? Letting disease that they carried do the dirty work? The Trail of Tears in 1838 (10 years prior to the Mexican-American War) never happened? I did not say specifically that the “early settlers” killed off the natives…you chose to use that example. The gist of my statement was that they were killed by the people who stole this land from them. It does not matter if they did it with guns, knives, or ignorance of diseases…they are just as dead.

    How else do you explain Hernan Cortes and Francisco Pizarro being able to bring two “absolut”ely enormous civilizations to the brink of destruction despite being heavily outnumbered, lacking supplies, and being on foreign turf?

    Umm, Quetzalcoatl?? Hello? If you are gonna be all like “I know it all, dude”, at least get it right. Cortes defeated small tribes and formed alliances with them. He then used the legend of Quetzalcoatl, the light-skinned God the Aztecs believed would return to them as a weapon against Montezuma. Cortes was…wait for it…white and blonde-ish so Montezuma’s followers did not form a cohesive resistance and the Spaniards were able to defeat a 5 million person civilization with what started out as less than 600 men.

    You’d have to refer to Aztecs, Incans, Mayans, and various North American tribes as natives. Mexico is actually a “new Spain” of sorts. Why do you think most of Central and South America is referred to as “Latin America”? Just look at the naming system (cities, towns, people) and tell me if you see any similarities with Spain.

    Are not the various North American tribes natives? Did I miss something there? I thought that was why we called them “Native Americans”. Mexican people are descended from those ancient civilizations, yes, but their culture was usurped by the Spaniards when they were conquered. They are still native people even though they use an imported language. Not sure if I follow your logic there at all as there certainly does not seem to be a huge surplus of light-skinned, light-haired folk down there.

    Just look at the naming system (cities, towns, people) and tell me if you see any similarities with Spain.

    Just look at the naming system in California, Texas, Arizona and other states in that region and tell me if you see any similarities with Mexico…yeah, they used to live there…that’s right…they would have been NATIVES at some point.

  116. burgundyyears says:


    I think I just broke my neck on your non sequitir.

  117. SuffolkHouse says:

    Our country wouldn’t be dying if the demands of nationalism applied to the elites as well as the middle, working, and lower classes. Send their kids to die in their wars and fund social security without a fight, and maybe I wouldn’t look at ads like this and just look the other way.

    The only thing holding this country together is how ignorant of second languages Americans are. We’d have more options if work demands didn’t disengage parents from their children’s educations so much.

    America – Hell in a Hand-Basket

  118. burgundyyears says:

    Oh great, now the “God Americans are SO STUPID and AMerica SUCKS SO BAD” troll crew is arriving right on schedule.

  119. thesupreme1 says:

    A map of the world in XXXX is all I saw. The comments are funny :)

  120. SuperJdynamite says:

    @InfiniTrent: “What if a similar ad was run in Germany, showing Poland overtaken by Germany?”

    Proper netiquette typically demands that one wait for at least the 20th post before derailing a discussion by bringing up Nazis.

  121. Brad2723 says:

    Absolut Bullshit

  122. smackswell says:

    It blows my mind how anyone could be up in arms about this ad. It’s snarky. I like it. And if it were true I’d be a Mexican. :D To liken it to a map of Nazi Germany or any of the like shows an utter lack of historical knowledge. Oh, and from where I’m looking in NorCal, the Reconquista is going very well.

    Gotta give props where props are due. I hate horrible ads. This one makes people talk. Absolut better give their marketing director a raise.

  123. LucyInTheSky says:

    @johnarlington: this is what i was thinking.

  124. MARTHA__JONES says:

    @sleze69: I would normally agree with you, but in this case I feel this is intentionally divisive about something that happened 150 years ago.

  125. Offspring says:

    I personally think this ad is rather hilarious with the borders drawn the way that they were. Although I don’t think I remember hearing about Oregon being part of the Mexican state back in the 1800’s. The editor probably should’ve taken a look at it. In general, however, I think there’s a massive over-reaction to the ad if people are honestly getting huffy and refusing to buy from Absolut again.

  126. crazysofie says:

    Oh come on… I’m sorry that we don’t want to look at the fact that we conquered part of their country. I think it’s a clever ad, even though it doesn’t have anything to do with vodka.

    How is it even reverse discrimination? How are North Americans being discriminated against in this ad? Laughable.

  127. Superawesomerad says:

    @gravion17: Your comment made me laugh out loud. “Sheeple”? “Almighty dollar”? Are you even out of middle school?

    Clearly this ad has done its job. We’re all talking about it. I actually like Absolut’s controversy-baiting angle more than that lazy “Absolut [Whatever]” shit they churned out more than a decade. At least this is sort of interesting in that it brings out the shrieking reactionary sides of people.

  128. rdldr1 says:

    @ilikemoney: The ad was targeting Mexicans who view those “Northern Territories” as rightfully theirs. You understand “if…then” reasoning?
    If Mexicans didnt bitch about losing those territories, then there would be no Absolut advertisement about it. If there was no “Absolut world” ad, then complaining about it would not exist.

    “In an Absolut world” = In a perfect world. This ad takes a jab at the United States. Mexico already is taking revenge by ENCOURAGING its poorer citizens to sneak into those former Mexican territories.

  129. Aph says:

    If it was an ad for handguns I’d be worried
    But its for booze… so yea…
    Anything to take their attention away from the fact that the US gov is preparing to waiver all environmental laws so they can finished the huge ass border wall they’re building to prevent just such map from ever haunting us happy, complacent white people again right?

