Comcast Tech Abuses Power To Rack Vegeneance On Xbox Hackers

DSL Reports has the story of an outsourced Comcast tech was fired after bragging online about using internal Comcast systems to get vengeance on hackers disrupting his Xbox. After annoying little twerps intentionally overloaded his Xbox with data (known as packet flooding), Mark Ribeiro, who describes himself as a “Comcast tier 2.5 support agent, which essentially means im one of the top 1% elitest agents,” went to work. First he identified one of the perps and found out he was a Comcast customer. Then he looked up the kid’s info in the Comcast support system and called the kid’s father…

After telling the father that his son was involved in illegal activities and it would result in their internet getting shut off for a week, Mark writes on the halo3forums he heard “the father began to yell at his son, i then heard a loud smack, and then sobbing, and then cracking noise as if something was then occured to me that the father had just beat the sh.t out of his kid, and the cracking noise was the sound of a hammer on an xbox.” Comcast says it has identified the employee who violated the users privacy to an epic level and told Convergys to fire him. As anyone who read our insider post, “Convergys Call Center Sucks Because Agents Are Stabbing Each Other And Making Out In The Halls,” Comcast and Covergys are renowned discerning employers of classy lads. As an added bonus, here’s a picture DSL Reports acquired of Mark toking on a bong:smokethatbongmark.jpg

**(UPDATED)To Those of YOU who packet flood…be aware [halo3forums]
Outsourced Comcast Tech Gets Vengeance On Xbox Cheaters – But in the process abuses Comcast support systems, violating user privacy… [DSLReports]

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