Chris Rief

NFL Will Allow Liquor Ads For The First Time

Move over, beer: In what the league is calling a one-season test, the National Football League will allow the liquor industry to run ads during games this year. There are rules to this advertising game, however. [More]

Caleb Sommerville

America’s Liquor Cabinets Are Seeing A Lot Of Action

If you’ve been heading for your liquor cabinet more often than the beer fridge lately, you’re not alone: For the seventh year in a row, the spirits industry chipped away at beer’s market share. [More]


8 States With The Strangest Alcohol Laws

What’s the first thing you do to prepare for a trip to another state? After finalizing your packing list, looking up the law of the land should be on your list — especially if you’re planning on drinking any beer, wine, or liquor while you’re there. [More]


Americans Seriously Digging Irish Whiskey: Sales Increased 400% In The Last 10 Years

Maybe you cried when you heard about all that Scottish whisky going down the drain, but it sounds like Americans hold Irish whiskey in a very special place in our hearts: Drinkers have swilled enough of the stuff to give it an almost 400% boost in the booze market since 2002. It is much better than the green beer we see St. Patrick’s Day revelers chugging and often depositing into street corner trash cans. [More]

The Most Expensive Spirits In The World

The Most Expensive Spirits In The World

Since the beginning of history, man has sought to concoct a spirit that makes him seem like the ultimate pimp. But which are the spirits that exemplify the pinnacle of decadence? In case you still have money left over from encrusting your toilet seat with diamonds and gold plating your pets, Divine Caroline has put together a list of the most expensive spirits in the world. And you thought you were a player. The spirits, inside…

Is This Absolut Ad Cheeky Or Distasteful?

Is This Absolut Ad Cheeky Or Distasteful?

Absolut is running an ad in Mexico that some in this country are finding offensive because it favorably depicts our borders as they existed before the 1848 Mexican-American war. We’re going to bite and talk about the ad even though it means that the advertisers win and America dies just a bit more.

Why Can You Brew Your Own Beer, But Not Moonshine?

Why Can You Brew Your Own Beer, But Not Moonshine?

Slate investigates, and the short answer is, because the government stands to lose too much money on lost sales of spirits, which are taxed far higher than beer: the U.S. “takes an excise tax of $2.14 for each 750-milliliter bottle of 80-proof spirits, compared with 21 cents for a bottle of wine (of 14 percent alcohol or less) and 5 cents for a can of beer.”