  130. PineRoot says:

    The idea is good. People are too sensitive sometimes. About this ad being run in other places (i.e. Japan, Germany/Poland), it would be fine if the people there did not mind it and actually favored those type of ads. In Mexico this ad is fine, people don’t care; if in Japan they were fine with showing China, and the Pacific Islands occupied, then so be it. Same for Germany/Poland.
    The ad was not meant to be run in the US, hmmm…I wonder why?
    Have any of you seen ads in other countries? There are some that can be very offensive to outside cultures

  131. gte910h says:


    If the Swedes want to make a joke on the Americans and Texans (when it actually was a country) who annexed half of Mexico through a series of aggressive wars (filled with dirty, but highly clever tricks), you shouldn’t be so thin-skinned about that. America won. We have a huge swath of highly productive farmland (California), and several hugely valuable mining assets because we did.

    This is *NOTHING* like running an ad with conquered German territories after WWII, etc. This is a joke at the expense of the victor, who was also the aggressor. Both Germany and Japan were the aggressors in that war.

    If you have to launch a boycott because someone made FUN of you after you won a war you are a *hideously* horrible winner. Be a good sport please, and grow a sense of humor.


  132. dangermike says:

    This ad is aimed toward ignorance and bigotry. I knew a few mecha supporters and members in college and the idea of aztlan goes far beyond reversing the mexican american war. They were downright genocidal in their opinions of the US. This ad might as well show a can of cyanide on a shower stall. Or a vest full of dynamite on a guy walking into a coffeeshop. Or a noose and confederate flag. Count me among the absolut boycotters.

  133. mikeymatrix says:

    The United States of America IS NOT for all “Americans.” The US is for its citizens and those non-citizens legally residing there. This ad is quite distasteful. The US didn’t steal the territory. It fought, won, and purchased the territory from Mexico. Mexico, as a sovereign state, only had the southwest for roughly 33 years (1821-1854). The US has had the southewest for over 150 years. Get over it, Mexico. Maybe they should run an ad that shows a map of the Americas under Spanish control.

  134. skedeeten says:

    For the most part most companies can do what they like and most won’t care, but when companies preach corporate and social responsibility as on their website and their parent company website, I think this is wholly irresponsible and hypocritical.

    On a second note, why only go back to when Mexico had the land. Let’s go back further to who had the land before. How about before that even? In fact, let’s do that everywhere in the world.

    Come on people get serious. That would be simply ridiculous. You can not turn back time.

    I will be letting them know that they should apologize for the ad campaign as it is offensive. Until they do, no VS Group brands and I will actively tell people not to buy their brands.

    Level Vodka
    Frïs Vodka
    Malteserkreuz Aquavit
    O.P. Anderson Aquavit
    GAMMEL DANSK Bitter Dram
    Cruzan Rum
    Plymouth Gin
    Nordic Partners
    California White & California Red
    Blossa Glögg
    Chill Out
    Opal Springs
    Santa Christina


  135. ferris209 says:

    I am a 9th generation Texan whose ancestors fought for the independence of Texas and I am highly offended by this ridiculous propaganda.
    I am an avid vodka drinker and I will assure you that I will make sure no more drinks I buy anywhere have absolut in it at all.
    Buy Tito’s Vodka instead, it is made in Texas, it is much cheaper, and much better. Maybe Tito needs to make an ad with a Texas border and flag covering all the land up to Colorado, like it should have been. This is merely an echo of a far louder cry of the Mexican people to seize what they think is their land. Trust me I live down here less than 100 miles form the border, I talk to many Mexican people, see them daily, and work with them. Many are good people, hell my heritage goes right back to Nueva Laredo, Mexico. Most Mexican I speak with people think Texas and California was stolen from them and that Mexico would be a leading nation today if that hadn’t happened, with California’s gold rush and Texas’ oil boom. Don’t fool yourselves, THEY DO WANT THIS LAND BACK!!!!

  136. @dirty foreigner: As long as a similarly ‘offensive’ ad could be run in the US without Mexicans getting offended, then I’m fine with it.

    I couldn’t think of related to Mexico from an American point-of-view, because any attempt would probably offend many Americans as well as Mexicans. But I came up with a few other possibilities for various audiences.

    Absolut NY: The twin towers are still standing. Or this.
    Absolut South: The Confederate States of America.
    Absolut Tibet: Tibet is a sovereign nation.
    Absolut Iraq: Statue of Saddam is still standing and 100,000 Iraqis are still alive.
    Absolut Israel: “Show me Palestine on a map. Where is this supposed ‘Palestine’?”
    Absolut France: A French military victory.
    Absolut Britannia: British Empire covers entire world.
    Absolut Nativism: There are no countries anywhere in North or South America.

    Oh wait. Those would all piss someone off. Maybe I should pick a new hobby.

  137. scoopy says:

    Anyone that would drink Absolut vodka is a douche-bag, Mexican or otherwise.

  138. matto says:

    Noam Chomsky here,

    I like the ad. Maybe if you had decorated the American part with little devils, it would have been even nicer. I don’t think the ad is pandering to Mexicans at all.

  139. icntdrv says:

    SKYY is better vodka anyway.

  140. chartrule says:

    its only a historical map – borders change on a regular basis in some parts of the world

    nothing to get twisted about !

  141. privatejoker75 says:

    why not just make the whole country green and call it 1492?

  142. aprestia says:

    I find it offensive that a bunch of self righteous Texans with guns squatted on Mexican owned land, then cried to the federal government to try to save their asses when the Mexicans decided they didn’t want several thousand U.S. citizens living and ranching on THEIR property. Everyone remembers “Remember the Alamo” but how many people remember that those guys at the Alamo were behaving like drunken selfish rednecks, refusing to given up land they had essentially stolen, and then trying to paint themselves as heroes so the U.S. would take their revenge on Mexico.

