Prison Officials Lose Flash Drive With Data On 3,500 Volunteers And Visitors

The San Francisco Chronicle has reported that “a flash memory drive containing names, birth dates and driver’s license numbers of more than 3,500 people who either volunteered or visited San Quentin State Prison in a group tour has been lost.” Our reader Paul, who sent us the tip, adds, “When I read it my first thought was, “Gee, I wonder what the chances are of this personal data ending up in criminal hands? Mmm, maybe 100%.” Our favorite part of the story: the data wasn’t encrypted, but prison officials have said that now they’re going to start encrypting it.

Anyone who has visited San Quentin and is concerned their personal information could be on the flash drive may call Sgt. Rudy Luna, administrative assistant, at (415) 455-5000 or Laura Bowman, community partnership manager, at (415) 454-1460, extension 5400.

The prison sent warning letters out to the affected parties earlier this month, and suggested they start monitoring their credit—but didn’t offer to help pay for the added credit monitoring that will be needed, naturally.

“San Quentin loses data on 3,500 visitors” [SFGate]
(Photo: Getty)

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