Dairy Queen Sells Man Four Delicious Burgers

We’re not sure what Robert’s problem is but apparently he doesn’t appreciate the hard work Dairy Queen went into making him and his family four delicious cheeseburgers. Irregardless of the futility of the endeavor, he has decided to make it his personal mission to try to sic the health department on his local Dairy Queen, simply because his burgers came out nearly raw. News flash Robert! Ever heard of a steak tartare? This is a Freedom Steak, and you don’t have to go into one of them fancy-pants restaurants to get it. His ill-informed ranting and more pictures of tasty burgers, after the jump…


I emailed about this in the past with a pic of a poorly assembled fish sandwich…now they are just trying to poison people by undercooking the meat. That may actually be an illegal act in the state of Washington since we have food safety laws about undercooking food. Anyway, here are some pics of the offending burgers and a copy of the message I sent to DQ via their web form. As usual, the phone in the local DQ went unanswered when I tried to call to complain. I left a message with the local health dept and am awaiting a call back from them.

What I sent to DQ…added the parenthesis after the fact, their form has that info already but thought it would be good to include here:

Went to this DQ (230 128th St W, Everett, WA 98204.) again tonight (03/09/08) after refusing to go there for a while due to their sub-par food. I have submitted multiple complaints about this store in the past and tonight’s experience will lead me to go to the authorities. We purchased 4 cheeseburgers and a couple of Oreo brownie blast things. The cheeseburgers were basically raw. Not just 1 but every one we have looked at so far which is 3 of 4. They are not only dangerous but illegal in this state due to laws designed to keep from poisoning people. I will be taking them to the Snohomish County Health Dept. in the morning to illustrate my report. Also, I think I will be sending a copy of this message along with pics of the burgers to The Consumerist, a consumer blog located at http://www.consumerist.com so that everyone can see how Dairy Queen cooks their burgers incompletely.

Thank you for your time and attention,

Robert F.

Our advice to Robert is to go back to this Dairy Queen and offer to work there for free for a few days to make up for his wasting the time of struggling small business owners by having the gall to file baseless complaints with the redtapeocrats.dqsomethingdifferent.jpg