  143. huntsterUNC says:

    USA: Home of the Brave and land of the offended.

    Stop wearing your feelings on your sleeve people.

  144. Yep. Just as in the regular population, 25% of the people here are batshit conservative crazies who will repeat anything Malkin or Limbaugh say.

  145. camille_javal says:

    @MelL: I was going to say the same thing – Japan took over Asian territories by force; Germany overtook Poland by force. *We* were the aggressors in the Mexican-American war – the map as it stands now is more akin to what the speculative Japanese and German maps would be. (This is not saying policies are akin – just the aggressor position – and the US had a reputation for being assholes in the C19.)

    Also, I’ve been trying to give back Texas and California for *years*, so I’m all for this ad.

  146. SOhp101 says:

    I think this ad is great because it causes plenty of controversy which means extra free advertising.

    Absolut makes okay vodka, but it’s stuff I would only drink as a last resort.

  147. PlanetExpressdelivery says:

    @ratsgnawingatmyface I didn’t say that acts of genocide were committed, but you’d have mush for brains if you believe that the colonists all came here with intentions of genocide in their heads. The fact of the matter is that the colonists were heavily outnumbered, low on supplies, and unfamiliar with the land. They would have been slaughtered by the natives (and on some occasions were slaughtered by the natives) had they tried to fight from the outset. What I’m saying is that a vast majority (estimates up to ninety percent) of the natives died from disease.

    Yes, I do know of Quetzacoatl. Yes, the legend of Quetzacoatl did help Cortes conquer Tenochtitlan. However, the outbreak of smallpox decimated most of the population in Tenochtitlan, and alliances with native Aztec neighbors eventually brought the Aztec empire to a breaking point.

    Mexicans themselves are a mix of Spanish and Native ethnicities. Yes, there are some full natives left, but the majority of the population is comprised of the Spanish/Native mix.

    Actually, a Spanish naming system would not be indicative of a native population. It would indicate a Spanish influence.

  148. marsneedsrabbits says:

    Really distasteful and really stupid ad.

    I hate advertising in general, but particularly ads like this that want to pretend they are saying something relevant.
    Dude, you sell mid-market booze; you are not here to be the nagging consciousness of the nation.

    First, if it was meant for a Mexican market, it would have been in Spanish, versus only being partly in Spanish.

    Second, I have already seen a parody that showed a map of Europe as it stood under the Nazis in WWII. If that isn’t funny or tasteful, why is this? (hint: it isn’t).

  149. ohgoodness says:

    I live in Texas and I get it. And the last thing I am is offended. People need to stop getting their panties in a wad over stupid shit.

  150. Queenofthehighway says:

    @j.v.r.: Okay, but let’s not forget how Mexico came to be. Spain wasn’t exactly meekly asking the current inhabitants for their land. Mexico is in fact a product of Spanish political ambition.

  151. Parting says:

    What is the PROBLEM? It’s a stupid ad. And it has no positive meaning. Come on, Absolut is a vodka, if you drink it = it means a part of US will become Mexican? Ruled by alcoholics? Seriously, that ad should be the last on the list of boycott.

    Gap got caught ”making children’s clothes by other children”. There is lead in some toys.

    And USA will boycott a vodka, due to a lame ad. Very good priorities people.

    (Reminds me of ”freedom fries” event. By the way fries weren’t invented by French, but by Belgians, so it should be Belgian fries in the first place.)

  152. Parting says:

    @PlanetExpressdelivery: You know how they got smallpox ? Some generals ordered to give indians clothes and drapes used by sick people with smallpox, as a ”peace” offering. Knowing, that local population tend to DIE of it. So it’s a genocide (no better than Nazi). And colonists came uninvited, to the land that didn’t belong to them. There many grays in the history, but don’t sanctify their crimes.

  153. ferris209 says:


    That response definitely shows your ignorance. Texans fought and won their Independence way before they ever sought help from the United States. And according to your dumbass theory, our founding fathers were a bunch of ignorant farmers who took land from the crown of England. Moron.

  154. Alexander says:

    I have arguments about this with my “Reconquista” Mexican friend all the time. In the end I just tell him, you guys want this land back? Well gets your guns and come and get it…

  155. nardo218 says:

    I don’t understand why it’s offensive. It brings to light how much the US has taken from Mexico. I knew we took most of Texas from Mexico, but I didn’t realize that Mexico was almost up to Seattle. It’t a poignant what could have been, if white people hadn’t been so fucking greedy.

  156. @Dobernala: Mexico invited 100 families to settle in Texas. Instead of a hundred families, 1000s showed up. Texas unilaterally declared its independence from Mexico. Mexico sent soldiers into Texas to reclaim terrioty that it considered its own. The rest is history.

  157. cde says:

    @PlanetExpressdelivery: Horses and guns. That’s how. Oh, and an uncanny resemblance to prophesied God-incarnates.

  158. taka2k7 says:


  159. Slytherin says:

    @AndyAgent87: “Every post on this site is an opinion and we can say whatever the hell we want.

    Damn you founding fathers and your “freedom of speech” crap!!!
    *shakes fist to the heavens*

  160. nardo218 says:

    @PlanetExpressdelivery: The colonists didn’t know what a germ was.

  161. cde says:

    Also, Re: The Tagline. If this was an ad in Japan, it would still be in english. If it was in Swedish, it would still be in English. The tagline and brandname do not translate correctly in different languages. Absolut = phonetically like Absolute. Absolut != phonetically like absoluta, which wouldn’t even be a correct translation of the tagline. It would be a bad literal translation.

  162. CaptZ says:

    I blame Bush for the negative image the US now portrays of itself.

