Charles Schwab Sends You A Letter To Let You Know That Your $0.01 Check Expired

Commenter annelise13 writes:

My husband and I recently received a letter from Charles Schwab about our account. It refers to a check they sent us last year for the grand total of $.01. Yes, that’s one cent. A single penny. I never cashed the check, having found it funny that they wasted a stamp to send us such a tiny amount. I tacked it up on the fridge for a few months to amuse myself, and eventually tossed it.

Well, Charles Schwab noticed that I never cashed the check, and wasted yet another stamp to let us know the check had expired. Thanks Charles Schwab!

You had to admit, it is sort of nice that they’re that concerned about your penny. Me, I throw pennies at freshmen.


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