    It’s fad to bash the US in everything now days. Advertising not excluded.

    The emperor wears no clothes…..and is too stupid to notice. Truth hurts sometimes…….

    I feell sorry for the next president…..they have a big mess to clean up. US reputation will be one of them.

  163. @Slytherin: The first amendment is irrelevant here: “Congress shall make no law….” Last time I checked ratsgnawingatmyface is not Congress, let alone making a law.

    Aside from that, “we can say whatever the hell we want” is a stupid statement. If it’s not A) a hypocritical attempt to silence the criticizer by asserting free speech, then it’s B) ineffective and useless. This exchange illustrates case (B) perfectly:

    ratsgnawingatmyface: Stop taking youselves so seriously and realize that other cutlures and points of view are just as valid as your own.
    AndyAgent87: Every post on this site is an opinion and we can say whatever the hell we want.
    ratsgnawingatmyface: You’re right and I did.

    How much progress was made in discourse here? None.

  164. ilikemoney says:

    @rdldr1: I’ll go back to my other point.

    So what? We’ve got bigger fish to fry than a poorly executed marketing campaign in a foreign country.

    NEWS FLASH! Other countries hate us. Deal with it. An entire nation of people crying, “IT’S NOT FAIR!” like a bunch of little kids doesn’t really help our image in the global community. Be the bigger person, and just laugh about it. Mexico’s got enough to deal with, what with their corrupt government and rampant cartel violence, to rise up against their neighbor to the North. Suck it up and get pissed about stuff that really matters, like our crashing economy.

  165. quail says:

    Can’t stand all of the posturing and chest beating I’m reading. Come on, it’s not like US advertisers haven’t made ads that weren’t offensive to foreigners. And this thing isn’t offensive.

    (Born & Bred in Texas: I know offensive, prideful talk and this ad isn’t it.)

  166. goodywitch says:

    164 comments about absolut…they win

  167. redkamel says:

    According to 1491 (a great book for people interested in pre-colonial life) colonists may not have known what germs were, but they were well aware that using things sick people used could also make you sick. They did give the blankets on purpose.

    However, the speed at which disease spread was much faster than the colonists. By the time the got around to handing out infected blankets, there had already enough contact to initate disease…and it spread fast. So when they were giving out blankets, it did make people sick, but far more died from “accidental” exposure than malignant exposure.

  168. joellevand says:

    Bastards! How dare they bring up the “reality” of Mexico’s previous ownership of lands we took due to a God’s-honest-true understanding of Manifest Destiny!

    As Stephen Colbert taught us, reality has a well-known liberal bias.

  169. joellevand says:

    @thewriteguy: I cite Godwin; you lose.

  170. femmesavante says:

    As a proud TEXAN who knows our history, this map is inaccurate and inflammatory. Not only is everything north of the alleged border incorrect,so is everything south. This advertisement is poorly executed and poorly thought out. I’m glad I don’t drink this nasty vodka. Grey Goose is much better.

  171. ilikemoney says:

    @femmesavante: Pshhh… as a “proud TEXAN”, you should only be drinking one of two things: Shiner, or Lone Star.


  172. Keter says:

    I live in Texas, and was raised in North Mexico – San Antonio. “Reconquista” is really popular there, and if you are unlucky enough to be in the white minority, your career prospects are near zero thanks to “affirmative action” and race-based protectionism.

    I find this ad completely offensive, and I drink in bars. This will make one heck of a tale to tell…I’m pretty sure this will go viral and bite Absolut hard in the US market.

    BTW, looking for a substitute vodka without offensive ads? Try Tito’s Handmade Vodka — made in Austin, Texas, where being white, motivated, and intelligent is not politically incorrect.

  173. femmesavante says:


    1685: France begin to colonize Texas
    1690: Spain begins to colonize Texas
    1821: Mexican Independence from Spain.
    1835: Texas Revolution.
    1845: Texas joins the United States.

    So, your version doesn’t quite fit into the facts. Stephen F. Austin received his land from SPAIN as did many other Texans. They then fought Mexico to keep what was theirs. At least bother to check your facts, rather than make them up, before posting.

  174. astrochimp says:

    @chrisfromnl: “They made my province way over-sized. Hence I love it. Go Newfoundland!”

    I’m not sure which miniature-Canada you think you live in, but the size of Newfoundland in the ad seems spot on to me.

  175. femmesavante says:


    I LOVE SHINER and drink Lone Star to reminisce or when broke lol. But at times you need something a little stronger.

  176. ilikemoney says:

    I love it when WASPS get the opportunity to speak out about how they’re so oppressed. lololol

  177. femmesavante says:


    Hey who are you calling a WASP? I’m 100 percent Latino and Catholic. LOL. My indignation is directed to misinformation and poor cartography. Seriously, check the countries south of Mexico on the map. Most didn’t exist in that form in 1848.

  178. ilikemoney says:

    @femmesavante: Sorry, I was referring to Keter a few posts up, who can’t seem to get a job in San Antonio.

  179. @femmesavante: Seriously, check the countries south of Mexico on the map. Most didn’t exist in that form in 1848.

    It’s a 2008 map with the pre-1848 boundary between US and Mexico.

  180. PlanetExpressdelivery says:

    @Victo: So colonists spread all across the Americas began a systematic donation of diseased blankets? All at once? There is only one recorded incident of this happening ([])

    In fact, as I stated earlier, many native Americans were dead long before contact with the colonists. Why? Disease can spread by contact between natives, they did not have to come into direct contact with the colonists themselves. The diseases brought by the colonists (primarily smallpox) raced ahead of the colonists and essentially devastated the native population.

  181. Canoehead says:

    If this is an add for Mexicans, why is it in English?

    Hey, if that really was the border, a lot of Mexicans would freeze to death sneaking over the border, since the much larger Mexico would still have the same crappy government and rampant corruption, leading to the same garbage economy as the real version.

  182. @smackswell: To liken it to a map of Nazi Germany or any of the like shows an utter lack of historical knowledge.

    Allow me to illustrate what I presume to be the logic in the comparison:

    “Suggesting that the pre-1848 US-Mexico border exist today is just like saying Hitler should have won! Go back to Nazi Mexico, Mexican!”

  183. PlanetExpressdelivery says:

    @cde: You really should take a history class one of these days. Maybe then you’d appreciate recorded history and such. How do you think they came up with the phrase the “Columbian Exchange”?

  184. PlanetExpressdelivery says:

    @nardo218: Did you also know that Russia had a vested interest in acquiring land in what is now California? Sure would have made the Cold War a lot more interesting.

  185. antisocial says:

    @wring: +1

  186. autoclavicle says:

    The only people who are offended by this ad are people who are completely clueless about history and the Mexican-American war. If you can’t objectively acknowledge this shameful part of American history, it is dangerous for the sake of the country.

  187. @smackswell: Oh. Apparently reconquistadores = nazis is the official logic behind the comparison of the map to Nazi Germany:

    Aztlan and reconquista these days aren’t, for the most part, ideas held by Mexicans: they’re ideas held by white supremacists and neo-Nazis. [Dragonfire, via Media Matters]

  188. scraejtp says:

    Stupid ad, and with current events it seems a little distasteful. I live in Texas and I don’t think it is a big enough deal to make a stink over.

  189. cde says:

    @PlanetExpressdelivery: Que? Are you sure your talking about me? Or are you somehow implying that horses and guns and a resemblance to a god had nothing to do with it? Compared to the native animals, horses are an impressive and utterly intimidating sight, especially when added to the magic of guns and cannons. They helped physically conquer tribes while cementing the idea that Cortes and his men were gods. And being gods that the natives believed to be benevolent, the natives gladly accepted the “sickness” blankets and such.

    If it wasn’t for that, they would not have openly accepted their items, and history would be different.

    And the Columbian Exchange refers to more then just disease…

  190. randombob says:


    Exactly what I thought as I read the article. ha.

  191. ageshin says:

    The ad points out a kind of historic truth, that is that a good deal of the historic west was taken from Mexico by force a arms. But to be truly ‘Absolute’ one should point out the the whole of Mexico and North America was taken from the native Americans by every means known to man including force of arms. So to the native Americans our standard maps are offensive. We shall probably see this when Absolute vodka starts its native American ads,

  192. cde says:

    @ageshin: Hmmm, buffalo flavored vodka, yum :D

  193. PlanetExpressdelivery says:

    @cde: Guns? Do you realize how primitive the guns of the period were? We’re not even talking about rifling here. These guns were not accurate by any stretch of the imagination. Just remember that muskets were still being used in the American Revolution.

    Not only that, but the colonists still had to contend with limited supplies (including key survival factors such as water and food). In addition, early colonists were not skilled soldiers or mercenaries. They were often cast-offs of the European continent. Why would European rulers send their best on a journey they might not survive (crossing the Atlantic) in order to establish as colony that might or might not bear fruit?

    You’re also pandering to the idea that the natives were “shocked and awed” by the technology of the colonists. They were heavily outnumbered until the smallpox outbreak in Tenochtitlan. Just because Cortes may have mistaken for Quetzacoatl doesn’t give one the privilege to suggest that the mistaken identity allowed Cortes to sack the Aztec Empire.

    Finally, please show me any evidence you have (or can link to) which shows that colonists gave diseased items with the specific intent of spreading disease. Of course, you can’t include the Siege of Fort Pitt (I’ve already included that). With the contagiousness of disease, I highly doubt that the majority of the native population were “disease blanket donationed” to death.

    I won’t deny that acts of genocide did occur during the colonization and settling of the Americas, but you’d be crazy to suggest that a heavily outnumbered (not to mention outskilled, outsupplied, and unfamiliar with the land) group of colonists systematically eradicated almost the entire population of the Americas without the aid of infectious disease.

  194. dallasmoore says:

    “I had very strong opinions on the subject. I do not think there was ever a more wicked war than that waged by the United States on Mexico. I had a horror of the Mexican War, and I have always believed that it was on our part most unjust. The wickedness was not in the way our soldiers conducted it, but in the conduct of our government in declaring was. We had no claim on Mexico. Texas had no claim beyond the Nueces River, and yet we pushed on to the Rio Grande and crossed it. I am always ashamed of my country when I think of that invasion”
    “Generally, the officers of the army were indifferent whether the annexation was consummated or not; but not so all of them. For myself, I was bitterly opposed to the measure, and to this day regard the war, which resulted, as one of the most unjust ever waged by a stronger against a weaker nation. It was an instance of a republic following the bad example of European monarchies, in not considering justice in their desire to acquire additional territory.”
    – Ulysses S. Grant
    I was born in Utah and have lived most of my life in California. My family has lived in some part of what used to be Mexico since the 1830’s. In both cultural identity and shared history, I have more in common with “illegal aliens” than I do with anyone from New England.
    I think this ad is great. In a perfect world, California and Texas would be independent; but otherwise it’s spot on.

  195. djanes1 says:

    Redrawing a map of Europe as Das Vaterland is not an apt comparison. For one, Mexico never started The Holocaust.

    In the US we have legit TV shows (Lou Dobbs) and legit presidential
    nominees (Tancredo) whose sole mission is hating on Hispanics. If the
    most offensive form of resentment that comes back from this is a vodka
    ad as whimsical as Absolut ads normally are … I think we can feel
    secure about our Western states’ soverignity.

  196. @djanes1: No, no, no… You see, the ad confirms the existence of a vast Mexican anti-American conspiracy that threatens to destroy us all:

    “The coming war with Mexico over illegal immigration will be one of the greatest disasters to ever hit our nation,” said Glenn Spencer of American Patrol. “We must prepare today for the inevitable.”

    May god have mercy on our new Mexican overlords.

    Threat to America Confirmed [American Patrol Report]

  197. RandoX says:

    Pull the stick out for a while.

  198. moore850 says:

    My great-grandfather was a gunnery Sargent in the Spanish-American war, and all of my ancestors immigrated legally since around the 1840’s… they would all be horribly offended by this in light of recent illegal immigration issues.

  199. If people got upset about every ad disparaging Americans that wasn’t run in, or intended to be run in, the USA, there would be a whole lot of products being boycotted.

  200. First of all, Texas was a state in 1835, and an independent republic somewhat before that. Second, Panama was part of Colombia until the very early 1900’s when President Theodore Roosevelt instigated a rebellion that resulted in Panamanian independence and subsequently a treaty (on very favorable terms for the US) for the Canal.

    So yes, this is Absolut Bullshit. I’m still drinking the cheap stuff.

  201. WV.Hillbilly says:

    How about one with the non existent country of Palestine covering Israel?

  202. WhirlyBird says:

    That’s a great ad. I tried to find a large copy to use as my wallpaper.

  203. snoop-blog says:

    i prefer grey goose

  204. Leminnes says:

    I think it’s hilarious. Seriously, guys, you need to get over it. Saying this ad is distasteful is just a practice of ignorance. They are not catering to YOU at all. This is an add for mexicans. People are just too sensative about America. I love my country too but I can take a joke but unfortunately it seems other can’t. Boycotting Absolut is just stupid. If everything offensive in this world was boycotted we would have a very, very boring world.

  205. g4lt says:

    The ad’s not distasteful, the vodka is. However now more people will want to drink that swill. Let them have it, more Tito’s, Glacier, and Stoli for me!

  206. Balisong says:

    I think it’s actually a cute ad. But then I’m not all crazy patriotic about the US and never had any interest in its and Mexico’s history. Whatever. Chill out peoples.

  207. Chols says:

    They also said Akira was the “Absolute Anime”. I don’t think so, but I’m not throwing a boner about it.

  208. Rectilinear Propagation says:

    I skimmed through the comments and I still can’t figure out what the big deal is. I’m supposed to be offended that Mexico would rather have won the the 1848 Mexican-American war?

    And why are people comparing Mexicans to Nazis?

  209. PlanetExpressdelivery says:

    @Leminnes: So if Coke decided to release an ad in Israel saying that “Palestinians are blathering idiots, drink Coke” and Palestinian residents received an ad which stated “Israelites are blathering idiots, drink Coke” or something along those lines, it shouldn’t matter just because they’re catering to a specific audience, right?

    The implications of stupid advertising are far-reaching and choosing a subject as touchy as illegal immigration along the American/Mexican border is definitely not a good way to get publicity…because…you know…someone on the other side of the border might actually happen to see the advertisement and think “Absolut” my ass.

  210. ? graffiksguru says:

    Really stupid move by Absolut. You don’t have to be from Texas or California to understand it, because I understand it fine. So its historically accurate, what the fuck does that mean? Still dumb.

    Grey Goose for me from now on.

  211. unklegwar says:

    That’s from before 1848? I coulda sworn that was circa 2008. Actually, when I look around me, They’re being very generous to the territory of the US.
    That green area is definitely much larger.

  212. gamin says:

    @cde: Respect, and here I thought I one thinking the same thing

  213. DrGirlfriend says:

    I think it’s shitty to use old, still-festering wounds for advertising purposes. I also find it pandering. But from there to “boycott Absolut!” is a stretch, because all of advertising is pandering in one way or another.

  214. DrGirlfriend says:

    (And when I say it’s an old wound, I mean on the Mexican side.)

  215. Cloudwatcher says:

    See, the point of alcohol is to lower inhibitions and give you false confidence. That’s why after 6 or 7 Absoluts you think you can take on that 350lb ‘roid monkey at the bar (the one with the tattoo of a snake eating a knife on the back of his shaved head) even though you’re a skinny 110lb computer geek whose entire life experience of fighting has taken place on XBox Live.

    This ad is simply selling this benefit of the product, using a well-known effect of the product. It seems like a sound strategy to me.

  216. facework says:

    I’d kinda like to see the same “In An Absolut World” view where the Native Americans get to take back all of their land…

  217. Canoehead says:

    What I don’t understand about groups like MECHA and LaRaza is why they want to have Mexico “re-conquer” large parts of the USA, then they (or perhaps their ancestors) went to such effort to escape Mexico and sneak into the US. As a LEGAL immigrant who has been getting dicked around by the INS / DHS for over six years, the illegals piss me off because they skew the legitimate debate about how much and what kind of immigration is economically and socially optimal, but I totally understand their motivation, and it’s not their fault if the president and the rest of the government is too gutless to defend the border. What I don’t get is why they think that a Mexico which swallows California, Texas et al would, long term, be better than the current Mexico? Mexico has lots of natural resources and people who are hard working, but it totally lacks the transparency, good governance and enlightenment values which have allowed America to get where it is. That’s what built the system that draws in millions of immigrants, but these reconquista folks don’t get it – they are so into their marxism that they think it is all about the stuff, and don’t realize the value of the system anf the people.

  218. Ronsonic says:

    Tapping into racial and national resentments for an ad campaign is the problem. Others have mentioned some parallels such as Absolut Japan or Germany. The good news is that there is not an ongoing “reconquista” movement in either of those cases. Let’s try “Absolut Palestine” or Serbia, let’s see their ideas for Absolut Zimbabwe. That it is in English suggests the ad writers were attempting something viral and a full step too clever.

    This ad is repellent on many levels and convinces me that nobody should drink this crap. Besides, they’re owned by the French now so any boycott is a twofer.

  219. cerbie says:

    I think it’s a cute ad. But, hey, my smidgen of native blood comes from the NY/Canada area, and I buy locally made corn tortillas (OMGDelicious).

    Also, I seem to not drink anything that Absolut makes.

    You know what is offensive, though? The Consumerist’s poll results. You should have “clear: none;” in “#content .poll_entrant_result img, #content .poll_entrant_result td img”

    Why have the poll bars been three rows for this long?

  220. I hope the next one is an American ad without Canada. ‘Cuz really – why is there a Canada?

  221. Techguy1138 says:

    This isn’t bad because of any issues with the Mexican American war. This is bad because of the current American immigration arguments.

    Large parts of the the green area are inhabited by illegal Mexican and South American immigrants. It fine to make a statement they are welcomed to it. To make such an inflammatory statement to sell liquor is a bad idea.

  222. dances with cats says:

    What, no Lou Dobbs jokes? Did I miss them?

  223. BrockBrockman says:

    I don’t think we as a society should make a big fuss out of this clever-yet-stupidly-offensive ad.

    I’ll get into my own person fuss about it, and might even personally boycott Absolut – if I actually drank it, so I guess this ad does not really affect me.

    (Except that it somewhere deep down tickles an irrational fear that some Mexicans are seeking to appropriate my back yard into their national territory – which is ridonkulous, when you really stop to think about it.)

  224. Mr. Gunn says:

    Snakeophelia: It’s a freaking mexican AD, run in Mexico.

    the only thing this proves is that people who read michelle malkin are asshats.

  225. milk says:

    If I still belonged to Mexico, I’d get more siestas. I’m all about siestas.

  226. el bryanto says:

    Good thing Absolut sucks anyway.

  227. trujunglist says:

    I guess inciting racial violence would be an excellent sales strategy, considering that Absolut bottles work really great as malatov cocktails.
    For those of you saying that this advertisement is for another country: completely fucking wrong. Anyone that travels in southwestern states knows that entire areas of cities run billboards targeted towards hispanics due to the demographics of the area. These advertisements are in English. Clearly these ads are intended for those places.
    I forsee a very cloudy future for Absolut is California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas.

  228. cde says:

    @trujunglist: Wait, so they are targeting hispanics in hispanic areas of the US with English ads instead of spanish? How logical….. The only english part is the tagline. Everything else is in spanish…

    and it’s MOLOtov, not malatov.

  229. tweemo says:

    This is the least offensive thing in the world.

  230. the_boy says:

    As a white American raised in New Mexico, I find this ad awesome.Much as I love the US, there is no denying that my state was taken in a war of conquest with reasons that do not hold up well. I think I’d also be fine with a campaign marketing to Native Americans where the tribal areas are represented and there are no non-indigenous nations/peoples. Acknowledging a different outcome from past events in a vodka ad isn’t really something that threatens the integrity of this nation. It’s fodder for crazy nationalists, but given how many times Godwin’s has been invoked in this thread, I think we’ve the good sense to avoid crazy nationalists

  231. the_wiggle says:

    @Snakeophelia: boycott yes indeedy. time to forward to friends & family.

    stole? reconquista? kiss my native born ass!

  232. boobaloob says:

    @Keter: Please go back to your hole, you goddamn redneck. Perhaps Absolut will suffer in sales in your little racist world, but you’re delusional if you think this is going to negatively affect them overall.

  233. Evopanda says:

    It is fine people need to stop bashing Mexico and if the US didnt attack Mexico those parts of the US would still be Mexico’s space besides Texas.

  234. cazoo says:

    God forbid people in the US have to deal with how others feel about them once in a while, grow up yanks. This ad is great.

  235. Keat says:

    The world _would_ be an incredibly better place if Texas were a part of Mexico! (Since only natural born US citizens can become president.)

  236. synergy says:

    I’m wondering why the map itself and everything on it is in Spanish, but the tagline is in English.

    That aside, it’s an almost accurate map. *shrug*

  237. synergy says:

    I think it’s…odd…that so many people are reading it as inciteful because of immigration issues. The ad is showing something historical, not the current issues at all.

  238. Squot says:

    @Snakeophelia: … So you’re saying that every advertiser has to make every ad fit and be palatable for every audience, no matter where it will be printed?

    … If you can manage that, my hat as a graphic designer is off to you.

  239. PlanetExpressdelivery says:

    @synergy: The problem stems from the combination of the map and the phrase “In an Absolut world”. What do you suppose the meaning of the word “Absolut” is when used in this context? Is Absolut trying to say that “In an (Ideal/Perfect/etc.) world”, Mexico would still own most of the western seaboard?

    I’m sorry that Absolut has to shelve it’s plans to cater to the Neo-Nazis of the world by showing most of Europe under Nazi Germany with the phrase “In an Absolut World”.

  240. Seph says:


    I agree with U.S. immigration policies and I, for one, think that every country in this world has the right and obligation to enforce its physical borders and defend its territory and soverignity from alien citizens (in the case of Mexico, would be really nice to have all those venezolan, cuban, chilean and argentinean people that does not do another thing that to take the jobs and money out from that country and affecting mexican economic and external affairs).

    But I also ponder what it would be, if, instead of having the ad targeted to Mexico, it was targeted to the US…

    Will an “Absolut America” tagline, with a map tagging as US territories Iraq and Afghanistan and some parts of Somalia be as distasteful as this? At least, it will be portaying the actual reality, IMHO.

    Just think about it. And get over this stupid ad. There are more important thing in this PRESENT life…

  241. smackswell says:

    @Michael Belisle: Yes, them “loco” mexicants are carting off all our good ole god-fearing Anglo Saxons and shoving em in gas chambers, eh?

  242. mylicon says:

    People that are ready to boycott on a moments notice seem to be generally the from the same slice of the pie. Reactionary and ready to misinterpret to the fullest extent. So stupid to get worked up over an ad…

  243. Daisuash can´t comment and doesn´t know why :( says:

    I´m from Mexico, and since i´m not on board of the “those places belong to Mexico” train, i find this ad really good, all the things the spokeperson said they wanted to represent are in the ad (i work at publicity too), so i think this is a very good ad in first place.

    What i find funny about this is the responses about boicott and things like that, is really funny because someone makes an ad for a market different than US, and everyone creeps out and finds it offensive; Yeah, i agree with something said earlier, tha ads should be done thinking in the responses all th world could take, because of internet and all, but, is it really practical??? No, because it will be a lot of work for nothing; Let´s face it, the number of foreign ads that get the spotlight in the web are nearly to nothing, so the numbers prove my point. But, the number of US ads that are famous on the web is really big, and i don´t see the publicity firms truly care about racial stereotypes and things like that, but nobody says nothing, Why?? I don´t really know, but if the response “Mexico so poor they can’t even update their fucken maps” someone wrote in the first posts is proof, it´s just because they´re plain stupid so their market. I don´t drink, but i really enjoy Absolut ads, so i´ll encourage people to buy it, just to piss of some ignorants who wanted a boicott.

    To the people who didn´t find the controversy, i give you an applause and wish you luck, because from what i´ve seen, people with working brains, are on the brink of extinction…

  244. ibelli says:

    @InfiniTrent: As the holder of a marketing degree, we shouldn’t listen to anything you say.

  245. JeffM says:

    Yup- I’ll keep drinking Absolut- companies need to make money and I can certainly see the appeal to Mexicans. It doesn’t offend me- this Californian is quite apathetic I guess…

  246. UNSTOPPABLE says:

    Only one of those redneck idiots or conservative, crying eagle t-shirt wearing, flag wavers could get worked up over an ad like this.

  247. past says:

    They should have used the map of the US before the Louisiana purchase too.

  248. the_boy says:

    past – Mexico was part of Spain until 1810. Louisiana was part of Spain until 1800, having become part of Spain in 1762. Either way, doesn’t sell well to Mexico

  249. burddog says:

    Come on… technically none of the land should belong to anyone. We were all colonists excluding the American Indians. All they are doing is showing an outcome to a previous historical event that never happened… read: NEVER HAPPENED. Every ad has the license to infuse fiction into their work. What’s new? Am I offended as an American? No. Do I know whether Mexicans want more land? Do I care? I’m sure most Mexicans look at this ad, chortle to themselves, and get on with their life. Do they begin to hate Americans because of it? STRONGLY DOUBT IT.

  250. womynist says:

    As the holder of a degree in Spanish language & literature, as well as Anthropology, I think this is a wonderful ad. Maybe those of you who are so offended should take up a course on Latin American culture. For once, try to understand someone else’s viewpoint. The fact is, not only did we steal this land from the Natives who lived here, but we also stole the land that was originally Mexicos. Whoever is offended by this ad is probably the same type of person who is petrified that the Latinos are “taking over our country.” The type of people who shit their pants when they see a Latin American person on the street or in their neighborhood. And god forbid they might be speaking Spanish. Stop being afraid of a fucking language…

  251. deadsalmon says:

    Erm. Offensive or not, it’s just not witty. Yaaaawn.

  252. You hate your job but you're still working there? says:

    What I really take offense to is the idea that the only reason Americans would be offended by this ad is because we’re too ignorant to make the connection. Thanks for indirectly insulting my intelligence.

  253. Anonymous says:

    this add is so stupid. im mexican, and its really idiotic to think that someone would even buy this and feel good about the label on the bottle.
    how ever i find that absolute would never sell that kind of bad publicity for them selfs… i have never spoted such a bottle once or ever on the market over here.
    the only point here, is that after all here we are having a chat about a stupid label…so the mkt dept (if they really made such a thing)…did his job. make people talk about the design of theyr product… (very bad product of course!).

    so any way. cheers to all… and switch to a good tequila shot haha.

  254. Jess says:

    I’m surprised to find so many comments for such an old post, apparently there’s nothing good about marketing and/or the impact of this ad in the consumer and the media reaction Absolut got out of this single low-budget AD.
    It is a truly a pity no one got to the real “Campaign Objective” and just got stuck in your very own ignorance; Mexicans and Nazis really? What in the world is LaRaza? Or MECHA? And what is the problem with French? I can see America, America… in almost every single comment, this is just absurd, redundant and ignorant, you sure need history and geography classes so that you can stop shouting and get along with the rest of the world. America is the name of a continent!!! Do you know any REAL French people, German or Mexican, my guess is NO!
    Go out of your little pond, travel, learn… Go Europe, Asia, Africa and the real America: the continent obviously, anywhere you’ll find what you’re lacking; history, arts, education, manners, you name it.

    Bottom line, this ad met its objective; have people talking about it…